Looking Forward To A New Year!

Greetings friends, hope you are all enjoying this post-christmas, pre-new years time. I have to say, it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Christmas is now finally over after the big buildup. All of the cool presents are still new and exciting, being played with, getting placed into our daily lives. Then here comes the new year soon, with it’s awesome and amazing potential. Definitely one of my favorite holidays! The chance to start fresh, clean, and right…ok, so maybe that’s not entirely true, as most of that won’t come to fruition. However, I think it’s nice to know things can start over with a new beginning, whenever, and more importantly, however we want.

New Year plans? Goals? Objectives? Sure, we all got them. I know I have mine for this coming year. I try not to think of something traditional like joining a gym (we all know thats only going to last 3 weeks anyways!), or taking up a useless hobby that I know won’t really go anywhere. I try to come up with something I know I can constantly work on the entire year, then by the end of it I can see how much progress we made. I’m sure you may think “is there any progress?”, but it’s actually amazing when we think back just a year and realize how much we can grow!

Ok, I’ll admit, I didn’t really know where this post was going when I sat down to write it. I guess I just felt like talking…er typing, and sharing some feelings that I have on this time of year. After losing both of my parents, Christmas definitely isn’t what it used to be, but I will admit, this year was better than I thought it was going to be. This though, is really my favorite time of year! 2014, here we come!

Oh and almost forgot. What’s a good spanking blog without a little bit of spanking content? I’ll leave you guys with another fun pic I found while browsing through the net. Think of it as a “thank you” for staying and listening to me ramble! This will also give you a taste of whats to come on my next post, enjoy!

On the next episode of "A Spanko World' Celebrities and Spanking! (Elvis Presley from Blue Hawaii)

On the next episode of “A Spanko World’ Celebrities and Spanking! (Elvis Presley from Blue Hawaii)


Happy Holidays from A Spanko World!

Santa is going to be busy this year! Happy Spankings and Happy Holidays from my house to yours! (photo credit unknown)

Santa is going to be busy this year! Happy Spankings and Happy Holidays from my house to yours! (photo credit unknown)

From us here at A Spanko World we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We thank you all for your support and kind comments and look forward to bringing you more great spanking action in 2014!

Things to look forward to next year include getting to know more about us (Mr. and Mrs. Welts), more spanking short stories, more spanko-related projects (I haven’t forgot about the mouth-soaping project!), and more awesome spanking content for you to enjoy!

Hope you enjoy this fun Christmas-themed picture I found on the interweb. I think Santa definitely has some work to do taking care of these women on the naughty list before delivering presents tonight! :-)