Still Kicking!

Hi spanko friends and family. Just checking in, saying hi, and letting you all know this blog still is around and kicking!
Where have we been you ask? Well that’s quite a story and there’s been a lot of life changes since last time. The biggest thing is I’m no longer a Soldier in the Army, and we are no longer in Texas. We moved to a very very small town in middle Tennessee in July and we’re still getting settled into the area. The Mrs. was able to get a job at a sandwich shop, and I was trying unsuccessfully for weeks to find a new career. Finally one day, I got an offer that was too interesting to pass up…truck driving. I signed a one year contract with a trucking company and in return they are sending me to truck driving school, and footing the bill. I’ve always wanted to give trucking a try because my father and several of my aunt’s and uncle’s were drivers. Plus, I’ve always wanted to drive all over the country and finally see what I’ve been missing. I start driving school in 3 weeks and hopefully by the holidays I’ll finally be out making a living again!
I hope to start updating the blog more often, but right now it’s particularly hard doing things with just a cell phone and no internet at the moment. All I can say is please be patient and stick around until we get life sorted out. If you still want your spanko fix from A Spanko World, you can always follow me, Jon Welts, on Twitter and Tumblr. I try to post regularly, if not daily, to both so please feel free to follow and say hi! I really enjoy making new friends in the spanking and BDSM community, so please don’t be shy!
Anyways, I hope everyone’s week is going well. It’s hump day and it’s shaping up to being a decent weekend here. I’ll leave you with a picture I recently took. I couldn’t pass up the lighting and seminars-artistic opportunity.


Waiting for a spanking!