Our New Dynamic

Hey there spanko fans! Hope you’re all well and had a great week, it’s time for the weekend!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and buying up some awesome Christmas deals during that long weekend. It’s the first day of December finally, so hope everyone is having a great Holiday season so far!

Anyways, moving on! Today I decided to share more of what has been going on in the lives of myself and my wife, Mrs. Welts since we came back from our break. I thought this was important to share because a lot has changed in those two years.

In essence, we aren’t exclusive to each other anymore. This is mostly due to the fact that I spend 90% of my time on the road now away from home. This is now December, and I’ve only been home three times in 2017! Each time was for only five or six days, usually less than a week. It’s not that I don’t enjoy being home, I really do cherish the times I get to go home and relax. The fact of the matter is, however, Mrs. Welts and I are not there for each other as we used to be. We’re just physically unable!

So what do we do about that? Obviously, that was a question we had very early on when I started Trucking. Now for me, since I’m not one to be a jealous type, the easy answer for me was to let Kim go out and search for a local disciplinarian and Top…so that’s exactly what she did.

Kim went to Fetlife, and as luck would have it when she started looking for someone close by, she was messaged by an older gentleman named Jim,  who is married to Wendy, another fellow spanko! They quickly started a conversation and a good dialogue (more on that some other time. Also, see a previous post about how to message people with respect), and within a week they set a time to meet each other at his house.

After a couple meetings, it was very apparent that Kim finally found her disciplinarian, and since they were both switches as well, they could also reverse roles when needed, just as Kim and I used to do when I was home. So it all worked out pretty well.

Now with Kim’s needs taken care of what about me? And what about the other spanko in that equation, Wendy? Well, that was a pretty simple fix, we started our own spanko relationship together! Now when I say “spanko relationship”, I’m not implying a sexual or romantic relationship of any sort. Kim and I are still happily married, and there is no sexual contact of any type that goes on between the four of us. It’s just spanking and discipline, things that the four of us need and want in our lives!

So since I’m a Switch and I’ve satisfied my Dominant role (when I’m home anyway), what do I do about my submissive side? Well, that side has been lacking lately. I would definitely love to find someone I could talk to regularly about any issues that I’m having and would love to have someone help me keep on track of my responsibilities and goals and to help keep me accountable. I guess you could say Jim has been a “stand-in” when it comes to discipline. I’ve been spanked by him several times for discipline purposes and it’s been a much-needed relief. However, I would really enjoy finding an older maternal woman who I could confide in and look to for advice. Maybe one day soon!

Hope you guys enjoyed my rambling tonight. It’s Friday and I actually have the truck to myself tonight. Looks like it’s a Netflix binge kinda night. I really enjoy that mini-series Godless. I’m likely going to finish that one tonight. I love the deep characters in that series, especially Jeff Daniels, who plays probably one of the most endearing screen villains since Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight! Anyways, this is a spanking blog, not a movie review blog! So I’ll leave you tonight with a preview of my next post, and that’s sharing with you what happened when I went home last time…lots of spankings abound!

Enjoy your weekend spankos!



“Spanking Uno” Anyone? ;)