The Truth Shall……Set Your Bottom on Fire!!!

Hey Spankos!!! Miss Welts here again!

I have been reading a lot and observing how some individuals in this lifestyle handle things. I have seen so much lately about lying, not telling on yourself, and so forth.

Lets all go back to our early days in preschool and elementary school. Did everyone not go through the same lessons as I did? Were you not taught about telling the truth and the difference between truths and lies? That lesson was always magnified if it was not learned properly by soap and a belt, so its something i’m very familiar with.

They trust that children can take the stand in a court of law and tell the truth and they also have to prove they know the difference?? Why can’t grown adults not tell the truth?

This is a spin-off of my last post about taking what you ask for! 

I get irked every time I see a sub/bottom/spankee/slave, etc trying to figure out how to avoid admitting what they did. How can someone expect their spanker to see everything they do? Jon and I live together but we both go out individually to run errands, he works full time outside of the home, I tend to go to bed at weird hours, What I am getting at is even though we live under the same roof I probably only know exactly what he is and isn’t doing 2-3 hours a day. 

Somethings are easy to tell, for example i’m looking at several dishes I asked Jon to put up this morning……..That will be a post for another day. 

If you have done something and you know its either wrong, or your spanker will not accept that behavior then its your job to “tattle” on yourself. Yes in those same classes in preschool we learned how tattling is bad, but tattling on yourself is more honorable then sitting there hiding secrets. 

You want to get better at your actions? You want to be held accountable? You want to progress? You want to be trusted? Then time to admit to it. 

Most humans are really crappy liars so a good part of the time you might think your getting away with it but instead your spanker knows and is waiting for you to step forward. Most spankers want to see their spankee grow and move forward and in order to do that a spankee must be able to stand tall and admit what they did and be willing to accept what happens after that. 

I have had many naughty girls and boys in front of me and we have been going over their actions and I can tell when i’m not getting the truth, or i’m only getting half truths. Most spankees show it in their body language and face. So quit playing the games and just allow us to do what you requested in the first place. HELP YOU

Yes telling the truth means you will probably be in trouble of some sort! But what does lying get you? I have seen many many many spanking relationships end on the back of lying. You can’t be in an adult consensual relationship if you can not tell the truth. Its the most childish thing you can do. I rather a grown man throw a tantrum like he is 3 years old then lie to me. Then I can still see him as an adult, a naughty adult, but lying shows me who the children really are. 

I know some will read this and give me a hard time because I have had to deal with Jon lying, and all I can say to that is just like anyone else people make mistakes and its all about fixing them and moving forward. Underneath this “spanking relationship” we have a marriage and family to consider. Its not just some fly by night spanker/spankee situation. 

So I ask everyone to really consider what they are doing in their own relationships. What secrets are you hiding? What have you don’t that the guilt is eating you up inside? Its time to sit down and come clean. It truly will make you a stronger person because of it. 

Lets all stop the games and lying to save our own butts…if you were so concerned with the stability and safety of your bottom then why are you in this lifestyle? Seriously, a butt can take just about anything. The pain is temporary, while the betrayal and pain you cause with lying is forever!

Just think on that for a minute! 

Happy Spankings my Spanko Friends!!


Miss Welts

Take What You Ask For!!

Hey Spanko People!!! Miss Welts here!!!

So I have been just puzzled by something the last few days and thought I would share my opinion. I know a lot of people that contact me to have a spanking relationship with Jon and/or I look at the blog first so maybe it will help them wake up some.

You’re a consenting adult? You want to be spanked? You want to be held accountable? You fantasized about this? You need this?

Then why don’t you man/woman up and take what you ask for? Why must you fight and brat every step of the way?

Let’s start with this. Most know that I am into this lifestyle for the pure disciplinary aspect. I am not into the fetish and sexual side of things. While with the right people I will make their personal fantasies play out, it’s not something that is my main focus.

I was born and raised being spanked from literally like age 2?? I grew up with the feeling that if you do the crime then guess what, take what you earned and take it as an adult. Even as a kindergartener being spanked in school with a huge paddle, I knew what that meant. It meant bending over and taking the 5 swats I had coming and not fighting, complaining, etc. This ethic has run my life ever since. I have been in consensual spanking relationships since I was 15 and I have never once refused said no about being punished in any form. I am not saying that I didn’t cry, or hate the whole experience. But I knew what I was asking for by misbehaving.

In the consensual relationships, this theory is even more important. You want to be punished. You find a spanker and you discuss everything, and I mean everything! More than you would ever tell anyone else, we know each other’s secrets and desires, know what makes each other tick, it’s a great relationship if taken care of properly. After you invested all this time building the trust and the relationship why would you send mixed signals? Why would you do anything to mess it up?

What I am talking about is simple. I had some people contact me over the years and including within the last few days, they tell me what they want and what they want to work on. We discuss details and so forth. Then I try to help evaluate the situation in order to put in proper guidelines so that the bad actions can be preventable. What do some do? They try to justify their actions? Why would you contact someone needing discipline if you believe you are right in what you do? Obviously, something isn’t working so why justify it?

Another pet-peeve I have is why try to get out of punishments? I am constantly seeing people try to figure out what they can in order to make the spanker either not realize they did something wrong, or bribe or trick them into letting the situation go. You will never learn anything besides how to be a manipulative brat. That just destroys any work your spanker is trying to put into helping you. It’s a vicious cycle and a lot of people get hurt.

Then there are the moments when a spanker gets ready to carry out a punishment and the spankee wants to “top from the bottom.” If you have gone through the process slowly and prepared everything then the spanker is well prepared to handle the situation. All your limits have been considered. I am not saying if your limits are being violated not to speak up and stop it. I am talking about the ones that just want to try till that last second to change the situation. You agreed to accept punishments so its time to accept them.

It is something that I even have to deal with when punishing Jon so I know it’s a hard habit to break. Just spend time trying to figure out what exactly you want. Do everyone a favor and only go into a situation your ready to accept.

I understand that punishments suck, they hurt, they aren’t fun. But they are not supposed to be. You wanted to learn, grow, improve. So allow those around you to help. There are way too many people who are looking for actual help but those that want to help are too occupied with those that are not serious enough and its causing good people to go without. No one likes their time wasted.

Take your time before entering any situation and make sure its what you want and you both are well aware of what is to be expected from the other. Yes, a spankee can have expectations from a spanker. If a spanker can’t live with those expectations or limitations then its time to find someone who will. Its a complete relationship of giving and take. So start taking what you deserve!!

Everyone Starts Somewhere!

Hey Spankos!!!! Miss Welts here!!

Having a crappy night full of pain and inability to sleep. I was reading Jon’s post about starting out and it inspired me to add some of my own information.

I get asked all the time, “How did you get started?” I don’t know if I ever got started per say, I never really had to. Unlike Jon I was spanked from the age of at least 2 until I was a pre-teen. There isnt many people in my life that did not get the chance to spank me growing up. Babysitters, parents, grandparents, teachers, principals, and troop leaders….im sure I have left others out. Spanked for missing a shot in the big basketball game? Yes I had that type of coach. It was just how it was in my childhood. I can’t and quite frankly do not try and explain it.

Given that I was always disciplined for even the smallest transgression I could not go long without it. It seems after spanking wore off and my parents then found themselves without a plan and just turned off and decided to never punish me again. No grounding or the sort. Actually, I take that back they did ground me one day….my sister ran away and I was the one grounded….yeah.

****My PSA, if you are under the age of 18 Please for one exit this site, and two never follow what I did.****

When I was 15 I was tired of getting away with everything and started to search out on my own. I guess its where you can say I finally realized I was a spanko. Though let me tell you its hard not to realize it when your bent over your hot male babysitter’s lap and he is busting your butt because you did something on purpose just to get spanked. We aren’t here to discuss that now!! I did some research and learned that my best friend was a spanko.  I wound up dating several guys who either were spankos or I at least got them to go along for the ride.

Eventually I started venturing out and spanking others and met a lot of people that way.

Here are a few things I have learned along the way, hope they help!

1. Everyone was new at some point. Ask questions, don’t be afraid of the “pros” or those that seem to have all the experience. We all received and given our first spankings before. It takes years to build the strength to handle a tough session. It also is equally as hard to give a proper spanking.

2. Don’t be afraid to suck!!! Okay so that first spanking you cried with the first hand spank? Thats fine!! You couldn’t swing the paddle hard enough? Okay! There is always next time. Don’t let your fears of not being good and not being able to handle it stop you from experiencing this side of your life.

3. Say No!! You can say no, it does not matter if your the spanker or spankee. If you do not like how the spanking is going say so. Many times as a spanker I have refused to continue on because I did not believe where it was going was beneficial to the spankee.

4. Speak UP!!!! Do not leave a comment unsaid. It might take the fun out of that first spanking but if you want it to happen tell the spanker BEFORE your session. Your likely to forget in the excitement of the moment and you do not want to miss out on valuable chances. Also knowing exactly what will happen can put the spanker and spankee both at ease going into the session.

5. Make some noise!!! I hate hearing people talk about how they are so afraid to spank because of noise in hotels and so forth. Don’t be!! Your a consenting adult and have every right to do what you please in the room you pay for!! Now im not saying make people think your being murdered! Worst thing that will happen is a cop will show up and you both have to admit your doing a consensual spanking and all is well!! I have personal experience with this and its kinda embarrassing but funny!

6. Don’t take it all off!! Are you not comfortable with nudity or would feel comfortable with your panties on? There is nothing wrong with that!! I will say its easier to judge how the spanking is going based on actually seeing skin but its a personal preference. Make your feelings known ahead of time! But are you like me and a body is a body? By all means take it off and get going!!!

7. Give Feedback!! Some spankers do not like talking during the spanking and that is fine. But if it does not hurt enough say something, if you don’t like a position, be heard. At the end of the spanking or sometime later tell the spanker what you thought. What worked, what didn’t. It will only benefit you in the long run to be able to only use what works for you.

8. Breathe!! This is something Jon forgets quite frequently. Breathe!! I know its stressful, it hurts, it gets hot. But you have to breathe. If you tense up and forget to breathe it hurts far greater than it should. Take a moment and breathe. If it is going too fast ask for it to slow down. Stay as calm as possible to take in every moment of the experience!!

9. Don’t worry about others!!! Afraid someone will know? Afraid someone will out you? Don’t be. Most of my highschool knew what I was doing and guess what? It didn’t change a thing in my life. If someone finds you on these online boards then they would have to explain why they themselves were on the site!! What you do as consenting adults is perfectly fine and legal. Don’t let anyone make you afraid to be yourself!!

10. HAVE FUN!!!! You only get each spanking once. Enjoy it, or loathe it, or fear it. But just be in the moment and take it for what it is. Punishment or fun, learn from it and take the time to actually soak it in!

Anywho, Thats enough rambling tonight!!! Sleep Well Spankos!!


Celebrities: Who’d You Rather—Miss Welts Edition!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Jon posted a blog last week talking about celebrities he would want to spank and be spanked by. Thought it would be fun to give a female’s perspective!!

Now for who I want to spank me the list is so long. Have you seen some of the men, and even women,  in these movies? I mean I could go all day. As I mature my tastes do as well and I have some rather interesting reasoning for these choices!!

Lets start with who I wouldn’t mind to put me over their lap…and a few other places.

Tom Hardy

As if this one even needs a reply. I am just in love with Tom Hardy as an actor but even more as a man. It’s amazing to see how grounded he is and how much he does to help others.

images (4)

Just look at those eyes!!! I am an emotional person when it comes to spanking, you don’t get through to me with pain you get through to me with raw emotion. Pain does not hurt me. I can only imagine how hard it would be to look into those eyes before being punished…yeah it would not take long to get me feeling really sorry.

images (5)

He did mention in an article recently how he is always afraid to lose his job in acting! Don’t worry sweetie I have a job for you right here forever and ever…..Okay I know behave……would I be writing a spanking blog if I knew how to behave?

images (2)

Now don’t get me wrong I do love my pain..But seeing his as Bane????? Yes I will take my spanking after he tones down that body some!! I fall asleep to this movie most nights and have watched it so many times I can recite it to myself to fall asleep. And Yes I get to dream about Tom Hardy…even if he is trying to kill me…he is damn sexy while doing it.


Now my next gentleman would have to be People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2012

Channing Tatum

images (6)Any questions???

download (1)Did that answer them???

Similar to Tom Hardy, I love Channing Tatum for his work outside of the cameras. There is something about seeing a man holding his newborn baby in an Ergo carrier in the airport that just makes me swoon.

I don’t think I would have a problem getting him to go along with it. I mean have you seen Magic Mike??

download (2)He strikes me as a freak in the bedroom..and he does have all the moves anyone could ever want!!!

Now this last one might seem a little weird but its Mr. Brady!!


One thing I always need is accountability and there are times when I prefer to be a child then an adult…I hate being responsible. There is something about his character that I always wanted to be spanked by him even as young as I was watching this. He stayed so calm and reassuring at all times no matter what his kids did. Come on he has six kids…surely he could handle me…for a day or two.

Now enough with my crazy kinks lets move on to those I want to spank.

Like Jon hit on with Miley Cyrus, I would agree with him, except she is experimental and he would be giving her exactly what she wanted. And we must not have that kind of satisfaction.

He touched on something but wouldn’t venture into it so I shall…..allow me to pull out my soap box for a minute.

Needs a spanking, enough said.

Now I know what you think, easy choice. Yes this guy is a punk who drives recklessly, does drugs, is lazy and a horrible influence. I even brought our niece a singing doll and now I cuss myself for that. What happened to the boy bands we had back in the 90s??? I still keep the love alive in my car every time im driving (no judgements)

My issue with this kid (yes he is a kid), is his abuse of animals. There is nothing I despise more than bringing harm to animals, children, or elderly. Lets start with him just taking his hamster, whom was in too small of a cage to begin with, and giving it to a random kid outside of a concert. Then he took a monkey to Germany without paperwork leading that poor infant monkey to be stuck in quarantine for weeks and completely abandoned him. There is word he gave it to a zoo….we won’t go there. As someone who has exotics and a lot of animals I would love to just take a belt to his ass.

I could go on all day about all the celebrities I would love to teach a lesson to but you get my point!!!

Thanks for catching up with me! Look for a more in-depth view of me (Miss Welts) in the coming days.

GoodBye for Now!!!!!






Spanked Butt Of The Week: Miss Welts!

Ok, so I’m sure some of you were expecting to see the results of my 7-day mouthsoaping project. Don’t worry, it will still happen, however I realized it’s going to take a little more work and organization than I originally realized. Therefore, I pushed back the project to next week, so stay tuned!

Right now however, I thought you would all enjoy looking at a cute spanked butt! Well this week you have Miss Welts to thank for providing her cute reddened buns! Again Miss was having trouble sleeping and lately one of the ways to cure her sleeplessness is a good, hard spanking! What is unfortunate is how you really can’t tell just how hard she was spanked…her butt is hot! One of the frustrating things about spanking Miss Welts is she will take the hardest spanking you can dish out, and you will barely get a reaction (or a red bottom) out of her! Sheesh, what’s a guy gotta do to spank an iron butt like this? I guess I can be in a worse predicament. :)

Miss Welts Gets Another Spanking To Help Her Sleep!

Miss Welts Gets Another Spanking To Help Her Sleep!

Red Butt of the Week 10/14/2013

Hey gang, thought I would do something different for this week’s pic of the week. Instead of just finding a random picture on the net, I thought I would use one of our own pictures that we’ve been taking lately!

This week, Miss Welts took 75 hard swats with a bathbrush for having a very crappy attitude towards me and herself. Now usually Miss Welts is the one who is blistering bare butts. However, as you can see in our household, no one is above the law! :)

Miss Welts spanked for having a crappy attitude! 10/13/2013

Miss Welts spanked for having a crappy attitude! 10/13/2013