The Truth Shall……Set Your Bottom on Fire!!!

Hey Spankos!!! Miss Welts here again!

I have been reading a lot and observing how some individuals in this lifestyle handle things. I have seen so much lately about lying, not telling on yourself, and so forth.

Lets all go back to our early days in preschool and elementary school. Did everyone not go through the same lessons as I did? Were you not taught about telling the truth and the difference between truths and lies? That lesson was always magnified if it was not learned properly by soap and a belt, so its something i’m very familiar with.

They trust that children can take the stand in a court of law and tell the truth and they also have to prove they know the difference?? Why can’t grown adults not tell the truth?

This is a spin-off of my last post about taking what you ask for! 

I get irked every time I see a sub/bottom/spankee/slave, etc trying to figure out how to avoid admitting what they did. How can someone expect their spanker to see everything they do? Jon and I live together but we both go out individually to run errands, he works full time outside of the home, I tend to go to bed at weird hours, What I am getting at is even though we live under the same roof I probably only know exactly what he is and isn’t doing 2-3 hours a day. 

Somethings are easy to tell, for example i’m looking at several dishes I asked Jon to put up this morning……..That will be a post for another day. 

If you have done something and you know its either wrong, or your spanker will not accept that behavior then its your job to “tattle” on yourself. Yes in those same classes in preschool we learned how tattling is bad, but tattling on yourself is more honorable then sitting there hiding secrets. 

You want to get better at your actions? You want to be held accountable? You want to progress? You want to be trusted? Then time to admit to it. 

Most humans are really crappy liars so a good part of the time you might think your getting away with it but instead your spanker knows and is waiting for you to step forward. Most spankers want to see their spankee grow and move forward and in order to do that a spankee must be able to stand tall and admit what they did and be willing to accept what happens after that. 

I have had many naughty girls and boys in front of me and we have been going over their actions and I can tell when i’m not getting the truth, or i’m only getting half truths. Most spankees show it in their body language and face. So quit playing the games and just allow us to do what you requested in the first place. HELP YOU

Yes telling the truth means you will probably be in trouble of some sort! But what does lying get you? I have seen many many many spanking relationships end on the back of lying. You can’t be in an adult consensual relationship if you can not tell the truth. Its the most childish thing you can do. I rather a grown man throw a tantrum like he is 3 years old then lie to me. Then I can still see him as an adult, a naughty adult, but lying shows me who the children really are. 

I know some will read this and give me a hard time because I have had to deal with Jon lying, and all I can say to that is just like anyone else people make mistakes and its all about fixing them and moving forward. Underneath this “spanking relationship” we have a marriage and family to consider. Its not just some fly by night spanker/spankee situation. 

So I ask everyone to really consider what they are doing in their own relationships. What secrets are you hiding? What have you don’t that the guilt is eating you up inside? Its time to sit down and come clean. It truly will make you a stronger person because of it. 

Lets all stop the games and lying to save our own butts…if you were so concerned with the stability and safety of your bottom then why are you in this lifestyle? Seriously, a butt can take just about anything. The pain is temporary, while the betrayal and pain you cause with lying is forever!

Just think on that for a minute! 

Happy Spankings my Spanko Friends!!


Miss Welts


  1. I love being spanked….it just puts me in that humiliating yet soft position over the knee….just love it.


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