Night Night Time

Before heading off to bed, I thought Id share a fun little bedtime spanking that I gave Miss tonight a few minutes ago. She was having trouble getting to sleep and wanted a spanking to calm her nerves. Knowing she has a pretty high pain tolerance I gave her more than a few solid swats with our wooden paddle, and then a hard and fast spanking with a plastic hairbrush that I broke on her cute little butt-of-steel! The funny thing about all this is that she was laughing the entire time, telling me that it wasn’t hurting at all, and egging me on to do more! By the time I was done, she rolled over and was out like a light within 30 seconds. Hopefully she’s having lovely dreams tonight!

Goodnight all you spankos!

Miss gets a fun bedtime spanking!

Miss gets a fun bedtime spanking!

Fears, Tears and Moving On

Part 3

I sent Tom a text letting him know I was coming up to the room. I went into the hotel and just zoomed past the front desk in my own little world. When I got to the stairs I took them like I was walking to me own execution. What was I so afraid of? This is far from new to me, why am I shaking? I could feel my legs trembling as I took each step as if it was my last. When I got to the 3rd floor I entered what seemed like the longest hallway, walked down towards the room, looking at the ground and counting the lines on the ugly carpet. Really why do hotels have such ugly carpets? Made it to the room and as I lifted my hand to knock the door opens and I’m standing face to face with Tom.

He invited me in and things got really blurry. I was wondering if I still had time to back out. I sat down my bag on the bed and turned to Tom. We never actually “met” eachother and only seen one another at mutual events involving our community and families. We proceeded to formally introduce ourselves and after what seemed like an eternity he broke the silence and asked me to sit next to him on the bed. I wanted it to be over but did not even know where to begin. I opened my bag, not knowing what was even in it, I couldn’t bring myself to pack it so Mindy did it for me. I pulled out a wooden hairbrush, small handheld paddle, and my go-to strap. I sat them on the bed and looked up at Tom. He was so calm I did not understand how he was just relaxed and at peace.

I think that is when he realized my anxiety and he reached out and grabbed my hand. I looked into his eyes and burst into tears, “please let’s not do this, is there another way.” “No, it has to be this way,” he replied. “I did not save you that night, but you have the chance to save me now.” Save him? from what? “You did not have any control over that night it’s not your fault, let’s not do this.”

He got up and walked to the window, looking outside on this rainy day, “you don’t think I had anything to do with it? It was all my fault. i knew he was drunk and I supplied the drinks that night. Then when he got too drunk I didn’t want to deal with him so I handed him the keys and told him to take the truck back and go home.” This was my first time hearing any of this, I stood up and walked over to Tom telling him it was okay. He pulled back away from me and snapped, “it’s okay? I have seen all those reports from your doctors, therapists, and lawyers. I know what you have gone through these last few years. The pain, the fear, and even trying to overdose? How is that okay?”

I was silent, I couldn’t believe he knew all of this. I knew I had to turn over all the documents to his brothers lawyer but you don’t realize how many people then have access to those reports. “I’m sorry, I never wanted anyone to see those, what I went through was my battle and though I didn’t control what happened I was the one in control of the aftermath and I did not handle it well.”

I saw his pain as he turned back to me. “If you want me to do this, I will but know I do not blame you for that.” We talked a little more about what happened in the aftermath of the wreck, details I won’t post here for my own privacy.

I started asking what he wanted me to do, only to be met with, “whatever you want.” Doesn’t he get I don’t want any of this? I started asking about the rest of the story, I know I’m not getting it all so why not just tell me the bottom line. His only reply, “I don’t want you to do this because of what I am doing now, but for what I did that night.” That left me more then a little confused but I complied and was ready to get started.

I knew I was dealing with a vanilla that hadn’t been spanked in probably 25 years, so against his wishes I wanted to start out safely. I tried to explain safe words and such but he didn’t want to hear about anything that could benefit him. By this time I was getting frustrated which is what he wanted. I picked up the hairbrush and asked him to take off his pants and underwear. he continued to be his calm self and did what I asked before placing himself over my lap. I started spanking him with the brush, but my arm was frozen, it bearly stung him. Now Mindy must have told him about me because he started talking saying he knows that’s not me, and so forth. Now for a tip to anyone I spank, don’t taunt me, you will bring me out and will learn to regret it. It was the push I needed and I was able to focus on the situation.

I spanked him about 150 times with the brush and he was really uncomfortable and shifting around. I asked him to hand me the paddle and suddenly he wasn’t as relaxed as he once was! He slowly handed it back to me, why yes I cound have reached it myself but it’s better this way! I shifted him where he was more on the bed and less on my leg and turned myself around. The first strike landed right on his sit spots and he started to jump up. I grabbed the back of his shirt and started reassuring him it was okay. After 75 hard swats he was in tears, I pulled my leg out from under him and left him laying on the bed.

I rememeber walking around the room fighting back tears of my own. I pulled the pillows out of the top of the other bed and put them in the middle of the bed and asked him to lay over them. He looked at me and wanted to protest. I picked up the strap and told him he asked for it let me do what I know. He moved onto the pillows and started shaking. I asked him if he wanted to stop and he said not until I was ready……so I adjusted the strap and my hand and landed it down on his lower bottom. He took it better then the paddle but I laid another 49 on him. After the 50th spank I started shaking and just sat down in the floor and started crying.

Shocked he got up and came to my side. I kept saying I was sorry and he assured me it was exactly what he wanted. He started crying harder and reached out and held onto me. We laid in the floor for atleast an hour. Both of us were so worn down that even after the tears stopped we didn’t let go. He broke the silence again, “let me show you something,” I relucently let him up and he went over to his pants and pulled out a flask and handed it to me. I opened up and the smell was nasty. “what’s in this?” “Vodka!” “Well your an adult it’s not really illegal.” ” Its not that, open the front.” I opened this compartment in the front and there was a police photo from the crash site, showing the moving truck his brother was driving on top of my car.

Before I could even speak he spoke up, “that is how I handled it all. And just last month I lost my job, and my wife is ready to take the kids and leave me. She told me I had one month to change and work through this.” I kept asking why they didn’t tell me this first. We discussed everything about what happened and why it is okay. Talked about my recovery and how I went from overdosing on pain killers to being able to move on and how he can bring himself back.

We talked about why he wanted a spanking. His answer was simple, “I have punished myself long enough and it hasnt worked, you been waiting for closure for just as long. We both get it today.”

In the end I felt better, I couldn’t change what happened to me but atleast the suffering everyone was experiencing could finally end. We hugged and parted ways that night. I haven’t seen him since then but I’m happy to say two weeks ago he celebrated another year of soberity, him and his wife are happier then ever and most of all he is well. And I can report he is stil the plain vanilla he always was….such a shame.

The Needs of Others

Part 2

Mindy remained persistent for several days. I discussed the option with another friend but I could not bring myself to agree to spanking Tom. I know Mindy well and she would not test me like this. She would not harp on a subject and be this upset if there wasn’t something more motivating her. Why was it me? If he wanted a spanking why not Mindy, or one of other friends we both knew that would do it? Why was it me or nothing at all? 

Spanking someone is far from foreign to me. I have had the task of spanking individuals for issues and transgressions ranging from drugs, sexual acts, and simple things like lying and procrastination. Nothing anyone asks of me surprises me any more. I am far from an innocent person and I have had to ask for some pretty tough and personal spankings through the years. 

I was struggling with everything from the fact he was not in the lifestyle so would he even understand? How would it work? In the end I kept asking myself…what about me? Anyone who knows  me knows that this is a rare question. I never worry about myself, to a fault, and usually can put my personal opinions and feelings out of a situation. I had came to move on from the accident and all the aftermath but there was still a lot of bitter feelings there. I never blamed any of the family members who were with that guy that night and could I really bring myself to hurt one?

I went back and forth over this decision for several days and lost many nights of sleep. Finally I decided to sit down and talk to  Mindy and at least discuss the idea. Find out what this was even about. Maybe some logic would help me and we could come to some sort of a middle ground. 

We met for coffee, well I had hot chocolate cause I am like the energizer bunny on ecstasy if i drink coffee, and we talked. She told me things I already knew about this guy and his family, small town people talk. Then I turn around and see that he is in the coffee shop too. It took all I had not to throw a fit at this point. How could she betray me and corner me like this? How did she have the nerve to cross me? I left quietly and the entire way home was wondering what I got myself involved in. This was a mess bigger then I could handle.

Mindy then texted me, i ignored it and continued to ignore her for a few days. It was not until I was meeting with another friend that I really opened  my eyes. Mindy is not one to do anything  brash. She had to of been desperate. If she was desperate, how desperate would Tom have to be to show up at the coffee shop and see us? What am I missing? 

I call Mindy, I proceed to ask her all these questions and she would not answer what the bottom line was. She kept saying she could not tell me but if I knew I would immediately punish him and have no mercy. After about 6 hours of  going back and forth the decision was made.

I did not know the full story but I decided to trust in my friend and trust in myself. I have never discriminated against anyone who wanted discipline no matter how hard or bad the things are that they did. Mindy reminded me of some of the occasions where I took on much worse than this and why would I turn my back now. Was I still so angry that I didn’t care? I thought the point was I was not going to do it because I would have been vindictive, but is the vindictive part not helping at all?

I agree I would spank him. I didn’t know how but I will bring myself to do it. We schedule a hotel for a week later. It took me 4 hours to drive to the hotel which was approximately 10 mins from my house and I sat in the car  for another hour. I finally built up the courage to go in. 

I am going into this blind……..but I’m trusting what I know. I  already knew the power of discipline and cleansing, or at least I thought I did. 

Changing Perspectives

Miss Welts here again!

I have been asked to talk more about myself and my history so I thought it would be best to share some of the situations that have shaped me into who I am today.

The names are changed to protect privacy but all other details are the same!

I have many experiences in spanking on both sides of the implements but one experience changed the way I view discipline and the kink for the rest of my life. I learned the power of discipline, cleansing and forgiveness.

When I was younger my life was changed forever by a gentleman who decided to make the unfortunate decision to get behind the wheel of a large truck after consuming too much alcohol. I was injured and to this day I am reminded of his decision everytime i try and move parts of my body.

Now I know what does this have to do with spanking? I grew up in a small southern town where discipline in households was prominent. Most people take responsibility for their actions.

A few years after my wreck I was pretty active in the local spanking community and I had a friend I shall call “Mindy.” To put in perspective how small of a town I lived in, Mindy is friends with a gentleman, who is one of the brothers to the guy that injured me that fateful night. I didnt know that soon our lives would come together once more. Now I knew this gentleman, but we were all under orders from lawyers to not have any contact with each other. We did not know that Mindy knew both of us. It wasn’t until Mindy put details of a conversation she had with ‘Tom” together with details she knew about me, that she figured out the connection.

Tom is a good man with a wonderful family, great wife, beautiful kids. He seems to have it all. What brought him to Mindy that fateful day is a dark secret he was dealing with. He was dealing with and unbelievable amount of guilt because a couple years prior he handed his brother a set of keys as his brother was leaving his house, knowing that he was too drunk to even walk. He lived with the guilt knowing he did nothing to stop the set of events that transpired after his brother pulled out that afternoon. He had struggled with these details for years and it was getting harder to handle. He trusted Mindy and went to talk to her one day. Now Tom is a vanilla, very straight forward individual. He had no clue about Mindy’s extra activities. All he wanted was a friend to talk to.

He just wanted to open up to his trusted friend about his guilt. Now I was not there and do not know the exact conversation but it came down to Tom asking Mindy how she deals with stress and guilt. Mindy broke down and told Tom about her spanking lifestyle. About how she has a Domme (me), and when she misbehaves, she is spanked and punished and basically all the details. Now Tom is far from a spanko but he did grow up in a very strict house and there was always punishments for actions. He asked her if it would help him and she thought it would. Somehow details were put together and it was realized that I was the victim in the accident in which he felt so guilty about. He asked Mindy something that I can only imagine how difficult it was for her…….He wanted me to spank him. He also shared another secret that she promised not to tell me. But it was this secret that gave her the motivation to make the call.

I recall that conversation like it was yesterday. A couple days later she got up the nerve and called me. She told me that she had a friend that needed a spanking…..ok that was a common call. I was fine with that, and started asking for details. Well I was not prepared when she told me who I would be spanking! Now I have a lot of  anger over what happened that night that I processed through the years. But to me I never blamed the brother. I also thought this was crazy, I felt like I was going to have to be the biggest vindictive person ever if I was to do that. Yes we still had a lawsuit pending as well. I told Mindy No I was not doing it. She started crying and saying it was a big deal and if I did not do it then it would have bad ramifications for Tom. I kept asking what she meant but she would not tell me. I hung up on her, I was in shock.

She spent days emailing, calling, and texting me. I just could not wrap my head around the idea. I have spanked a lot of people for various reasons but this was just something I never could imagine.

Could I bring myself to do this? Why was she being so determined? What am I missing?

The answers would change my view on people and life itself.

Cornertime Shot of the Week! 10/15/2013

In keeping in tune with yesterday’s post, I thought I would change things up again by posting one of my own cornertime shots for this week’s post.

See what had happened was…I decided to mouth off and argue with MissWelts (never a good idea btw!) and she decided she had enough of my attitude. Thought she would try something new and try out the new butt plug set she purchased for when I’m extra naughty and need something a little extra to put me in my place. She placed the largest plug inside of me, then put me in a black thong to make sure it held in place. Then I was placed in the corner with a bar of lathered soap in my mouth (not shown in the pic, but trust me it’s there!) for a whole 10 mins! I was in agony by the time it was all said and done, and I definitely learned my lesson.

Unfortunately for me, Miss Welts is discovering she can keep me better grounded when she pulls out the embarrassing punishments! Maybe in a future post I can tell you all what she plans to use in the future…but for now, enjoy, I know I didn’t!

Cornered, plugged, soaped, and embarrassed!

Cornered, plugged, soaped, and embarrassed!

Red Butt of the Week 10/14/2013

Hey gang, thought I would do something different for this week’s pic of the week. Instead of just finding a random picture on the net, I thought I would use one of our own pictures that we’ve been taking lately!

This week, Miss Welts took 75 hard swats with a bathbrush for having a very crappy attitude towards me and herself. Now usually Miss Welts is the one who is blistering bare butts. However, as you can see in our household, no one is above the law! :)

Miss Welts spanked for having a crappy attitude! 10/13/2013

Miss Welts spanked for having a crappy attitude! 10/13/2013

Never Thought the Day Would Come!

MissWelts here! This post is a surprise for Jon for our anniversary. I have struggled with what to write but as I sit here on the morning of my 6th wedding anniversary I am ready to speak out.

There are a lot of stories out there about what happened and frankly the full story is only known by a handful of people who would never tell anyone. So I caution you to not believe everything some…ahem…people…are saying!

With that out of the way lets get started. About me? I am a lifelong spanko. I started spanking and being spanked as an “adult” at 15. I am now 27 and can say I have learned a lot and I am thankful for what I do know.

Little did I know the thing that started my marriage would almost end it and then save it all.

Jon and I met online in a spanking chatroom. How things progressed from that is kinda a blur but hey that’s not the reason we are here today. Our marriage has not been easy. We have been plagued by heartache and gone through more then most people our age are subject to. I was by his side as he lost both his parents, he was by my side and still is as my mom’s health has been going down. We have lived through two military deployments. Now I didn’t say that we made it through without a lot of battle scars and pain. The only thing that matters at this point is we made it through.

Now Jon posted a cryptic message a couple weeks ago. To most it probably made no sense. To me it meant a lot. It’s true Jon lived a “double life” for many years of our marriage.  To clarify he never “cheated” on me, there was never any physical contact with anyone. Any physical contact I always knew about, and was always consensual spanking. Yes there was a lot of talk and pictures back and forth. I will not be making excuses for him, that is something I have done for years.

Marriage is a bond of two people, if your facing problems in your marriage it is easy to point the finger at your spouse. Look at your hand, there are more fingers pointing right back at you. No one just does things, there are reasons. You want your spouse to change? How can you change?

I have not been innocent by any means. I would find the pictures, emails, chat logs, and so on. I would yell, scream, throw a fit. We would “make up” and I would move on. Jon wouldn’t move on. We went like this time and again for years. Anytime we would fight I would remind him of his previous transgressions in anger and never let him forget it. He would stop doing those things for months at a time but when the urge got to much to handle he would go back.

So here I was, I found some emails and such again. got mad, I got upset. i was ready to announce my divorce to the world. I read the emails over and over to the point it was making me physically sick. All along Jon was in the field for training.  I was watching one of my favorite movies, “The Marriage Counseler,” by Tyler Perry on a constant repeat as I read the words that I have seen so many times.

In the play there is a beautiful song about reading between the words and between the actions. That the spouse is trying to tell what they want and need. So i started looking at the words, not as hurtful to me, but what was he saying. What has he been saying all along? He was looking for something. I went out on search inside myself and the years of our marriage to find what I was missing.

We were told some simple words in a marriage retreat at the start of our marriage to remember “divorce is not an option.” Now if it came to the point that was the option I knew I would be at peace, I was not. So I searched. I came to the answer that has been right in front of me the whole time. My husband wanted to be spanked.

Now I’m sure everyone is scratching their head at this revelation. Yes we met in a spanking chat room. But as time goes on, life gets in the way and well you forget the basics. My husband wasn’t searching for a new wife, he was searching for someone to take control so he could be himself. After working all day, coming home to me and my health issues, he just wanted to let go. Instead of opening up to me he went around the wrong way.

I felt good about my theory and wanted to test it. A male disciplinarian who he has met with before, with my knowledge, was already coming to town the following week. I talked to “Al” about what I wanted. I wanted to see him hurt, I didn’t want revenge but I wanted to see him break. I gave Jon the choice, he had to take whatever Al gave him or else he could pack his bags and we would be over.

We arrived that night to his hotel. I witnessed things I never thought I could handle. I was upset, it was hard to see my husband who I love hurting. It was about us the entire time. I was able to scold him and tell him how the things he was doing hurt me. I was able to see the remorse in his eyes as tears fell. Not from pain but from actually feeling my pain.

I learned a lot that night. I still love Jon, I felt all that love as I fought back the urge to stop the spanking. I was also able to see the real Jon come out. The submissive one. We always have been switches but obviously it wasn’t working.

Now we have taken on new roles, I am taking more control in our house.  Jon is getting spanked a lot. We also opened up communication. I didn’t know I was missing the mark because he wanted to do anal and humiliation punishments. He didn’t know that I have spanked nearly 100 people.

We are far from perfect and it will take years to rebuild. But I can say spanking has yet again sneaked into our lives and changed it.

This might not make sense to most but there is a lot of lies out there. I don’t care about the negativity about my decisions to stay in my marriage, they are mine and mine alone.

Thank you to those that have been by our side the last months and we love you!

You might never see me again, but you will hear about me and my paddle against Jon’s bare butt for years to come!



The both of us spanked together for the first time on Sept. 25th!

The both of us spanked together for the first time on Sept. 25th!

Amazing Artwork By Barbara O’ Toole

Just thought I would share some of my favorite spanking art from the truly talented artist, Barbara O’ Toole aka “Barb”. Not only is the detail of her pictures just incredible, but the scenarios are very different and make some of us spankos blush! Here are just a few of my favorites, hope you enjoy!

How embarrassing!

How embarrassing!

I like this one because Miss Welts usually spanks me this way to get my attention!

I like this one because Miss Welts usually spanks me this way to get my attention!

Very embarrassing Domestic scene!

Very embarrassing Domestic scene!

Another one that reminds me of Miss Welts!

Another one that reminds me of Miss Welts!

Catching Up On Corner-time Shots!

Hi guys, hope everyone had a good September and ready for the upcoming fall! To start getting back on track with blogging I thought I would start by getting back into the swing of things by restarting the corner-time shots of the week! I know a lot of people, including myself, are big fans of these weekly shots, so I’ll start it off by giving you several great shots that I’ve found on the net. Hope you all enjoy!

Interesting and different!

Interesting and different!

Lovely position!

Lovely position!

For the fans of cute and red male bottoms!

For the fans of cute and red male bottoms!

And for the fans of BDSM!

And for the fans of BDSM!