Hi There! Where Have We Been?!

Hello? Is this thing on? Mic check!

*Blowing the dust away*

Well hi there fellow Spankos! It’s certainly been a long time since I last posted…almost 2 years ago! I’ve been away before, but never for such a long time.

I really thought this blog was dead and I would have to start over with something new but instead, I’ve decided to do a little house cleaning. I added a new style, cleaning up some older posts and looking to take the blog into a more determined path, rather than just post whatever comes to mind for the sake of posting. While that may happen from time to time, I will try to keep posts on-topic and relevant.

My goal is to offer fellow spankos, and people new to this lifestyle and community, a resource to go to where they can feel safe and understand they aren’t alone. Spanking has always been a major part of my life…my entire life. I can remember as far back as 3 years old when I was curious and fascinated by this topic. This is something that is apart of me, I can’t change it, nor do I really want to. I hope others with the same love and passion as I do can come here and relate to what I have to say, share their own experiences and stories with us, and build a community where people from all walks of life can feel welcome in this lifestyle.

So…now to address the elephant in the room. Where in the world have we been? Well, if you remember from my last few posts (almost 2 years ago…ugh, that still bothers me!), I decided to leave the Army and I became an over-the-road truck driver. I could make the excuse that I had an extremely busy couple of years getting adjusted to the new trucking lifestyle (Yes, that too is a lifestyle all on its own.), or I could go on and on about all the ups and downs I’ve had in trucking; leasing my own truck, becoming a trainer, training others to become truck drivers, etc. These things could in-fact be valid excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging and doing what I love, which is sharing my passion of spanking with the rest of you.

But the truth is, that’s just what they were…excuses. What really happened is once I started getting on the road on my own, I realized that once things calmed down and I was able to sit down and continue blogging…I was lost. Call it writer’s block, call it uninspired, call it whatever you want. I simply had nothing to write about!

Sure, there was a lot of things to share. I could have posted random pictures of spanked bottoms here and there and talked about how great they were to me and what they meant to me, etc. However, ever since I created this blog back in 2012, I knew I didn’t want to make this into some random photo-blog. Tumblr does a great job of that already. I really wanted to delve deep into the heart of this lifestyle, what it means to me, and what it means to everyone else. Hopefully, in the near future, you can see that type of content coming back with a vengeance.

There’s a whole list of items (on a spreadsheet even!) of spanko topics that I want to cover for the foreseeable future. I will say that it is a lot easier for me to blog now since I just had a WiFi hotspot installed in my truck, and that’s making things a lot easier for me to get back into a regular schedule of blogging like I used to years ago.

So what’s to come?

  • More conversations and tutorials for newbies entering into this lifestyle
  • Reviews (Spanking videos, Web sites, Books etc.)
  • Interviews (Spanking Models, Authors, Sexual Freedom Activists etc.)
  • Spanking Party Reviews (Yes, I plan on attending some!)
  • Spanking Game Ideas
  • Vintage Spanking Pictorials and Artwork
  • Real Life Experiences
  • And Lots More!

I’d like to thank everyone for visiting and checking this blog out again. If you’re a new reader, welcome! If you’re an old reader who has been waiting for me to update for almost two years…hi again…and sorry! I’ll be getting back into the swing of things very soon and you should see several updates per week, at the very least you will get one new blog post per week. I think that’s a fair goal to start with.

I’ll leave you with a preview of an upcoming post: I recently went home for some much-needed home time. I was on the road for 5 months…yes, months! I really needed a break and was able to go home to Tennessee and get reacquainted with my wife and also my wife’s disciplinarian and his wife (that’s a whole interesting story in itself that I will be sharing soon!). Well, we definitely had one hell of a spanktastic weekend!

Here are a couple preview pics:



It’s definitely Fall in Tennessee!




Starting off an evening of spanking with these lovely tools!


For now, I’ll just leave you with that. Til next time…and yes, there will be a next time!

Happy Spankings!



  1. Hey Jon, and welcome back! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years either. I’m looking forward to reading your posts, and hearing about your adventures, observations, and experiences. It sounds like your had a great Homecoming. :-)


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