Homecoming and Our Store

Hey Spankos!

So as Jon said we have moved back to my home! I must say the last 6 months have been amazing. You don’t realize how much you miss somewhere until you come back! I have been spending the last few months with my family. We were gone a long time and I missed a lot, I refuse to miss anything else!

For the most part I left the lifestyle a year ago. I have never been one to be on the websites but for the sake of Jon I was. I started to really realize why I did not like that aspect and needed to get out for my own sanity. That is all a whole long story for another day.

After I did that I posted less and less on here. I will admit I have missed a lot of people and am looking forward to reconnecting with them and connecting with new people.

I am not sure how much content you will see of us spanking other people. We moved to Middle Tennessee. I come from a very well known family in the area, and quiet frankly over most of the state. I can not walk into any place here without being recognized for the work one or both my parents have done. This is both a blessing and a curse let me tell you!

Before I got married I had a lot of play partners in the area, most knew my parents, some were even their friends. I played with fire and I will admit that. So I am hesitant to get back into that aspect now that I am back here. I have gotten a few messages about setting up sessions! I promise it is nothing personal. We just have to be very very careful.

I have decided to dust off all the work I had started for our fetish store! I put it away a year ago just because I did not know how far I wanted to go any more. Honestly, at one point I was ready to never hear the word spanking again!

So coming this summer you will be able to come into our world a little more! You will be able to find so much fetish gear with things for all aspects of this lifestyle we love. Best part of all, they will all be available at a reasonable price code. Our initial launch will see various parts of our panties line as well as our colorful and novelty straps! Hot pink metallic strap anyone? Male panties that look all girly and frilly but have the proper “fit” for the man in your life? We will have that too! Eventually we will even have adult baby gear including a play mat with overhead toy bar.

We will be giving away a ton of samples starting in the Spring for those that want to be our testers! I still have a list of those interested and will be in contact! If you haven’t contacted me, please do so, would love to have you in the sample pool!

Anyways that is what is going on with me! Hope it makes some sense!

Love you all!

Mrs Welts

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