Celebrities: Who’d You Rather—Miss Welts Edition!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Jon posted a blog last week talking about celebrities he would want to spank and be spanked by. Thought it would be fun to give a female’s perspective!!

Now for who I want to spank me the list is so long. Have you seen some of the men, and even women,  in these movies? I mean I could go all day. As I mature my tastes do as well and I have some rather interesting reasoning for these choices!!

Lets start with who I wouldn’t mind to put me over their lap…and a few other places.

Tom Hardy

As if this one even needs a reply. I am just in love with Tom Hardy as an actor but even more as a man. It’s amazing to see how grounded he is and how much he does to help others.

images (4)

Just look at those eyes!!! I am an emotional person when it comes to spanking, you don’t get through to me with pain you get through to me with raw emotion. Pain does not hurt me. I can only imagine how hard it would be to look into those eyes before being punished…yeah it would not take long to get me feeling really sorry.

images (5)

He did mention in an article recently how he is always afraid to lose his job in acting! Don’t worry sweetie I have a job for you right here forever and ever…..Okay I know behave……would I be writing a spanking blog if I knew how to behave?

images (2)

Now don’t get me wrong I do love my pain..But seeing his as Bane????? Yes I will take my spanking after he tones down that body some!! I fall asleep to this movie most nights and have watched it so many times I can recite it to myself to fall asleep. And Yes I get to dream about Tom Hardy…even if he is trying to kill me…he is damn sexy while doing it.


Now my next gentleman would have to be People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2012

Channing Tatum

images (6)Any questions???

download (1)Did that answer them???

Similar to Tom Hardy, I love Channing Tatum for his work outside of the cameras. There is something about seeing a man holding his newborn baby in an Ergo carrier in the airport that just makes me swoon.

I don’t think I would have a problem getting him to go along with it. I mean have you seen Magic Mike??

download (2)He strikes me as a freak in the bedroom..and he does have all the moves anyone could ever want!!!

Now this last one might seem a little weird but its Mr. Brady!!


One thing I always need is accountability and there are times when I prefer to be a child then an adult…I hate being responsible. There is something about his character that I always wanted to be spanked by him even as young as I was watching this. He stayed so calm and reassuring at all times no matter what his kids did. Come on he has six kids…surely he could handle me…for a day or two.

Now enough with my crazy kinks lets move on to those I want to spank.

Like Jon hit on with Miley Cyrus, I would agree with him, except she is experimental and he would be giving her exactly what she wanted. And we must not have that kind of satisfaction.

He touched on something but wouldn’t venture into it so I shall…..allow me to pull out my soap box for a minute.

Needs a spanking, enough said.

Now I know what you think, easy choice. Yes this guy is a punk who drives recklessly, does drugs, is lazy and a horrible influence. I even brought our niece a singing doll and now I cuss myself for that. What happened to the boy bands we had back in the 90s??? I still keep the love alive in my car every time im driving (no judgements)

My issue with this kid (yes he is a kid), is his abuse of animals. There is nothing I despise more than bringing harm to animals, children, or elderly. Lets start with him just taking his hamster, whom was in too small of a cage to begin with, and giving it to a random kid outside of a concert. Then he took a monkey to Germany without paperwork leading that poor infant monkey to be stuck in quarantine for weeks and completely abandoned him. There is word he gave it to a zoo….we won’t go there. As someone who has exotics and a lot of animals I would love to just take a belt to his ass.

I could go on all day about all the celebrities I would love to teach a lesson to but you get my point!!!

Thanks for catching up with me! Look for a more in-depth view of me (Miss Welts) in the coming days.

GoodBye for Now!!!!!






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