Red Bottom Of The Week! 03/29/2014

Hey friends just thought I would check in and say hi. Things have been extremely busy with us over the last week or so and obviously that takes away from the stuff that we really enjoy doing most…like blogging! That being said, we know we still have to keep you happy spankos happy, so here’s an oldie but goodie of a spanking that Jon received about a year ago. Hope you all enjoy and also stay tuned for a very special interview with Alex Reynolds!

After a pretty serious belting from Mrs. Welts!

After a pretty serious belting from Mrs. Welts!

Looking for Testers!!!!

Hey Spankos!!!

Mrs Welts here!! I am excited to share my latest project with you. Some of you may have heard but we are going to be sewing and making various fetish and sexual themed items. We are excited to release these items over the next several months!!

Well I need your help! We are looking for testers for various products. You will get shipped the product and get to keep it for free. We even pay the shipping! All you have to do is let me know how the items fit and your opinion on them so I can strengthen my lines. I also would like pictures of you using some of the items if needed.

Our first testers we need are for panties!! You will receive 2-3 pairs in colors that you like in your size. You can try them out and then I would like pictures for my site. They wont include any full body shots or faces, all i will need is a back and side view of you in the panties. 

So you receive free panties, and you will also be on my list to test every new design!! We also will offer our testers a deep discount on products in our store. 

This product line is female panty designs. We also are working on a design for men as well. So we need male and female testers!!

If your interested in testing please contact me!!

Thank you

Mrs Welts, or find me on fetlife under misswelts

Mouthsoaping Picture Of The Week!

Today’s picture of the week deals with something that seems to be a fan-favorite with this blog. Mouthsoaping!

Alex Reynolds getting her mouth soaped out (Picture courtesy of

Alex Reynolds getting her mouth soaped out (Picture courtesy of

Also, this picture comes with a big announcement! Alex Reynolds (the poor girl getting her mouth washed out above), has agreed to do an interview for us here at A Spanko World! Look for that in the upcoming days! Mrs. Welts and I will have the pleasure of meeting Miss Reynolds this year at TASSP , making us even more excited about the experience!

Hope you guys enjoy your Tuesday! Happy Spankings!

Look What Else Came In The Mail Today!

So yeah I know, me and the Mrs. have been going on a little paddle buying spree lately, but I thought I would share with you a couple more very very beautiful pieces that we bought from a couple who hand makes me and sells them on ETSY. These will be featured in a upcoming review as well and we will talk more about the awesome store!! These were discontinued and we got the last ones, but the store does have amazing products!

These beautiful devils are almost an INCH thick!

Look at the beautiful wood! Yum!

Look at the beautiful wood! Yum!

"I do believe I said you were in trouble!" ;)

“I do believe I said you were in trouble!” ;)

Compared to being hit with a 2x4!

Compared to being hit with a 2×4!

The feeling of these things is not as bad as I originally thought when I first saw them…they’re extremely intimidating! However, it still hurts, and I would compare the sensation with being hit by a 2×4 or a really thick cutting board. They’re mostly going to be for show and tell, but I suppose if you’re going to be extra naughty, these things might make an appearance! :)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and good luck getting back at it on this Monday morning! As a reminder, the story competition is ongoing and will end on April 15th! I already have 2 submissions so far, we need some more to make this interesting! Get to writing folks! Mrs. Welts and I are writing our own as well, but obviously they won’t count towards the win or the prize.

Happy Spankings!

Domestic Discipline YouTube Channel!

Hey spanko friends I thought I would take a second to tell you guys about an interesting YouTube channel dedicated solely to the discussion of Domestic Discipline.


The channel is run by our very sweet friend Crystal, who lives in a real 24/7 Domestic Discipline relationship with her husband.

Her insightful vlogs give you a peek into what works for her in her DD relationship as well as bringing awareness to various DD topics to the uninitiated.

Give her channel a try! She generally tries to post at least one video a day, so be sure to subscribe to her channel and leave her some nice comments and ratings. Honestly, if I didn’t have to keep my identity a secret because of my job, I would love to do something similar. I have to say she is really brave putting these videos out for all the world to see so let’s show her support and click that like button on her videos!

As a reminder, we still have our Spanking Short Story Contest ongoing right now. Send in your story today for a chance to win a brand new London Tanner leather paddle!

A Spanko World Tumblr

Hey friends!

Did you know that A Spanko World had it’s own Tumblr page? It’s located at

On there you will find some of my favorite spanking content from around the net. (BTW, I do not own most of that content on there, as I reblog most of my posts, but I do try to give credit where it’s due!)

I’m up to over 200 followers and love to get new ones! So come on over and check it out!

-Jon Welts

Waiting For A Spanking

I don’t know about you all, but I think the worst part about a spanking (and the best thing depending on your point of view) is waiting for it to start!

You get those butterflies in your tummy, that very anxious feeling, that dread that in a few short mins your bottom is going to be lit on fire! It’s all so overwhelming. What do you do?

Waiting to be spanked can be he most terrifying thing! (Picture courtesy of

Waiting to be spanked can be he most terrifying thing! (Picture courtesy of

I know for me I have that dread that I know I will be kicking and screaming in just a few mins, but I want to happen right away so that I just get it over with. You know, like ripping off a band-aid type of thing.

As a Top, I think it’s important to instil that fear of the unknown and let your bottom get those butterflies into his or her tummy before giving them their spanking. Getting into your bottom’s head is probably one of the most important things you can do, whether in play or punishment.

Thanks for your time again guys and have a great day! Happy Spankings!

-Jon Welts

A Spanko World’s Short Story Competition!

Here’s your chance to be a part of A Spanko World history!

Presenting our first ever Spanking Short Story Competition!

The rules are simple! Between now and April 15th send us your spanking short story for a chance to win a very special prize from the Welt’s and have the bragging rights of being the winner of our first story competition! If you’re going to the Texas All-State Spanking Party this year, as an added bonus we’ll even throw in an IOU for a spanking session with either Mr. or Mrs. Welts, or even both! Is that an incentive to send in your stories? I certainly hope so! :)

There is no limit to the length of the story, but remember the topic is “short stories”. While we love to read novels, I don’t think we’ll be able to post it as a blog post. ;)

This is also open to international viewers as well. Stories just must be in English!! We will ship the prize to you wherever you are!

And what will you be winning? Well we have a special treat for you!

CP Ruler Long From London Tanners!

CP Ruler Long From London Tanners!

That’s right folks! The winner will receive a brand new CP Ruler Long leather paddle from The London Tanners straight from our house to yours!

(P.S. The London Tanners is in no way affiliated with this contest. The winner will receive a brand new leather CP long ruler straight from us!)

Every story that is submitted will be posted on A Spanko World for all to enjoy once the competition ends. Be sure to add your name/blog/website to your story so that you get your due credit. The winner will be judged by an individual third party to keep it all fair.

Never wrote a story before? Now is a great time to start! If you don’t like writing never fear!!! We will have other contests including pictures, random drawings, and choose the punishment contests coming over the next few months with more great prizes!!

Submit your stories to!

Good luck to you all and send us those awesome stories!


New Collection!

Edited: Please read this post before deciding to purchase from the following implement maker

Hi spanko friends,

Just thought I’d say hi! Yes I’m still here, I’ve been working a lot of hours at work lately…not by choice! I think that’s the bummer part about being military, doesn’t matter if you work 2 hours a week, or 100, still get paid the same. Oh well, rant over! Now let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I thought I would share with you guys what came in the mail for the Mrs. and I last week!

A beautiful collection of handmade paddles by Blue from Blue's Blades! (

A beautiful collection of handmade paddles by Blue from Blue’s Blades! (

Mrs. Welts and I have been testing them out one at a time over the last few days and I can promise you that these are some of the best quality paddles that I’ve come across in a very very long time! They have the perfect level of sting, with the thicker paddles having a great mix of sting and thud. Don’t get me wrong, they hurt like hell! But at least I don’t get that feeling that my butt is going to be permanently damaged like some other implements I’ve tried in the past. The one in the upper left that looks like a paddle without a handle, that’s a new prototype built to wear on your hand (similar to Cane-iac’s “Spanking Buddy”) We haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but once we do we will give you guys some pictures of the results and a full report!

A special thank you to Blue from Blue’s Blades (, these are truly a work of art and you can tell they were made with love!

Now, if only I can keep my butt out of trouble long enough to avoid experiencing the full effect of these things! ;)

-Jon Welts