How to Initiate Conversations

Hey Spankos!

One thing I have found interesting in the spanking community, specifically on boards, is how people initiate conversations. I get a ton of messages from others and I love receiving them. There is nothing I enjoy more then getting to know others in the community. I want to start out by saying this is in no way trying and stop those from sending me a message! I just want to go over some things I have experienced, and hopefully this will help you be a little more successful in reaching out to others!

A lot of this is more specific to approaching a woman but there are things to keep in mind with men too! I am not saying this pertains to everyone, this is just things that I have seen myself and my personal feelings! I am sure some share it and some don’t!

  1. Do not start off with showing your penis! More and more are only into spanking for what it is…spanking. They do not want sex and quiet frankly do not care how big your junk is. With me personally, I think a penis as well as a vagina, are just nasty and weird. And honestly…..they all look the same.
  2. Do not be overly confident. I automatically ignore anyone who just comes right out and boasts about their “successes.” I don’t care how much you have done and to who, I care about what happens between us, rather it be friendship or spanking relationship!
  3. Have confidence. Yes I know just said not to be too confident, but you need to be confident when you approach someone. There is a huge difference. You want to be confident in who you are and what your looking for!
  4. Don’t lie…..Just DON’T!!!
  5. Don’t jump straight to the action. I will delete your message if it only contains what you want to do to me. Introduce yourself. What is your name, what do you enjoy, where are you, what are some hobbies? Anything is better then….”come on over I want to beat your ass.” Okay fine but I get my turn next and guess what….only one of us will be hurting!
  6. Read the profile. Are they monogamous? A Switch? A Top? Do a little research before you reach out. It will save a lot of embarrassment and time!
  7. Don’t be desperate. I understand when your looking for something and you really want or need it. But do not just jump in begging someone, or saying you really need something. We all understand that need. But you want to get to know someone. You do not want to be taken advantage of. Also I want to know that you give a damn who I am and not just looking for your good time. I want to make sure that you care as much as I do!
  8. Show respect! If their profile asks you to contact their Daddy, Top, Master, Mommy, etc. before contacting them. Then take the time and do that. Show that you care to get to know the person!
  9. Just because you get a reply does not mean your friends or in a relationship! It just means that the door is open for communication! Jumping too fast to conclusions will get that door slammed so fast in your face!
  10. Ask questions! You want to know something? Ask! Makes me feel like you care enough to know what I do, think, etc. Not just how I can benefit you!

I am sure I could go all day but I hope some of these tips help you out in your quest! As I said I am always up for conversation and will help in any way I can so please feel free to look me up on fetlife under MrsWelts (I got a new account). Or email me at!

I am always willing to help, just remember….no pee pee pictures! :)

Till Later!


Mrs Welts

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