Vintage Spanking Of The Week! 4/9/14

Photo Credit Unknown (Likely Nu-west/Leda?)

Photo Credit Unknown (Likely Nu-west/Leda?)

Hey spankos hope you’re enjoying your week, just thought I would share another fun pic I found while browsing the net. This one is definitely older, probably late 80’s or early 90’s, and not quite sure who took this pic, I’m guessing it’s probably from Nu-West/Leda since they were big around that time. Don’t really know much about the scene other than it must have been truly embarrassing to get a spanking out in the parking lot!

Do you have an embarrassing spanking story you want to share? How about you type it up into a short story and submit it to our short story contest! Still have 6 days left to post your stories and there have been a few good ones already! Also, I just found out on Fetlife today that Ian from The London Tanners is planning to retire at the beginning of next year! LT will still be around but this competition will give the winner an awesome leather paddle made by Ian before he gets out of the biz! I’m sure he’ll have a lot of fun in spanko retirement tanning naughty bottoms when he can. :)

One Comment

  1. My wife has given me outdoor bare bottomed spankings like this when taking road trips. One time a female park ranger came up on us and watched my wife give me my spanking. She stayed for about five minutes, then told my wife not to stay too long. As she was leaving she looked back at us to see that I had been flipped the other way as my wife was now giving me a handjob. She lingered long enough to witness me losing control and squirting into the air as she smiled driving off.


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