Yes!!! We are Going!!

Well its time announce something fun!! We will be attending the Texas All-State Spanking Party!!!

Honestly, I haven’t even told Jon that we can go yet!!! He is at work so I figured I would see how long it took him to realize it!!

If you aren’t familiar with the TASSP check out their website!

Banner from the TASSP website.

Banner from the TASSP website.

This is something we have not done before. We have both gone to smaller events separately, but have never gone to anything together and have never gone to this level of a party. Jon actually does not know because he thinks I wont go!!! This is the last party that we will still be in Texas and since I do not know what next year will hold for us, better get to it already before we can’t again!!!!

Are you going to be there? We are looking forward to meeting a lot of the wonderful people who we have had the chance to meet through the various spanking sites!!

Hope to see you there!!

Miss Welts