Hey friends, Jon here.

Between Miss Welts getting bad news from home about a family illness, and being really sick myself this week, we’re going to take several days off from blogging, chat rooms, and other social media. Basically, it’ll be difficult for anyone to reach us for several days.

Now I promise this isn’t going to be like before where I stay away from this blog for months at a time. We have a lot of projects currently in progress (yes, including the mouth-soaping project!), and one in particular I’m really excited about…another interview!

So stay tuned my spanko friends, we’re not going away for long, we just need a few days to rest and recuperate!

Yes!!! We are Going!!

Well its time announce something fun!! We will be attending the Texas All-State Spanking Party!!!

Honestly, I haven’t even told Jon that we can go yet!!! He is at work so I figured I would see how long it took him to realize it!!

If you aren’t familiar with the TASSP check out their website!

Banner from the TASSP website.

Banner from the TASSP website.

This is something we have not done before. We have both gone to smaller events separately, but have never gone to anything together and have never gone to this level of a party. Jon actually does not know because he thinks I wont go!!! This is the last party that we will still be in Texas and since I do not know what next year will hold for us, better get to it already before we can’t again!!!!

Are you going to be there? We are looking forward to meeting a lot of the wonderful people who we have had the chance to meet through the various spanking sites!!

Hope to see you there!!

Miss Welts

Keeping and Respecting Lives Outside of the Kink!

I have been thinking about what I wanted to make my post about this week and after some interesting questions I have gotten this week I wanted to discuss boundaries. Jon and I put a section of our life out for the world to see. Always remember the things you know about someone is only what they want you to know. Do not expect to know the whole situation. We post pictures and information about specific punishments, but that is only a fraction of the punishments that go on around here. We also do not give all the details on what was done to earn the punishment.

Punishments are just that, they are not for pleasure. While we do enjoy photo sharing we do not like sharing intimate details of every aspect of our life.

What I mean by all of this is our “vanilla” life. Jon has already said he has a job in the Military. I say I work from home. What I do as my job I can not really say too much. I work in a field where I have a lot of customers and if the two lives combined it would make for a complex situation.

One part that I will go into is that I am opening a fetish line of products soon. We are looking for testers of some of the products, but more on that another day. The rest of what I do is personal to me.

This is not just a problem I have faced. I see people all the time being outed to others who say what their name really is, where they live, what they do for a job. While I know this information about a lot of my spanko friends and they know mine you must keep it private.

While I don’t always agree some do this outside of the bounds of their relationships and marriages. As adults we have the right to make decisions and lead the life we want. But this is a private sensative subject and should be treated as such.

Here are a few rules I like to follow and ask the people whom I spank to follow. This pertains to both the spanker and spankee

1. Don’t give out anyone’s real name without their approval. That could be as simple as their first name. Never give it out, only call them by their nickname or screen name.

2. Don’t tell anyone where the other person lives. There are many freaks out there and you don’t want anything happening to the other person. Some will say their state or general location, never give out addresses, specific cities or other details.

3. Don’t tell anyone what job the individuals hold. While we would like to think that adults can do as they please, well thats not the case. Some are in jobs that could be destroyed if the information is leaked. I have seen instances where a spankee gets mad that a spanker can’t meet with her and sent pictures and letters to the Spanker’s office.

4. Why you get punished is your story to tell. The Spanker should never say why the spankee was being punished. Punishments are personal and some hold deep emotional baggage with them. No one wants to have their secrets displayed for everyone to see. If the spankee agrees then that information can be shared.

5. If you do not have contact with the spankee and want to write a story or post about a specific spanking, change the names. Never give out their username, former names, etc.

6. Don’t give out information until you know someone. It is very easy to trace emails, phone numbers and more. Do NOT ever share any personal information until you are fully comfortable with the individuals involved.

7. Try and keep as many family details private as possible. Admit to what you need to but never share too much. Your spouse, kids, siblings and parents would appreciate the crazies not being able to contact them.

Just always keep in mind that we are humans too, we have lives outside the kink (well most of us do.) and we do not want to combine those.  And always play safe everytime and every way!!!


Miss Welts

Check Out Our Other Lives!!!

There has been some interest in another form of our lifestyle lately and I am excited to finally get to show you!!

Check out our other blog as we go into our lifestyle more including Age Play, Diaper Play, etc!!!!

Since this is a sensitive subject to some we decided to give it a different blog to keep it and the regular spankings apart!

If your interested check it out! Lots of fun things coming soon!

On an update note, check back starting Wednesday as we will be doing our soap project! I know everyone is excited to see what we have learned. There is another secret! We will be doing product reviews starting at the end of January, you will get to see products we use, what we think, and the effects they cause both Jon and I!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!

Miss Welts

Everyone Starts Somewhere!

Hey Spankos!!!! Miss Welts here!!

Having a crappy night full of pain and inability to sleep. I was reading Jon’s post about starting out and it inspired me to add some of my own information.

I get asked all the time, “How did you get started?” I don’t know if I ever got started per say, I never really had to. Unlike Jon I was spanked from the age of at least 2 until I was a pre-teen. There isnt many people in my life that did not get the chance to spank me growing up. Babysitters, parents, grandparents, teachers, principals, and troop leaders….im sure I have left others out. Spanked for missing a shot in the big basketball game? Yes I had that type of coach. It was just how it was in my childhood. I can’t and quite frankly do not try and explain it.

Given that I was always disciplined for even the smallest transgression I could not go long without it. It seems after spanking wore off and my parents then found themselves without a plan and just turned off and decided to never punish me again. No grounding or the sort. Actually, I take that back they did ground me one day….my sister ran away and I was the one grounded….yeah.

****My PSA, if you are under the age of 18 Please for one exit this site, and two never follow what I did.****

When I was 15 I was tired of getting away with everything and started to search out on my own. I guess its where you can say I finally realized I was a spanko. Though let me tell you its hard not to realize it when your bent over your hot male babysitter’s lap and he is busting your butt because you did something on purpose just to get spanked. We aren’t here to discuss that now!! I did some research and learned that my best friend was a spanko.  I wound up dating several guys who either were spankos or I at least got them to go along for the ride.

Eventually I started venturing out and spanking others and met a lot of people that way.

Here are a few things I have learned along the way, hope they help!

1. Everyone was new at some point. Ask questions, don’t be afraid of the “pros” or those that seem to have all the experience. We all received and given our first spankings before. It takes years to build the strength to handle a tough session. It also is equally as hard to give a proper spanking.

2. Don’t be afraid to suck!!! Okay so that first spanking you cried with the first hand spank? Thats fine!! You couldn’t swing the paddle hard enough? Okay! There is always next time. Don’t let your fears of not being good and not being able to handle it stop you from experiencing this side of your life.

3. Say No!! You can say no, it does not matter if your the spanker or spankee. If you do not like how the spanking is going say so. Many times as a spanker I have refused to continue on because I did not believe where it was going was beneficial to the spankee.

4. Speak UP!!!! Do not leave a comment unsaid. It might take the fun out of that first spanking but if you want it to happen tell the spanker BEFORE your session. Your likely to forget in the excitement of the moment and you do not want to miss out on valuable chances. Also knowing exactly what will happen can put the spanker and spankee both at ease going into the session.

5. Make some noise!!! I hate hearing people talk about how they are so afraid to spank because of noise in hotels and so forth. Don’t be!! Your a consenting adult and have every right to do what you please in the room you pay for!! Now im not saying make people think your being murdered! Worst thing that will happen is a cop will show up and you both have to admit your doing a consensual spanking and all is well!! I have personal experience with this and its kinda embarrassing but funny!

6. Don’t take it all off!! Are you not comfortable with nudity or would feel comfortable with your panties on? There is nothing wrong with that!! I will say its easier to judge how the spanking is going based on actually seeing skin but its a personal preference. Make your feelings known ahead of time! But are you like me and a body is a body? By all means take it off and get going!!!

7. Give Feedback!! Some spankers do not like talking during the spanking and that is fine. But if it does not hurt enough say something, if you don’t like a position, be heard. At the end of the spanking or sometime later tell the spanker what you thought. What worked, what didn’t. It will only benefit you in the long run to be able to only use what works for you.

8. Breathe!! This is something Jon forgets quite frequently. Breathe!! I know its stressful, it hurts, it gets hot. But you have to breathe. If you tense up and forget to breathe it hurts far greater than it should. Take a moment and breathe. If it is going too fast ask for it to slow down. Stay as calm as possible to take in every moment of the experience!!

9. Don’t worry about others!!! Afraid someone will know? Afraid someone will out you? Don’t be. Most of my highschool knew what I was doing and guess what? It didn’t change a thing in my life. If someone finds you on these online boards then they would have to explain why they themselves were on the site!! What you do as consenting adults is perfectly fine and legal. Don’t let anyone make you afraid to be yourself!!

10. HAVE FUN!!!! You only get each spanking once. Enjoy it, or loathe it, or fear it. But just be in the moment and take it for what it is. Punishment or fun, learn from it and take the time to actually soak it in!

Anywho, Thats enough rambling tonight!!! Sleep Well Spankos!!


Spanked Butt of the Week: 01/12/14

Hey guys, hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday. I know I certainly am after enjoying three weeks off with Miss Welts, it was back to work for me last week, and boy was it exhausting! Hopefully this picture of this lovely spanked bottom from girls-boarding-school will help you enjoy your Sunday just a little more! Happy Spanking!

Christine Gets The Belt (Courtesy: Girls-Boarding School)

Christine Gets The Belt (Courtesy: Girls-Boarding School)

Celebrities: Who’d You Rather—Miss Welts Edition!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Jon posted a blog last week talking about celebrities he would want to spank and be spanked by. Thought it would be fun to give a female’s perspective!!

Now for who I want to spank me the list is so long. Have you seen some of the men, and even women,  in these movies? I mean I could go all day. As I mature my tastes do as well and I have some rather interesting reasoning for these choices!!

Lets start with who I wouldn’t mind to put me over their lap…and a few other places.

Tom Hardy

As if this one even needs a reply. I am just in love with Tom Hardy as an actor but even more as a man. It’s amazing to see how grounded he is and how much he does to help others.

images (4)

Just look at those eyes!!! I am an emotional person when it comes to spanking, you don’t get through to me with pain you get through to me with raw emotion. Pain does not hurt me. I can only imagine how hard it would be to look into those eyes before being punished…yeah it would not take long to get me feeling really sorry.

images (5)

He did mention in an article recently how he is always afraid to lose his job in acting! Don’t worry sweetie I have a job for you right here forever and ever…..Okay I know behave……would I be writing a spanking blog if I knew how to behave?

images (2)

Now don’t get me wrong I do love my pain..But seeing his as Bane????? Yes I will take my spanking after he tones down that body some!! I fall asleep to this movie most nights and have watched it so many times I can recite it to myself to fall asleep. And Yes I get to dream about Tom Hardy…even if he is trying to kill me…he is damn sexy while doing it.


Now my next gentleman would have to be People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2012

Channing Tatum

images (6)Any questions???

download (1)Did that answer them???

Similar to Tom Hardy, I love Channing Tatum for his work outside of the cameras. There is something about seeing a man holding his newborn baby in an Ergo carrier in the airport that just makes me swoon.

I don’t think I would have a problem getting him to go along with it. I mean have you seen Magic Mike??

download (2)He strikes me as a freak in the bedroom..and he does have all the moves anyone could ever want!!!

Now this last one might seem a little weird but its Mr. Brady!!


One thing I always need is accountability and there are times when I prefer to be a child then an adult…I hate being responsible. There is something about his character that I always wanted to be spanked by him even as young as I was watching this. He stayed so calm and reassuring at all times no matter what his kids did. Come on he has six kids…surely he could handle me…for a day or two.

Now enough with my crazy kinks lets move on to those I want to spank.

Like Jon hit on with Miley Cyrus, I would agree with him, except she is experimental and he would be giving her exactly what she wanted. And we must not have that kind of satisfaction.

He touched on something but wouldn’t venture into it so I shall…..allow me to pull out my soap box for a minute.

Needs a spanking, enough said.

Now I know what you think, easy choice. Yes this guy is a punk who drives recklessly, does drugs, is lazy and a horrible influence. I even brought our niece a singing doll and now I cuss myself for that. What happened to the boy bands we had back in the 90s??? I still keep the love alive in my car every time im driving (no judgements)

My issue with this kid (yes he is a kid), is his abuse of animals. There is nothing I despise more than bringing harm to animals, children, or elderly. Lets start with him just taking his hamster, whom was in too small of a cage to begin with, and giving it to a random kid outside of a concert. Then he took a monkey to Germany without paperwork leading that poor infant monkey to be stuck in quarantine for weeks and completely abandoned him. There is word he gave it to a zoo….we won’t go there. As someone who has exotics and a lot of animals I would love to just take a belt to his ass.

I could go on all day about all the celebrities I would love to teach a lesson to but you get my point!!!

Thanks for catching up with me! Look for a more in-depth view of me (Miss Welts) in the coming days.

GoodBye for Now!!!!!