Red Butt of the Week 10/14/2013

Hey gang, thought I would do something different for this week’s pic of the week. Instead of just finding a random picture on the net, I thought I would use one of our own pictures that we’ve been taking lately!

This week, Miss Welts took 75 hard swats with a bathbrush for having a very crappy attitude towards me and herself. Now usually Miss Welts is the one who is blistering bare butts. However, as you can see in our household, no one is above the law! :)

Miss Welts spanked for having a crappy attitude! 10/13/2013

Miss Welts spanked for having a crappy attitude! 10/13/2013


  1. I wish my wife and I had this kind of a spanking relationship. There are many times when I KNOW I deserve a spanking because I’ve had a bad day and it’s influenced my attitude towards her or other people. Being spanked is a very calming feeling for me. It’s both a stress reliever and an adequate commupance.


    1. Absolutely, it definitely helps when things get really stressful, and also at the end of the day…it’s simple! If there are clear rules and consequences, nothing should be a surprise.


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