Spanking Of The Week! 4/21/2014

Hey spankos! Sorry for not being around for a little while, things got really busy and hectic around here and we just have been trying to catch up. I’m sure you all know how that goes! We’re loving the new house we moved into though and we hope to show you some more content of us in the coming weeks!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter! The Mrs. made another awesome dinner as she normally does on holiday weekends, it just never gets old! Crock pot chicken with dirty mashed potatoes, home-made dressing and green bean casserole! Ugh, now I’m hungry again! LOL

Anyways…back on topic!

So instead of showing a picture this week, I thought I would share with you an awesome video clip posted by my good friend Stefan Rhyzkov! Unfortunately wordpress doesn’t let you post video clips directly on your blog unless you pay for a more premium package. I’ll do that some day, but for now here is a link to the clip on SpankingTube! Hope you all enjoy and have a great week!

Stefan Rhyzkov spanking Chloe Elise in “Stripped And Spanked”!


Soap Experiment–Day 1–Ivory

Time everyone has been waiting for!!

When anyone thinks of soap and mouth washing the most common soap to come to mind is Ivory! Its a tried and true staple in most homes! Personally it brings back a lot of memories for Mrs. Welts as it was even the soap used in her home growing up. Bathing and ,mouth washing duties combined!

3 pack for only $1.50...can't beat that!

3 pack for only $1.50…can’t beat that!

During this experiment I was reminded many times that I was excited to try out this little project of ours, but now that’s it’s started…what did I get myself into! At first it was just going to be 5 bars of soap reviewed over a span of 5 days, but nah, the Mrs. thought it should cover dozens of different kinds of soap over a span of a few months! Of course, since she gets pretty sick when trying any type of mouth soaping and I can take it fairly well, guess who gets to be the guinea pig? This guy right here! Gee, thanks Mrs. Welts! :P

So to start off with our Ivory soap, we got a 3 pack at our local Wal-Mart for about $1.50, can’t really beat that for a good deal, probably the least amount of money you’ll spend for an instrument of discipline! Mrs. Welts started by lathering up the bar to make sure I got the “full effect” isn’t she thoughtful?

For best results, lather well!

For best results, lather well!

As you can see from the picture below Ivory lathers pretty well, but we wouldn’t say it’s as good as others, it’s kinda like the “Plain Jane” as far as soaps go. Still though, it does create a good bubbly effect…ugh!

Ready To Go!

Ready To Go!

Now that it was ready to go Miss told me to open my mouth and she just shoved the bar right in and told me to bite down and hold it. Now normally if this was a discipline mouth soaping, she would likely run it over my tongue a few times and over the inside of my mouth and teeth. I’ll tell you it’s the worse if you get soap stuck in your teeth, the taste will linger for hours! As far as “taste” goes, Ivory isn’t all that bad, but the longer you have it in your mouth for the worst it gets. It gradually starts to burn to where after awhile it feels like you’re sucking on a jalapeno! Also it has a really slimy, almost oily taste to it that obviously you can’t create anywhere else. Honestly though, I’ve had a lot worse, but it’s still not that great…what mouthsoaping is??

Lucky Jon Being The Guinea Pig! (Yuck!)

Lucky Jon Being The Guinea Pig! (Yuck!)

As you can see, it can definitely get the job done if used properly! Ivory is probably the original and likely still the best as far as getting your point across with a good mouth washing. As I said earlier, we’ll be doing more soaps in the coming weeks and months as we find more to try out! I know we’ve had some people request certain types to be tested and we’ll likely get to those as well, but for now I hope you guys enjoyed this first installment of our soap experiment! Coming soon we’ll be doing some product reviews with the paddles we purchased recently from Blue at Blue’s Blades and you’ll likely see some other rants and raves from us as we like to go on our little tangents on our spanking adventure! Thanks again for stopping by you spanko fans and I’ll leave you with a final picture of the bar of Ivory soap after I was done getting soaped with it. Hopefully it’s a good reminder for all you naughty boys and girls to behave and watch your mouth! Bye for now! :)

A few teeth marks maybe? Watch your mouth!

A few teeth marks maybe? Watch your mouth!

The Truth Shall……Set Your Bottom on Fire!!!

Hey Spankos!!! Miss Welts here again!

I have been reading a lot and observing how some individuals in this lifestyle handle things. I have seen so much lately about lying, not telling on yourself, and so forth.

Lets all go back to our early days in preschool and elementary school. Did everyone not go through the same lessons as I did? Were you not taught about telling the truth and the difference between truths and lies? That lesson was always magnified if it was not learned properly by soap and a belt, so its something i’m very familiar with.

They trust that children can take the stand in a court of law and tell the truth and they also have to prove they know the difference?? Why can’t grown adults not tell the truth?

This is a spin-off of my last post about taking what you ask for! 

I get irked every time I see a sub/bottom/spankee/slave, etc trying to figure out how to avoid admitting what they did. How can someone expect their spanker to see everything they do? Jon and I live together but we both go out individually to run errands, he works full time outside of the home, I tend to go to bed at weird hours, What I am getting at is even though we live under the same roof I probably only know exactly what he is and isn’t doing 2-3 hours a day. 

Somethings are easy to tell, for example i’m looking at several dishes I asked Jon to put up this morning……..That will be a post for another day. 

If you have done something and you know its either wrong, or your spanker will not accept that behavior then its your job to “tattle” on yourself. Yes in those same classes in preschool we learned how tattling is bad, but tattling on yourself is more honorable then sitting there hiding secrets. 

You want to get better at your actions? You want to be held accountable? You want to progress? You want to be trusted? Then time to admit to it. 

Most humans are really crappy liars so a good part of the time you might think your getting away with it but instead your spanker knows and is waiting for you to step forward. Most spankers want to see their spankee grow and move forward and in order to do that a spankee must be able to stand tall and admit what they did and be willing to accept what happens after that. 

I have had many naughty girls and boys in front of me and we have been going over their actions and I can tell when i’m not getting the truth, or i’m only getting half truths. Most spankees show it in their body language and face. So quit playing the games and just allow us to do what you requested in the first place. HELP YOU

Yes telling the truth means you will probably be in trouble of some sort! But what does lying get you? I have seen many many many spanking relationships end on the back of lying. You can’t be in an adult consensual relationship if you can not tell the truth. Its the most childish thing you can do. I rather a grown man throw a tantrum like he is 3 years old then lie to me. Then I can still see him as an adult, a naughty adult, but lying shows me who the children really are. 

I know some will read this and give me a hard time because I have had to deal with Jon lying, and all I can say to that is just like anyone else people make mistakes and its all about fixing them and moving forward. Underneath this “spanking relationship” we have a marriage and family to consider. Its not just some fly by night spanker/spankee situation. 

So I ask everyone to really consider what they are doing in their own relationships. What secrets are you hiding? What have you don’t that the guilt is eating you up inside? Its time to sit down and come clean. It truly will make you a stronger person because of it. 

Lets all stop the games and lying to save our own butts…if you were so concerned with the stability and safety of your bottom then why are you in this lifestyle? Seriously, a butt can take just about anything. The pain is temporary, while the betrayal and pain you cause with lying is forever!

Just think on that for a minute! 

Happy Spankings my Spanko Friends!!


Miss Welts

Vintage Spanking Of The Week! 4/9/14

Photo Credit Unknown (Likely Nu-west/Leda?)

Photo Credit Unknown (Likely Nu-west/Leda?)

Hey spankos hope you’re enjoying your week, just thought I would share another fun pic I found while browsing the net. This one is definitely older, probably late 80’s or early 90’s, and not quite sure who took this pic, I’m guessing it’s probably from Nu-West/Leda since they were big around that time. Don’t really know much about the scene other than it must have been truly embarrassing to get a spanking out in the parking lot!

Do you have an embarrassing spanking story you want to share? How about you type it up into a short story and submit it to our short story contest! Still have 6 days left to post your stories and there have been a few good ones already! Also, I just found out on Fetlife today that Ian from The London Tanners is planning to retire at the beginning of next year! LT will still be around but this competition will give the winner an awesome leather paddle made by Ian before he gets out of the biz! I’m sure he’ll have a lot of fun in spanko retirement tanning naughty bottoms when he can. :)

Take What You Ask For!!

Hey Spanko People!!! Miss Welts here!!!

So I have been just puzzled by something the last few days and thought I would share my opinion. I know a lot of people that contact me to have a spanking relationship with Jon and/or I look at the blog first so maybe it will help them wake up some.

You’re a consenting adult? You want to be spanked? You want to be held accountable? You fantasized about this? You need this?

Then why don’t you man/woman up and take what you ask for? Why must you fight and brat every step of the way?

Let’s start with this. Most know that I am into this lifestyle for the pure disciplinary aspect. I am not into the fetish and sexual side of things. While with the right people I will make their personal fantasies play out, it’s not something that is my main focus.

I was born and raised being spanked from literally like age 2?? I grew up with the feeling that if you do the crime then guess what, take what you earned and take it as an adult. Even as a kindergartener being spanked in school with a huge paddle, I knew what that meant. It meant bending over and taking the 5 swats I had coming and not fighting, complaining, etc. This ethic has run my life ever since. I have been in consensual spanking relationships since I was 15 and I have never once refused said no about being punished in any form. I am not saying that I didn’t cry, or hate the whole experience. But I knew what I was asking for by misbehaving.

In the consensual relationships, this theory is even more important. You want to be punished. You find a spanker and you discuss everything, and I mean everything! More than you would ever tell anyone else, we know each other’s secrets and desires, know what makes each other tick, it’s a great relationship if taken care of properly. After you invested all this time building the trust and the relationship why would you send mixed signals? Why would you do anything to mess it up?

What I am talking about is simple. I had some people contact me over the years and including within the last few days, they tell me what they want and what they want to work on. We discuss details and so forth. Then I try to help evaluate the situation in order to put in proper guidelines so that the bad actions can be preventable. What do some do? They try to justify their actions? Why would you contact someone needing discipline if you believe you are right in what you do? Obviously, something isn’t working so why justify it?

Another pet-peeve I have is why try to get out of punishments? I am constantly seeing people try to figure out what they can in order to make the spanker either not realize they did something wrong, or bribe or trick them into letting the situation go. You will never learn anything besides how to be a manipulative brat. That just destroys any work your spanker is trying to put into helping you. It’s a vicious cycle and a lot of people get hurt.

Then there are the moments when a spanker gets ready to carry out a punishment and the spankee wants to “top from the bottom.” If you have gone through the process slowly and prepared everything then the spanker is well prepared to handle the situation. All your limits have been considered. I am not saying if your limits are being violated not to speak up and stop it. I am talking about the ones that just want to try till that last second to change the situation. You agreed to accept punishments so its time to accept them.

It is something that I even have to deal with when punishing Jon so I know it’s a hard habit to break. Just spend time trying to figure out what exactly you want. Do everyone a favor and only go into a situation your ready to accept.

I understand that punishments suck, they hurt, they aren’t fun. But they are not supposed to be. You wanted to learn, grow, improve. So allow those around you to help. There are way too many people who are looking for actual help but those that want to help are too occupied with those that are not serious enough and its causing good people to go without. No one likes their time wasted.

Take your time before entering any situation and make sure its what you want and you both are well aware of what is to be expected from the other. Yes, a spankee can have expectations from a spanker. If a spanker can’t live with those expectations or limitations then its time to find someone who will. Its a complete relationship of giving and take. So start taking what you deserve!!

A Spanko World Interview: Alex Reynolds!

Hello spanko friends, Jon here, and welcome to another special interview on A Spanko World! Today we  interview spanking model Alex Reynolds! Alex was very gracious enough to answer some questions for us and hopefully give some insight on what the day to day lifestyle is when this spanking thing that we love and do also happens to be your job! You can find Alex not only all over the internet getting her bottom spanked, but she has her own blog at! Go check her out and give this kind, sweet, and awesome woman some love! With that all said, let’s begin!

Photo Credit: Northern Spanking (

Photo Credit: Northern Spanking (


Jon: Hi Alex! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for me today, always been a huge fan of your work! Let’s start with something a bit easy, albeit cliché, but how did you end up being interested in spanking?

Alex: I’ve always been interested in spanking. As early in my life as I have memories, I have memories of thinking about spanking. As a child, I looked for books with spanking related passages, played spanking pretends with my stuffed animals and dolls and looked up the word “spanking” and other related words in the Dictionary, Encyclopedia and other reference books, just to see the word in print! I’ve had a vivid fantasy life relating to spanking for at least the past twenty years, and my early daydreams have had a big influence on some of my favorite ways to play now. I was always extremely shy and private about this “interest” and I didn’t share it with anyone. When I was a teenager, I discovered portions of the internet spanking community but followed it silently as a lurker. I got spanked for the first time when I was eighteen, having happened to meet someone through regular, vanilla means who turned out to also be into spanking! We had a disciplinary relationship throughout my college years. He moved away when I was in my early twenties. Eventually, this lead to me finally getting past the overwhelming shyness I had about anything spanking related and beginning to explore all that the community (both online and in “real life”) has to offer. I obviously got over that shyness very successfully, and I’m so glad that I did.

Photo Credit: Assume The Position Studios

Photo Credit: Assume The Position Studios

Jon: In your opinion what makes a spanking special?

Alex: There can be a certain kind of magic that happens when two people get together to share something like spanking. I think that’s purely an emotional thing, and it’s built on trust and respect for one and other. Spankings tend to feel the most special when they’re between two people who are really close, but this feeling can happen when people are first playing together for the first time, too. I think it has to do with having the same preferences and fantasies for the kind of spanking which is happening: you find the other person saying and doing exactly what feels “right” to say or do at that point. You feel in-tune with your partner, and you’re therefore able to open up more and the spanking becomes more vulnerable and genuine. When this does happen, it’s an amazing experience.

Photo Credit: Assume The Position Studios

Photo Credit: Assume The Position Studios

Jon: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Alex: In the spanking world? Intentional mischief! The first few spanking relationships which I had when I came into the scene were very serious: any sort of playful naughtiness was treated like a disappointment. I was taught that this wasn’t the way that good girls behaved. Now that I’m in a relationship which doesn’t have to take itself seriously all the time, I greatly enjoy getting into a little trouble on purpose. Despite liking to be seen as a good girl, I’ve come to take a devilish enjoyment in little pranks, a playful attitude and a bit of bad behavior, as long as I know that I’m not pushing any real boundaries. It feels like I’m doing something that I shouldn’t be, but it’s a lot of fun. In vanilla land, my favorite guilty pleasure is probably sleeping in. I hate waking up in the morning, and on days when I don’t work until the afternoon, getting up before I have to seems like a hard sell. Why not just turn the alarm off, throw a pillow over my head and go back to sleep? I’m always trying my best to get up early even when I don’t have to, but it’s so enjoyable when I get to indulge.

Photo Credit: Omar Photo

Photo Credit: Omar Photo

Jon: In your opinion what is the difference between spankings you take on camera vs. a real discipline spanking?

Alex: I really enjoy filming, but it’s usually quite different than private play, especially real discipline! The spankings on camera are very real (and, if I’m crying, so are my tears!) and many of the people I film with are people who I have real play relationships with. A spanking video is almost always based on role-play, though. I play a character which is usually decided by me and/or the producer beforehand, and I’m being punished for something which fits the scenario. The energy of that is very different than something which occurs organically. The one exception to this rule for me is the content which my boyfriend, Paul and I film together for Because it’s just the two of us there when we film and we film in our home, it’s naturally going to be more intimate, and when we’re filming some of those scenes, I entirely forget that there’s a camera going and just let go, which is something really special, I think.

Photo credit: Amoni Jones Photography

Photo credit: Amoni Jones Photography

Jon: It looks like you’ve been incredibly busy over the last year or two! What kind of experience has it been to work with some of the biggest names in the spanking industry?

Alex: The past couple of years have been an amazing experience so far! I’ve gotten to travel around the world and I’ve met incredible people and had remarkable adventures. At first, it was really intimidating to meet people who I had previously only seen on film, especially since I had been an avid watcher of spanking movies for several years before I got to be in one for the first time! The majority of the people that I’ve met through modeling have been really lovely, down to earth, creative people. A lot of my friends are people that I met this way. I haven’t been traveling as often as I used to, but I continue to shoot regularly and it’s still just as fun as it was in the beginning.

Photo Credit: Tantrum Trainers

Photo Credit: Kelly Payne Studios / Tantrum Trainers

Jon: I’m extremely excited to meet you this year at TASSP! What other events are you planning to attend this year?

Alex: I’m very excited to meet you at TASSP, too! I’ll be at a whole roster of events this year, all of which I’m really looking forward to! In April, I’ll be attending Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City, followed by the Texas All State Spanking Party (TASSP) in June, Chicago Crimson Moon in July and Shadowlane’s Annual Party in Las Vegas on Labor Day weekend. Each party is unique and fun, and I can’t wait for each one. I’ll be doing shoots and booking private sessions everywhere I go, so anyone who is interested in this can email me at

(left to right: Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie and Alex Reynolds) Photo credit: Triple A Spanking

(left to right: Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie and Alex Reynolds) Photo credit: Triple A Spanking

Jon: You recently moved from South Dakota to Los Angeles. Was there a bit of culture shock for you?

Alex: Well, I grew up in the New York/ New Jersey area and lived in Los Angeles for two years before moving to South Dakota, so honestly, going to the Midwest was the culture shock! I was never particularly well suited for living in a small town, and I really missed the diversity and culture of Los Angeles while I was away. I do miss certain things about South Dakota, though, like wet grass after a rainstorm and the amount of space and stillness in the landscape. I do intend to get back to visit the Midwest again when I get a chance, but for now, I’m very happy in Los Angeles!

Photo credit: Dreams of Spanking (

Photo credit: Dreams of Spanking (

Jon: What’s your favorite movie, book, and/or song?

Alex: I’m horrible at favorites, especially since my taste in media is so varied. I’ll give slightly more general answers. :) My favorite director is Terrance Malick, and I always go back and forth between favorites on his films, but I especially like The New World. My favorite books are probably Dune (Frank Herbert) and Slaughterhouse Five (Kurt Vonnegut). I can go back and read those two over and over again. My favorite band is The Mountain Goats, but I can’t pick a favorite song. In general, my musical taste is a bit varied. I primarily listen to Indie Rock, 90’s Alternative, 80’s New Wave and Classic Punk.

Photo credit: Rolling Shutter

Photo credit: Rolling Shutter

Jon: What are your plans for your future as far as modeling and living in our lifestyle goes?

Alex: I’d like to keep modeling for as long as I possibly can! I’m passionate about it and think I’m only getting better at what I do. I’ve also become somewhat involved in the production side of things, and would like to keep doing more with that as time goes by. In terms of living the lifestyle, no matter what happens, I’ll always be doing that! Spanking is hardwired into me, and I can’t be happy without it in my life.

Photo credit: Triple A Spanking (

Photo credit: Triple A Spanking (

Thanks again so much to Alex Reynolds for doing this interview with us! She really is a first class sweetheart, and if you haven’t already check out her blog at Also thank you Alex for hand-picking the photos used for today’s interview, they were very appreciated and I know our readers are going to love them as well…aren’t ya guys and gals? :)

Hope you all have a great day and thanks again for stopping by at A Spanko World! Don’t forget, our short story competition is still on for another 10 days! Keep sending those stories in for your chance to win a brand-new leather spanking paddle from The London Tanners!

Happy Spankings!