About Us

Welcome to our little part of the world!! Hope you enjoy your stay! Here is a taste of who we are!

Ladies first, I am Mrs Welts, 29 years old, I have been spanking and been spanked in consensual relationships for 14+ years. I have had the pleasure of spanking many naughty bottoms for a variety of reasons. I am a switch, meaning I both spank and I am spanked. I have vast knowledge in this lifestyle and I am always up for sharing with others. You will occasionally see recounts of some of my adventures posted on the blog.

As far as who I am? Thats a loaded question. First and foremost I am a wife and take great pride in that. My non-kink interests are anything crafty, I love sewing, and any other craft I can get my hands on. Then there is animals. I am a passionate person and our pets are my main focus. They are everything to us. I have the pleasure to work from home which allows me to properly care of their developing needs.

Now for the Man, My name is Jon and I just left the Army, I am now touring the US as a truck driver. I’ve been interested in spanking and discipline since I was very very young, probably born with the spanking bug! I was born and raised in Sacramento, Ca, and where I also got started in the scene. Was never spanked as a child, however some of my earliest memories are of being fascinated by spanking and discipline on TV and in pop culture. Never knew what my fascination meant until I got curious on the internet and discovered I was not alone!

It wasn’t until I was 19 when I got the nerve to join a local BDSM group so I could finally fulfill my curiosities. I gave and took my first spankings during this time and met some amazing people!

Jon Welts and Mrs. Welts met 10 years ago, have been married for 8 years! We met on spanko.net.

We get questions about spanking and being spanked by others, those are considered on a case by case basis for our safety and yours as well. We are extremely busy so please do not get mad if we can not work something out! We do mentor individuals and couples, together and separately. But we are very serious about what we are doing so please do not ask if your not as well. We are always open to answering question and chatting. Please use the list below to contact us!

You can find us on Fetlife under these names-
Jon Welts, Mrs Welts

And ipunishment.com under-
JonWelts, MissWelts


Any emails can be sent to jonwelts@yahoo.com



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  2. Hi there just come across your site the other day ..very refreshing … nicely done. I am Pete, I am a 3d spanking artist. If you want me to do any artwork for you just ask ;o)


    1. Hey Pete, nice to meet you, glad you’re enjoying the site, thank you. That’s a very nice offer and I might actually take you up on it! I’ll run it by Miss Welts and see what we all can come up with. Have a good one!


  3. Hello Jon,and Miss Welts.
    I think you may recognise me from other sites .I dont have my own website yet,but seeing yours inspire’s me to create one.


  4. Great Blog! I’ve always been interested in the concept of a couple being disciplined at the same time. Does this resonate with the two of you? Your opening image brought this back to mind.


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