Happy New Year!

Hi there fellows spankos!

Thought I’d drop in and say hi and wish you all happy New Year. It’s been a crazy year for us, there’s been a ton of changes happening in the last 6 months, but hopefully 2016 will start off on the right foot!
For those of you who don’t know and don’t follow me on twitter, last July I got out of the army after 7 years of service and after several months of searching I decided to become a truck driver! I earned my CDL and was hired by a company about a month ago now. Since then I’ve been traveling around the country seeing all the great sites
that this great country has to offer!
I love being able to see all the great natural beauty this country has to offer, and that I swore to defend while I was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, it kind of makes everything all worth it.

Unfortunately, with everything going on and me being gone on the road all the time, that’s left a significant drop in spanking activity between the missus and myself. Coming home in early January I hope to rectify that situation and finally get the spanking ball back rolling down the court! In the meantime, I’ll try to update more regularly as I’ll have a lot of alone time in the truck when I’m not driving, and I hope to post some pictures of not only this beautiful country, but of beautiful spanking action is well!

So thanks for stopping in and saying hi, I’m sure you’re all getting tired of me just posting updates of where I’ve been and promising to update more often, then not showing up for several months. However, I promise that I’ll start updating more regularly and actually getting some actual content up and going.

Until then, I leave you with some pictures of some of the more beautiful places I’ve seen in the last month or so, hope you guys have a great New Year and I look forward to perhaps meeting some of you all in 2016!


Desolate and beautiful Wyoming


New York City Skyline!


The Texas Panhandle


The Rockies on the Utah/Colorado border.