Starting Out

Hey friends, just wanted to share with you all a couple of really great sites to use if you’re either a new to this spanking lifestyle and have questions, or even if you’ve been doing this for 20 years and just want to meet some new people.

I’m always getting asked, “where can I meet people that are into spanking like I am?”. The simple answer I normally give someone is to just start looking! You’d be surprised how many resources are out there to meet new people specifically in the spanking scene and lifestyle. All that has to be done on your part is to take the time and look. The perfect spanking partner for you isn’t going to just plop into your lap. For me especially, it took almost a year and a half before I met Mrs. Welts, and we met in a chat room.

Now that site is great if you just want to talk to somebody, anybody (and I do mean anybody…), about spanking, but what if you’re new and don’t really know where to start? I found this great website Spanking Needs (, that caters almost exclusively to people that are new to the spanking lifestyle. They have a nice little website with articles, but the main focus is their forums and chat room, all completely free, just make a profile. I’ve been to a lot of spanking chat rooms but this is probably the only one where you’ll find a smaller group of spankos that make you feel welcome. Mrs. and I are on there fairly regularly, so feel free to stop by and say hi if you see us on there. Our screen names are JonWelts86 and New2this.

There’s also a new social networking site that’s small right now, but has a lot of potential. It’s called Spanking Haven ( and it was made by one of my friends on spanking needs, Special K. It would be great if you guys checked it out. It’s similar to and (also great resources for meeting spankos), however it’s small enough right now that it wouldn’t overwhelm someone getting started in this lifestyle.

Hope you guys enjoyed your New Year’s celebrations and your holiday season! To leave you today, I’ll share with you what I was doing at the stroke of midnight. Mrs. decided it would be a perfect time to give me a short but very sharp punishment spanking to make up for several things I got in trouble for over the past week. My bare butt was over her knee, and at the stroke of midnight, the first crack of the bath brush came down, and didn’t let up until I was truly sorry with the tears starting to flow. So what do you think? Think she did a good job? I think this was a good way to start out the new year!

Starting 2014 off right!

Starting 2014 off right!


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