Look What Else Came In The Mail Today!

So yeah I know, me and the Mrs. have been going on a little paddle buying spree lately, but I thought I would share with you a couple more very very beautiful pieces that we bought from a couple who hand makes me and sells them on ETSY. These will be featured in a upcoming review as well and we will talk more about the awesome store!! These were discontinued and we got the last ones, but the store does have amazing products!

These beautiful devils are almost an INCH thick!

Look at the beautiful wood! Yum!

Look at the beautiful wood! Yum!

"I do believe I said you were in trouble!" ;)

“I do believe I said you were in trouble!” ;)

Compared to being hit with a 2x4!

Compared to being hit with a 2×4!

The feeling of these things is not as bad as I originally thought when I first saw them…they’re extremely intimidating! However, it still hurts, and I would compare the sensation with being hit by a 2×4 or a really thick cutting board. They’re mostly going to be for show and tell, but I suppose if you’re going to be extra naughty, these things might make an appearance! :)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and good luck getting back at it on this Monday morning! As a reminder, the story competition is ongoing and will end on April 15th! I already have 2 submissions so far, we need some more to make this interesting! Get to writing folks! Mrs. Welts and I are writing our own as well, but obviously they won’t count towards the win or the prize.

Happy Spankings!

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