My First Spanko World Interview: Dana Specht

Greetings friends, today I have a real treat for you!  I’ve mentioned before my close realtionship with my pen-pal here in Afghanistan, Dana Specht.  Well, Dana was gracious enough to do an interview with me exclusively on this blog.  I was really excited at this opportunity and I hope this will be the first of many interviews from your favorite big names and players in the spanking community.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did and hopefully I can shed some light on “The Queen of Discipline” that hasn’t been shed before. 

Enjoy my friends and remember to visit Dana’s site at


Hi Miss Dana, thank you so much for allowing me to interview you for my blog.  You have been a staple in the spanking community for many years and you are by far my favorite disciplinarian.  When I was 18, you were actually the first adult site that I subscribed to becuase I thought you were just so amazing.  Thanks again and lets start with question number one… 

Q: What (in your opinion) is the secret to giving a sound spanking?

Dana: A sound spanking starts off hard and fast with plenty of scolding as to why the person is getting spanked.  It doesn’t stop until I feel the lesson has been taught and my message has been received.  Body language tells me this.

Q: What other forms of discipline do you use in a discipline scenario, role play or r/l?
 Dana: I like to use corner time, mouth soaping, ear pulling, face slapping, and various implements.  If someone is looking to make better lifestyle changes, I require a written report on their behavior once a week.

Q: What are some things that your members and fans have to look forward to in regards to upcoming content?
Dana: My member’s area is updated every Monday with a new cover girl photo, a new set of pix, a clip from one of my videos, and sometimes a story written by me or a member.

Q: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Dana: My favorite guilty pleasure has to be my glass of Chardonnay I have every night while I cook dinner.  I refer to it as my “cooking wine”.

Q: I know you love to stay in excellent shape at the gym and you have a body to die for!  What is your favorite exercise?
Dana: I don’t have a favorite exercise because I enjoy so much – yoga, dance aerobics, weight lifting, spin class, and swimming.

Q: What book is on your night stand right now?
The book I am reading now is by Sue Grafton and the title is P Is For Peril.  She writes detective stories all taking place in the Santa Barbara area so I’m familiar with a lot of the landmarks and places she writes about.

Q: New players to the spanking scene often have a hard time finding where to go for a good spanking.  What is your advice for newbies that are seeking to visit a professional disciplinarian like yourself?
Dana: My advice for a newbie wanting to approach me for a session is to send me a polite email telling me their fantasies and past experience with spankings, their location and when they’d like to schedule an appointment, age, and any health issues they m ight have.  I have no patience for anyone wasting my time so serious inquiries only, please.  Don’t ask about nudity or sex, because I’m not interested.  Act like a gentleman and you’ll be treated like one.

Q:Are you excited about going to TASSP this year with Sarah Gregory?
Dana: Very much so!  Sarah and I will be doing double sessions where she’ll be a bottom or top alongside of me.  I’m looking forward to seeing all my Texas friends and fans again.

Q: How much fun is it being Sarah Gregory’s Mommy?
Dana: Sarah and I have become very close and she’s the daughter I never had.  I enjoy teaching her things both in her vanilla life and spanking business. 

Q: You are so nice, pleasant and maternal compared to some of your spanking videos. Does the natural “Mom” in you come out when you are dealing with a naughty boy or girl?
Dana: My persona in a video comes out strict and mean but I’m really a pussycat.  When I’m dealing with a naughty boy or girl or just listening to someone tell me their troubles the natural Mom in me comes out.  I love people and trying to help them with any problems they might have.  I like to give advice and try to “fix” things for people.

Thank you so much Miss Dana for allowing me to interview you and being the first of hopefully many of my interviewees.  You are such an inspiration and a special woman and I hope we can continue being as close as we are for many years to come. 

Hope you enjoyed the interview fellow spankos, this is one of the most classiest women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and if you are searching for a professional disciplinarain to give you a true discipline experience, I reccommend no other than Dana Specht.  You can find her and book a session with her at Thanks again to Dana for the interview and thanks again dear friends for visiting  “A Spanko World”.

Thought for the Day: The Long Journey Home

Hey my fellow spanking friends.  I apologize for my recent absence, as I’ve mentioned from my previous posts, I’ve been packing up and getting ready to go home and finally get out of the Stan.  Well, that time has finally come and I’m now officially done with work woohoo!  I’ll be leaving this place within the next few days and then it will take another few days to make the trip home.  I’ve been really excited to go home and ready to get settled back into living life back in the US. 

I have several ongoing projects right now, including a spanking story that is being heavily contributed by Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory!  To give you an idea of the size of this story, I’m on my 6th page and I haven’t even gotten to the first of many spanking scenes!  I hope to finish it by this weekend and hope you all enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it so far.  If it gets too long, I might post a sample on my blog and then publish it in its entireity as an e-book.  We’ll see how it goes, because of my financial situation in the past and the current economy, I know several people who can’t rationalize spending money on spanking erotica, even if they are still really interested.  I try to be fair to the little guy when I can because I used to be there myself not too long ago.

Anyways, I’ve also had another thought that I figure I would pose as a question to you all.  I would love to hear your answers and feedback so send me a comment!  My question to you is; “Which celebrity out there now do you believe needs a good spanking?”  My answer?  I have a several in mind, but I believe Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Lohan, and Kim Kardashian deserve some of the biggest rump roastings.  Do you agree?  Miley Cyrus has been in and out of the tabloids as this wild child, being too sexual for her age and smoking salvia.  Lindsey Lohan for not keeping herself together in recent years even though she is such a beautiful woman.  I’ve had a crush on her ever since I was 10 years old and saw her in The Parent Trap.  I think a good bottom warming would do her good.  And Kim Kardashian…a socialite that became famous for nothing more than a hot-selling sex tape with a rapper…need I say more?  Also, look at that butt!  Who wouldn’t want to take a paddle to her?

Hope you all have a great day and enjoy the last of your week.  I hope you will enjoy the weekend as much as I will as this will be my first weekend off in a year!  I hope to keep you all updated regularly during my off time, however with the lack of privacy and available wi-fi around here, it can be difficult.  I’ll do my best though.  Talk to you guys soon!

I’m Almost Outta Here!

Hey friends, wow I didn’t realize how busy I’ve been the past few days.  I’ve really been running myself into the ground at work, trying to deal with one issue after another with the whole process of going home and getting out of the stan.  I’ve gotten a lot done these past few days, but there is a grocery list of more things to finish by the end of the week!

One of those things is packing up my room and clearing it out for the next group to come in.  I have to admit that I collected a lot of stuff during this deployment but now that it’s time to start scrambling to get things together and move out, I’m decided that it would be a lot better to just dump or leave a lot of the bulky and items that I don’t need so that I can go home by traveling light.  Yes, this does mean leaving behind about 200 dollars worth of DVDs that I bought over here but I found out they wouldn’t have been allowed to come home with me anyways since they were all bootleg copies.  Oh well, at least I got my money’s worth out of them. The biggest problem has been packing all my clothes and uniforms.  I should have planned that better from the beginning and not taken so much!  Oh well, nothing I’m throwing out are things that are going to be missed.  I guess that’s the good thing right?

So what’s going on in the spanko world lately?  I know I’m very much looking forward to going home so that I can enjoy partaking in my spanking interests again…even if that means being on the receiving end of some of those spankings!  Honestly, it’s been so long I can’t remember what a good bottom warming feels like!  I hope it’s not too long before I have to find out again. ;)

I’ll leave you with another yummy picture that I found on the web and I hope you all are having a great week.  Wish me luck as I go back to packing and try to sort out all this madness and hopefully make my way back home! 

Red Bubble Butt of the Week

Hey friends, just saying hi before I go to bed and thought I would share with you another yummy looking bottom, only this time with a shade of red. :)

Time is moving very fast now, almost too fast for comfort.  I feel like I still have months here in the stan when really I can start counting on two hands!  To top it all off, I’m getting promoted today (and no, it really isn’t an April Fool’s Joke!).  I’m joining the NCO Corps and becoming a Sergeant, something I’ve been striving to reach for a very long time.  I’m so proud of this achievement, I just had to share with all the rest of you! :)

So in closing, enjoy this April Fool’s day!  It only comes once a year and have fun with it.  Hopefully the naughty ones in your life (or if you’re the naughty one yourself), doesn’t get you with a good prank today!  We all know what the consequences of that might be.  Take the picture below as a sample!  Have a great day everyone!