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A Case of the Mondays and Sharing a Lesson for Life…and Spanking

Hello there Spankos!

Wow, 2 posts in one week? I’m really on a roll now! (Insert sarcastic half-smile.)

So I had something else in mind to share with you today, something more spanko related. However, I thought I’d share with you what happened to me this morning to start my Monday, the valuable life lesson I remembered from my late Father, and the takeaway from today that could possibly help you in more than one aspect of your life. Whether that be your professional life, personal life, and hell maybe even your spanko life as well!

I’m going to start with the story of what I went through this weekend that culminated with this morning. Now a disclaimer, I do realize you’re here for spanking-related content since, oh I don’t know, this is a spanking blog perhaps? I know this is supposed to be the biggest theme of this blog, and it certainly is, but it’s also a place for me to share my life experiences and ongoings with you as well. Call it therapeutic writing or call it venting, whatever. I like to share various parts of my life with others. If this doesn’t interest you at this time…hey, you don’t have to read it, it’s all good! There’s plenty of spanked butts to look at on other posts of this blog and other blogs and websites out there…you do you! Although I promise I do have a point to all of this that will in-fact be translated into our spanking lifestyle…just please bear with me for a moment!

So as you all know by now, I drive a truck for a living and I absolutely love it. It’s a great lifestyle and a great living if you work hard enough at it. Some days it can be extremely easy and enjoyable, and some days it can really seem like you’ve put in a full day’s work. It all started on Saturday when I received a new assignment going from Huntsville, Arkansas to Chicago, Illinois. I didn’t have to deliver until Monday morning and I was getting loaded Saturday night. Arkansas to Illinois is easily a one day’s drive so I was confident I was on easy street for the rest of the weekend.

Now the load assignment for this new load told me to pre-cool the refrigerated trailer I was hauling before arriving at the shipper, and it told me to cool the trailer down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit for frozen food. No big deal, I quickly did just that and arrived at the shipper around noon. I waited three hours for a dock door and they finally had me loaded with whole turkeys for Thanksgiving around four in the afternoon. By this time in the day, I already picked up and delivered a load of food in the morning and delivered it in Oklahoma, so I’ve been up since 3:30am at this point. I was pretty tired, hungry, and I was in a rush because another truck was being sent into my dock door. I quickly closed the trailer up, got my paperwork straightened out and away I went. I ran out of driving time shortly after I left so I parked on Saturday, drove all day Sunday, and made it to Chicago Sunday night and spent the night at the receiver.

When I woke up the next morning at four am and backed into the dock door to be unloaded, I quickly got notified that something was wrong…the load was supposed to be fresh meat, NOT frozen!

This has never happened to me in two years of driving! I’m usually so careful. This is really a serious thing, you can’t be delivering food in the wrong temperature…especially 42,000 pounds of turkeys! I thought for sure I was about to be fired, at the very least have to pay a fine that would put me behind for months…deductibles on insurance claims for ruined truckloads aren’t cheap!

After apologizing to the receiver, and offering to thaw out the load by turning on the heater, I waited for several hours (five to be exact), in a holding area while the management talked things out over whether or not they would accept the load. I was totally messed up in my head during that time…Why wasn’t I more careful?!

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the receiver knocked on my driver door and told me to back the truck into the dock from earlier…they were taking the load. Oh, thank God! I come to find out there were two things that saved my bacon…or turkeys…whatever. One, I had managed to thaw the turkeys enough to where they were still in decent enough shape to be accepted, and two, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and this small meat packing facility is desperate for turkeys right now!

Right as I got unloaded my dispatcher sent me a message…it basically said she needed to see the paperwork I gave to the receiver because she just got a call saying the paperwork said one temperature and my truck said another. Well here it goes, time to face the music…and here’s where it got interesting.

I told you earlier there was a lesson I remembered from my late Father. Here’s where it comes in. When I was an early teen, my Father and Mother already were divorced for several years and this was around the time he broke up with his girlfriend and we were actually on our own for once. This was a great time for us, because we really got to spend some quality one-on-one time together and my Dad taught me a lot of really insightful things about life that I probably wasn’t ready for at the time, but he knew he wasn’t going to be around to teach me later when I would have really needed it. He was 48 when I was born and died shortly after his 69th birthday when I was 20. So overall, he knew from day one he wasn’t going to be around very long.

There was something he told me when I was around 10 or 11 that has stuck with me and I remembered it again today when my dispatcher confronted me about the botched temperature fiasco. He told me that everyone makes mistakes, we’re all human and we’re nowhere near perfect no matter how much we strive towards that goal. When you make an honest mistake, admit the mistake! Be as upfront and honest as you can and just own it! People are going to be more upset if you come up with excuses or try to push the blame onto someone or something else. No, the dog didn’t eat my homework…I just didn’t do it!

This was something I struggled with for years after he said that to me. It’s something that is great in theory but hard to swallow and actually put into practice the way he intended. You would assume, and be correct, that we learned things like this as children in our school days. Being honest and not telling lies is one of our key fundamentals we learn while growing up. Some of us have a harder time learning that than others, but it’s something that everyone learns.

However, the way that my Dad put things into words, it was like he was warning me of situations exactly like this one. You know, as a truck driver, and as an Independent Contractor, you’re actually given a lot more freedoms than you can expect. Sure our trucks are monitored by GPS and we run on electronic logging devices, but most of the day to day planning and running of our trucks and businesses are left up to us. My point is, I could have easily fabricated some elaborate story about how it was everyone and everything else’s fault but my own, or maybe even besides my own…but this is exactly what my Dad was trying to teach me…just admit you’re human and you made a mistake!

So that’s exactly what I did. I responded to my dispatcher and simply told her “hey, it was my fault, I just made an honest mistake because I cut corners from being lazy and in a rush”. You see, my company has a lot of rules, protocols, and redundancies to make sure this exact situation doesn’t happen…and we follow those procedures every single time. I’ve found numerous errors between what the sales people wrote down as the temps and what the actual shipper wants the temp set at, and I’ve always caught it during these fail-safe procedures that we do. But guess what? I didn’t do it this time…remember when I was in a rush on Saturday and tired and just wanted to end the day? I simply didn’t check the temperature on the actual paperwork and I put into the computer and told the dispatch person on the phone that it was set to frozen, I’m good to go. Nothing more than pure laziness.

So what did my dispatcher say? Sure she gave me this stern warning about mistakes like that costing not only myself but her a lot of money, but she also said that she found out about what happened and my name was attached to it she knew it had to be a mistake…because in two years of working with her, I’ve never once come close to making that mistake before. I’ve made it abundantly clear through words and actions that I love my job and I take great pride in it, and she would be the first one to back me up on that statement.

Okay, so I learned my lesson…don’t be lazy and double check your temperatures and don’t cut corners. But now I can hear you all saying “But Jon, you said this would relate to the spanking lifestyle! How?!?!”

Well, I’m glad you asked my spanko friends!

You see, I’m a big believer that nobody in this world is perfect. We are all beautifully flawed in our own special ways, and that not only makes us unique, and human…but it makes the world fun too. How annoying and boring would things be if we were perfect and didn’t make any mistakes? Where’s the drama in that? We love our soap operas and reality TV! When we transfer into our spanking lifestyle, we have this expectation that everything, and more importantly, everyone, is going to be perfect. Then the sad reality hits us that not only are things not perfect between couples are partners, things can get downright ugly, confusing and scary at times. This is where patience and strong communication comes in.

I believe that in any type of power-exchange relationship, whether that be a spanking relationship, BDSM relationship, vanilla relationship (yes, there is power-exchange in a vanilla relationship too!), or whatever type of relationship you can encounter where two people exchange control of power, open and honest communication is an absolute must!

And you know, I believe the first step to open and honest communication is to let your partner in on a little secret…you’re not perfect!

As Spankos (or whatever name you choose to define yourself as a spanking enthusiast/fetishist…more on that another time!), most of world and lifestyle revolves around an idea revolving around in our head…a fantasy. We usually have the image of the perfect play partner and scenario playing out in our head. The stern Top, the obedient bottom, the right implement that hurts “just right” in the fantasy that we create.

But then what happens? We meet that someone who seems perfect, and then something happens. Something is said, something is done, all of a sudden we are jolted at of our fantasy and back into reality. It can be something as simple as calling your bottom by a pet name that he/she is disgusted by (ie. bitch, slut, whore, etc.) that hurts their feelings and degrades them. Or even worse, it takes them back to an abusive situation from the past. Even though you may have had only the best intentions and just wanted to spice things up a bit…you’ve made an honest mistake.

Here’s another example I’m sure most spankos can relate to, especially bottoms. What happens when you’re being spanked (with a belt perhaps?) and that one time the belt accidentally lands off the intended target and it hurts? I mean really fucking hurts! Bam! You’re jolted out of that pre-conceived fantasy of how things were going to play out. Again, it wasn’t intentional, just an honest mistake.

So what do you do? As a Top? As a bottom? Do you mention it? Do you let it go? Do you stop and talk about it? Do you bring it up later? I’m not going to tell you what to do because you’re free to live this lifestyle however way you choose as long as it doesn’t physically or emotionally damage another. However, I would highly recommend you don’t let things like that go. You need to talk about them.

This is where my Dad’s lesson comes in. I promise folks, there is a point to all this rambling, and if you’ve stuck it out this far, I congratulate you! The lesson that he taught me and what I’m trying to pass to you, fellow spankos, is you have to admit you’re human and you make mistakes!

When you as a Top accidentally offend your bottom with an offensive pet name…apologize and admit you made a mistake. Bottoms, when that wayward belt stroke lands on your hip or lower spine and they apologize and admit they made a mistake…acknowledge they’re human. People, especially spankos aren’t perfect!

Open up and communicate honestly with each other. I promise the more you do, the easier things will become for your relationship and dynamic.

I’m not going to keep giving you examples, I know we’re all adults (consenting ones at that!) and we can figure out what does and does not constitute as a mistake during our spanking play and discipline. My point is that we can create a lot less tension and drama if we just open up and become incredibly honest with each other. Yes, it might lead to some heartache. That perfect Top or bottom that came into your life might not be so perfect and shiny once you start getting real with each other…that’s okay. You can either choose to work through those shortcomings together as a couple or partnership or unfortunately you might just have to say goodbye…and that’s okay too. There’s plenty of spanko fish out there in the sea. We all have to find our own happiness in this lifestyle because that’s the key reason why we do it in the first place. It makes us happy.

Thanks for coming along on my late-night rambling fest. If you’ve made it this far, I’m very proud of you! (Insert round of applause here.) Please stay tuned for a future post where I tell you about my own journey of becoming more open and honest with Mrs. Welts and how our dynamic has changed dramatically over the last two years!

Thanks for stopping by and as always, happy spankings!


Hi There! Where Have We Been?!

Hello? Is this thing on? Mic check!

*Blowing the dust away*

Well hi there fellow Spankos! It’s certainly been a long time since I last posted…almost 2 years ago! I’ve been away before, but never for such a long time.

I really thought this blog was dead and I would have to start over with something new but instead, I’ve decided to do a little house cleaning. I added a new style, cleaning up some older posts and looking to take the blog into a more determined path, rather than just post whatever comes to mind for the sake of posting. While that may happen from time to time, I will try to keep posts on-topic and relevant.

My goal is to offer fellow spankos, and people new to this lifestyle and community, a resource to go to where they can feel safe and understand they aren’t alone. Spanking has always been a major part of my life…my entire life. I can remember as far back as 3 years old when I was curious and fascinated by this topic. This is something that is apart of me, I can’t change it, nor do I really want to. I hope others with the same love and passion as I do can come here and relate to what I have to say, share their own experiences and stories with us, and build a community where people from all walks of life can feel welcome in this lifestyle.

So…now to address the elephant in the room. Where in the world have we been? Well, if you remember from my last few posts (almost 2 years ago…ugh, that still bothers me!), I decided to leave the Army and I became an over-the-road truck driver. I could make the excuse that I had an extremely busy couple of years getting adjusted to the new trucking lifestyle (Yes, that too is a lifestyle all on its own.), or I could go on and on about all the ups and downs I’ve had in trucking; leasing my own truck, becoming a trainer, training others to become truck drivers, etc. These things could in-fact be valid excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging and doing what I love, which is sharing my passion of spanking with the rest of you.

But the truth is, that’s just what they were…excuses. What really happened is once I started getting on the road on my own, I realized that once things calmed down and I was able to sit down and continue blogging…I was lost. Call it writer’s block, call it uninspired, call it whatever you want. I simply had nothing to write about!

Sure, there was a lot of things to share. I could have posted random pictures of spanked bottoms here and there and talked about how great they were to me and what they meant to me, etc. However, ever since I created this blog back in 2012, I knew I didn’t want to make this into some random photo-blog. Tumblr does a great job of that already. I really wanted to delve deep into the heart of this lifestyle, what it means to me, and what it means to everyone else. Hopefully, in the near future, you can see that type of content coming back with a vengeance.

There’s a whole list of items (on a spreadsheet even!) of spanko topics that I want to cover for the foreseeable future. I will say that it is a lot easier for me to blog now since I just had a WiFi hotspot installed in my truck, and that’s making things a lot easier for me to get back into a regular schedule of blogging like I used to years ago.

So what’s to come?

  • More conversations and tutorials for newbies entering into this lifestyle
  • Reviews (Spanking videos, Web sites, Books etc.)
  • Interviews (Spanking Models, Authors, Sexual Freedom Activists etc.)
  • Spanking Party Reviews (Yes, I plan on attending some!)
  • Spanking Game Ideas
  • Vintage Spanking Pictorials and Artwork
  • Real Life Experiences
  • And Lots More!

I’d like to thank everyone for visiting and checking this blog out again. If you’re a new reader, welcome! If you’re an old reader who has been waiting for me to update for almost two years…hi again…and sorry! I’ll be getting back into the swing of things very soon and you should see several updates per week, at the very least you will get one new blog post per week. I think that’s a fair goal to start with.

I’ll leave you with a preview of an upcoming post: I recently went home for some much-needed home time. I was on the road for 5 months…yes, months! I really needed a break and was able to go home to Tennessee and get reacquainted with my wife and also my wife’s disciplinarian and his wife (that’s a whole interesting story in itself that I will be sharing soon!). Well, we definitely had one hell of a spanktastic weekend!

Here are a couple preview pics:



It’s definitely Fall in Tennessee!




Starting off an evening of spanking with these lovely tools!


For now, I’ll just leave you with that. Til next time…and yes, there will be a next time!

Happy Spankings!


How to Initiate Conversations

Hey Spankos!

One thing I have found interesting in the spanking community, specifically on boards, is how people initiate conversations. I get a ton of messages from others and I love receiving them. There is nothing I enjoy more then getting to know others in the community. I want to start out by saying this is in no way trying and stop those from sending me a message! I just want to go over some things I have experienced, and hopefully this will help you be a little more successful in reaching out to others!

A lot of this is more specific to approaching a woman but there are things to keep in mind with men too! I am not saying this pertains to everyone, this is just things that I have seen myself and my personal feelings! I am sure some share it and some don’t!

  1. Do not start off with showing your penis! More and more are only into spanking for what it is…spanking. They do not want sex and quiet frankly do not care how big your junk is. With me personally, I think a penis as well as a vagina, are just nasty and weird. And honestly…..they all look the same.
  2. Do not be overly confident. I automatically ignore anyone who just comes right out and boasts about their “successes.” I don’t care how much you have done and to who, I care about what happens between us, rather it be friendship or spanking relationship!
  3. Have confidence. Yes I know just said not to be too confident, but you need to be confident when you approach someone. There is a huge difference. You want to be confident in who you are and what your looking for!
  4. Don’t lie…..Just DON’T!!!
  5. Don’t jump straight to the action. I will delete your message if it only contains what you want to do to me. Introduce yourself. What is your name, what do you enjoy, where are you, what are some hobbies? Anything is better then….”come on over I want to beat your ass.” Okay fine but I get my turn next and guess what….only one of us will be hurting!
  6. Read the profile. Are they monogamous? A Switch? A Top? Do a little research before you reach out. It will save a lot of embarrassment and time!
  7. Don’t be desperate. I understand when your looking for something and you really want or need it. But do not just jump in begging someone, or saying you really need something. We all understand that need. But you want to get to know someone. You do not want to be taken advantage of. Also I want to know that you give a damn who I am and not just looking for your good time. I want to make sure that you care as much as I do!
  8. Show respect! If their profile asks you to contact their Daddy, Top, Master, Mommy, etc. before contacting them. Then take the time and do that. Show that you care to get to know the person!
  9. Just because you get a reply does not mean your friends or in a relationship! It just means that the door is open for communication! Jumping too fast to conclusions will get that door slammed so fast in your face!
  10. Ask questions! You want to know something? Ask! Makes me feel like you care enough to know what I do, think, etc. Not just how I can benefit you!

I am sure I could go all day but I hope some of these tips help you out in your quest! As I said I am always up for conversation and will help in any way I can so please feel free to look me up on fetlife under MrsWelts (I got a new account). Or email me at!

I am always willing to help, just remember….no pee pee pictures! :)

Till Later!


Mrs Welts

What Do You Fear?

Hey Spankos!

I have a question for everyone. What do you fear? This is a question that I ask anyone who I take on a discipline relationship with. Not to be sadistic but it is an important realization that a spanko can come to.

Now I am sure we all have fears. For instance, I am terrified of heights, you will never see me ride a zip line or sky dive! I have an irrational fear of talking to people I don’t know on the phone. Thats just some of the starters! But we are not here to talk about the vanilla world so lets get down to basics.

What are you afraid of spanking wise? I want to stop here and say if you tell me you are afraid of a person, please get out of that situation. If you are afraid for your personal safety then I don’t care what side of this lifestyle you fall under, even the most dominate person should have your best interest at heart. If you tell me you are afraid of the person or punishment because you physically get hurt. That is not a spanking that is abuse and please get help. We have limits for a reason and they should always be known and respected.

Now it is okay to be afraid to upset someone, it is okay to fear the spanking. It might be an implement you fear, the pain, the disappointment? What is it?

I will start off! I don’t fear pain. I live in pain, there has yet to be a spanker who has made me fear the pain I will receive. Honestly, if you go long enough with me I go into sub space and just get the best sleep ever. If you don’t go hard enough I don’t feel it a hour or two later! Pain is just a sensation to me. I have always been in more pain and I know it passes.

I am motivated by the fear of upsetting someone I care about. For me to allow you to punish me, I have to care about you and what you think. So I will feel bad if I let you down. This is a two way street though. The spanker has to give a damn for why they are punishing you! If you don’t care enough that I let you down then quiet frankly I don’t care enough to do what you ask!!

Now lets talk about my big fear! Belts! I know this will surprise most of you since I do love leather. This goes back a long way, and for me to actually fear it a lot has to be in place. This was always the best way to get to me. I have always been privileged to have a lot of tools at my disposal. But honestly nothing got to be as fast as a belt. In the relationship that this became a staple for me, he would spank me with anything else under the sun, but would never take his belt off to me unless I really deserved it. What this allowed is me to have a constant reminder that he is paying attention to what I am doing. It gave him a constant reminder every time he took his clothes on and off his commitment to me. It gave me the comfort of knowing that he paid attention to everything I did and judged everything individually and didn’t just start spanking me. It also allowed me to know exactly where his limits and my limits were.

Now I can relate my fear and interest in belts back to my upbringing because that is what my dad used, and probably has something to do with that. Though I try and not base my life now on what happened then.

Over the years the belt has became just another toy and honestly that is the biggest disservice to me. It does me no good if it is just brought out for any reason.

I bring this up because I want you to think about what you fear and why! What can you do to help yourself? If you want to do better you really should look about an implement, position, etc that you really fear. That should be saved for the real punishments you need.

I know personally I need to re-evaluate the use to the belt in our house. I brought straps for this very reason. So I have my leather but I don’t have to use that specific piece of equipment until it is warranted.

I will go over why I don’t feel pain and more information about pain thresholds and improving them in a later post!

What do you fear? What motivates you to do better?

Till Next Time!

Mrs Welts

Homecoming and Our Store

Hey Spankos!

So as Jon said we have moved back to my home! I must say the last 6 months have been amazing. You don’t realize how much you miss somewhere until you come back! I have been spending the last few months with my family. We were gone a long time and I missed a lot, I refuse to miss anything else!

For the most part I left the lifestyle a year ago. I have never been one to be on the websites but for the sake of Jon I was. I started to really realize why I did not like that aspect and needed to get out for my own sanity. That is all a whole long story for another day.

After I did that I posted less and less on here. I will admit I have missed a lot of people and am looking forward to reconnecting with them and connecting with new people.

I am not sure how much content you will see of us spanking other people. We moved to Middle Tennessee. I come from a very well known family in the area, and quiet frankly over most of the state. I can not walk into any place here without being recognized for the work one or both my parents have done. This is both a blessing and a curse let me tell you!

Before I got married I had a lot of play partners in the area, most knew my parents, some were even their friends. I played with fire and I will admit that. So I am hesitant to get back into that aspect now that I am back here. I have gotten a few messages about setting up sessions! I promise it is nothing personal. We just have to be very very careful.

I have decided to dust off all the work I had started for our fetish store! I put it away a year ago just because I did not know how far I wanted to go any more. Honestly, at one point I was ready to never hear the word spanking again!

So coming this summer you will be able to come into our world a little more! You will be able to find so much fetish gear with things for all aspects of this lifestyle we love. Best part of all, they will all be available at a reasonable price code. Our initial launch will see various parts of our panties line as well as our colorful and novelty straps! Hot pink metallic strap anyone? Male panties that look all girly and frilly but have the proper “fit” for the man in your life? We will have that too! Eventually we will even have adult baby gear including a play mat with overhead toy bar.

We will be giving away a ton of samples starting in the Spring for those that want to be our testers! I still have a list of those interested and will be in contact! If you haven’t contacted me, please do so, would love to have you in the sample pool!

Anyways that is what is going on with me! Hope it makes some sense!

Love you all!

Mrs Welts

10 Spanking Facts–With Mrs. Welts

Hey Spankos!

I have gone back and forth with the idea of if I am coming back in to the “lifestyle” for a few weeks now. I am not for sure what the future holds but I thought I would play around and do something a little different. Most do not know a lot about me so I am going to just give a few details!

Here are 10 facts about me that have to do with spanking.

  1. I spanked my best friend/girlfriend at our school on more then one occasion. During the school hours, in the bathrooms which had no doors and not much sound proofing!
  2. Oldest person that has spanked me? 85, I was 19. The oldest person I have spanked? 78, I was 18. So don’t be judgmental on age! If they are legal, keep an open mind!
  3. Nearly everyone in my school knew I was a spanko. I was even interviewed by multiple teachers, principals, and school counselors. Never gave up details.
  4. One of the most popular girls in school found a note I left by accident that was from my (much older) boyfriend, in it described a complete punishment session he was going to administer. (Hence how #3 happened)
  5. When I was in high school I dated and was engaged to a Cop. Even going as far as being at the alter, when I was 18. Thankfully a friend stopped it. But I spent a lot of nights with him. We had a 100% domestic discipline lifestyle. I was 15….he was not! My parents never knew about him for 3 years. Still don’t!
  6. While dating #5 I was spanking others and being spanked by others. Spent nearly every weekend with my best friend who I spanked frequently including multiple times when her Dad was home. It ultimately cost us our friendship. I still miss her.
  7. Weirdest place I have been spanked would be in a store parking lot.
  8. I have only cried during 3 spankings.
  9. My parents deep down knew the truth at an early age. Too much happened, they never confronted me. Not even when they found a paddle and wooden spoon in my luggage after a weekend at my friend’s.
  10. I have been spanked, consensual of course, by a few of my parents friends, and they don’t know!

I probably could come up with a ton more but here are a few to get you started!! A lot of these will be a surprise to even Jon! What is your biggest, funniest, strangest, etc. spanking fact? Would love to hear them!


Until next time Spankos!

Mrs Welts


Hi friends, I thought I would share with you some classic spanking pictures that I found on the internet that remind me of to the pictures that I looked at when I was first getting into spanking and trying to figure out what it was all about! I’m sure a lot of you can relate and have seen most of these pictures at one time or another.

First up are the classic pictures from Nu-West called the “Debbie series”.



What’s special about these pictures is the fact that Debbie is actually getting spanked by her own mother Margo.



These pictures are from the very early 1980’s with the video being shot on 8 mm.


Arguably the best things about these classic pictures are the reactions that are produced by Debbie and the no-nonsense look of mother spanking her.

For fans of M/M spanking, I thought I would include a classic picture of a father giving his son a good old fashioned hairbrush spanking!

Obviously another good picture of genuine reactions! Hope you all have an awesome weekend and look forward to seeing you all again soon! Happy spankings!