Cornertime Shot of the Week! 10/15/2013

In keeping in tune with yesterday’s post, I thought I would change things up again by posting one of my own cornertime shots for this week’s post.

See what had happened was…I decided to mouth off and argue with MissWelts (never a good idea btw!) and she decided she had enough of my attitude. Thought she would try something new and try out the new butt plug set she purchased for when I’m extra naughty and need something a little extra to put me in my place. She placed the largest plug inside of me, then put me in a black thong to make sure it held in place. Then I was placed in the corner with a bar of lathered soap in my mouth (not shown in the pic, but trust me it’s there!) for a whole 10 mins! I was in agony by the time it was all said and done, and I definitely learned my lesson.

Unfortunately for me, Miss Welts is discovering she can keep me better grounded when she pulls out the embarrassing punishments! Maybe in a future post I can tell you all what she plans to use in the future…but for now, enjoy, I know I didn’t!

Cornered, plugged, soaped, and embarrassed!

Cornered, plugged, soaped, and embarrassed!

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