Happy Halloween Spankos!

Howdy folks, Jon here. Just got off of a 24 hour guard shift and unfortunately I’m wired (maybe too much caffeine)!

Anyways, I just wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a Happy Halloween from ‘A Spanko World’ and hope that everyone stays safe tonight and this weekend. Wouldn’t want the spanking ghost to come after you! :)

Happy Halloween! (photo credit: unknown)

Happy Halloween! (photo credit: unknown)

We’re just about a month away from our 1st hosted spanking party in Austin, Texas! We’ve had a ton of great responses from the local community here in Central Texas and can’t wait to meet all of you there!

Have a spanktastic day everyone!


Day 3 What Trouble Can I Find?

Hey Spankos!

So it is Day 3 of Jon being gone and I must say, I am starting to realize he isn’t here! I know that sounds horrible but after deployments, I don’t realize he is gone when its a few days as it could be worse. But its just too quiet. Yes we have all these animals and my house is too quiet!

What kind of trouble can I find? I am actually…gasp…working!!! I know I have everything in front of me to do as I please and I choose to work???? What is wrong with me!!

I am actually working on an expansion for one of my businesses so my mind is really wrapped in that at the moment. I can’t really think of anything else, including the actual blog post I wanted to do for today!

I was up all night working and through this morning, didn’t go to bed till sometime earlier today and woke up at like 5PM! Really??? Now that just screws me up for the next few days!!

Why can’t I find some trouble to get into? Where is the brat part of me when I need it???

Who has an idea? Give me some bratty advice…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding! I will be up to my eye balls in crayons again tonight and then tomorrow I promise a real blog post. I will be posting about the first spanking I ever got in this lifestyle…at 15!!


Have a nice night Spankos!!

Miss Welts

What Are Some Warning Signs?

Hey Spankos!!

I finally got some sleep so I wanted to take a moment and add to the post I did yesterday. I get asked all the time about red flags and warning signs, so I believe there is never too much discussion about this topic.

Red Flag

#1 If you are asked for more then your first name at any time.
#2 If you are pressured into giving your “real” name when you go by a screen name instead.
#3 You are asked to send pictures. You never have to exchange pictures, especially not at the start of a relationship, so anyone rushing you to send pictures…RUN
#4 You are asked to Skype. If you do not know someone and they automatically want to Skype or other video chats, approach this carefully. It is not required.
#5 They ask for phone numbers. You can easily be tracked by your phone. NEVER give it out until your comfortable with someone. Always be cautious!
#6 NEVER give out your address unless it is to someone you know.
#7 Safewords–if they won’t let you use one……RUN!
#8 They believe that after a spanking you should pleasure them sexually……..only if you are interested in this aspect. It is not required. A spanking hand is not connected to a penis, you don’t have to blow up the spanking hand!
#9 Someone tries to separate you from your friends, family or BDSM community.
#10 Someone will avoid talking about personal details and/or get mad when you ask or quickly end the conversation or answering questions with questions.
#11 Have no references or friends you can talk to. Yes we all start somewhere, but everyone usually has someone they know!
#12 If someone gets angry when you ask for references or ask around about them.
#13 If they always find excuses for not meeting real time.
#14 Does not respect your limits, negotiations or contracts.Or does not even allow you to have limits!
#15 Swear undying love before even meeting you.
#16 Uses their D/s or other authority and says that their authority should not be questioned.
#17 If they happen to lose control of their emotions in arguments and regress to yelling, name-calling and blame.
#18 If they tell you that you will ruin your reputation if you leave them.
#19 If they will not discuss what your possible future relationship could be like.
#20 if they do not respect your feelings, rights, or opinions.
#21 Threaten suicide or other forms of self-harm, if you leave them! You can not be held responsible for what someone does and never should be guilted into a relationship!
#22 If they want control of your money or finances and you are not living together.
#23 If they ONLY interact with you in a kinky or sexual manner as if role- playing. Will not have normal everyday vanilla conversations.
#24 Have multiple online identities for interacting within the same communities
#25 Expect complete submission from a stranger. Have you gotten messages expecting you to just automatically trust and submit? RUN!!!!
#26 Get upset with you about wanting to make a safe call on a first meeting. Someone ALWAYS needs to know where you are!


These are some of the top ones. I am going to share a couple experience stories I have gone through, hopefully that will help as a warning to others!

What would you add?


Mrs. Welts

Warning Signs in the Kink World

Hey Spankos! Jon is in the field training all week and I am home…alone…up to do whatever I please!!

I have been asking many times what are things you should look out for when getting involved with people in the “lifestyle.” Now this is just from my own experience, I would love to hear anything you would like to add and as always play safe and trust YOUR gut!

1. Jealousy! Now we all get jealous from time to time, it is human nature. Have you ever been talking to someone and all they are concerned with is that Dom A has X amount of subs and Dom B has this amount, and so forth? Jealousy! Beware in situations like this because you could be just another number to this person. If you are wanting a meaningful relationship in any form then you want to know that you are the focus, not how can this person compete with the others they see. Everyone goes about this lifestyle differently, people get more “play” then others. It is life! But if the person is more concerned with what everyone else is doing then they just want to “keep up.” Being a Dom, Domme, Mentor, etc should be about helping the specific individual in front of you reach whatever potential they are going for! Not a dick measuring contest!

2. Big Mouths! Have you ever been talking to someone and they give you details about specific people that are not well known information? For example, your talking to someone and mention a screen name and they are like, “oh yes, that is Mary Jones, from North Butt, Iowa!” Well that is usually not well known information. That information is usually only shared between a seller and buyer, a spanker and a spankee, or someone who is trusted by that individual in some form. Think of it this way, if this person is so outgoing with information about one person, how do you know they won’t do the same with your information? That should be a huge red flag!

3. Obsession! Now while it is great to have someone think your butt is sexy, or want to spank you, or whatever. When they get on that line of obsessive about it then you should really be careful. If someone can not carry on a conversation with you, and all that is mentioned is how much they want to spank you, guess what……they don’t care about you and just want something to get their rocks off!!

4. Sex! or Not! I am one that I can not and do not find spanking sexual. Have you ever been approached by someone who claims they do it to “help” people and don’t find it sexual? Well have you also in having conversations with that person realized they have a lot of “fantasies,” or a lot of things they want to “try?” Well in some situations people will lie about their motives, big shock I know, in order to earn your trust! They will then turn around and in the end get their rocks off at your expense. Now don’t give into all this talk about being too old, guess what? Most aren’t too old! Just a way to try and earn your trust! Yes you don’t have much control over that area of your body, but you have all the control over the lies that come out of your mouth!

5. Where there’s smoke? Now there are a lot of lies in the community. A session might not go as someone likes and they bash the spanker or spankee all over the place, to their friends, etc. Rumors start and well its a mess and good people’s names are ruined. But also keep in mind that there could be truth to what is being sad. If you have heard anything negative about the person approach cautiously. Make sure you iron out any questions you have! Don’t discount someone on the word of one person, but also remember where there is smoke there could be a fire!

I am sure there is a lot more signs, I am just sleep deprived, hungry, and sick! What are things that you would warn people about?

Have a great evening full of loving spanks!

Mrs Welts!

New Texas Spanking Party!!!!

Hello Delicious Spankos!! Mrs here again and do I have a treat for you!!

We have a new spanking party joining us here in Texas Ya’ll!

The party is in Houston and being put together by AAASpanking Productions, Spanking 101, and the lovely Sarah Gregory!

You know that it is on our calendars over here at the Welt’s household!

The event is May 28 2015- May 31 2015



Now for all the details you can check out their website at http://lonestarspankingparty.com/
Join their Fetlife group https://fetlife.com/groups/102549
Join the Fetlife event page https://fetlife.com/events/269762


Make sure you register and pay your fees before January 1st!

Goodnight my spanko people!

Mrs Welts


Beware Spankos! Be careful Who You Do Business With!

Hello Spankos!

Mrs Welts here!

Now I regret to have to make this post and was hoping not to but I feel we owe it to our readers to warn them.

As you have seen in previous posts we have posted paddles we brought from an individual. Please proceed with caution if you decide to do business with him.

After a disagreement with him over some products and payment, he has, in a public forum, threatened to out Jon and I to everyone from our landlords, to destroying my business I work so hard in!! Be careful who you do business with because you are sharing information that they can use to try and destroy you. Such as your name and address!

I can not discuss anything else about this for legal reasons. There are two sides to every story! I just wanted to pass out this little information.

These threats were posted in a public forum! Way to drum up business hey?

So take a lesson from us and be careful who you work with!! No one entrusted with your information and these types of details of your life should EVER put their character into question as has been done in this situation!

Keep Spankable!

Mrs Welts!

Vintage Spanking Picture Of The Week! 10/17/2014

Hey spanko friends!

It’s been awhile and thought I would share with you another great vintage picture that was one of the first I saw while surfing the web while trying to figure this lifestyle of ours out. I just love the impact of this shot, the look on the girl’s face, and just the overall “old-school” ambiance. Hope you all like it too!

Wish I knew where this pic came from, always a favorite of mine!

Wish I knew where this pic came from, always a favorite of mine!


Hey spanko friends! Just wanted to take a quick second and say Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife and partner-in-crime Kim! Without her love and support throughout the last 7 (yes, 7!) years I would not be the person that I am today. We have been through some tough times, amazing times, and everything in between and every step of the way she has been there for me.

I have to say, there are not many people on this earth like her. I’ve never met someone who has such a huge heart and puts so much passion and soul into everything she does.  She really is inspirational!

With everything she deals with, her home business, her medical problems, keeping me out of trouble, she still manages to go through life with a smile on her face and with a ton of optimism.

I could go on and on about how loving she is and how passionate she is, but there just isn’t enough words to describe how amazing of a person she truly is!

Happy Anniversary to my best friend and partner for life!

For my lovely wife! Happy Anniversary!

For my lovely wife! Happy Anniversary!