Domestic Discipline YouTube Channel!

Hey spanko friends I thought I would take a second to tell you guys about an interesting YouTube channel dedicated solely to the discussion of Domestic Discipline.


The channel is run by our very sweet friend Crystal, who lives in a real 24/7 Domestic Discipline relationship with her husband.

Her insightful vlogs give you a peek into what works for her in her DD relationship as well as bringing awareness to various DD topics to the uninitiated.

Give her channel a try! She generally tries to post at least one video a day, so be sure to subscribe to her channel and leave her some nice comments and ratings. Honestly, if I didn’t have to keep my identity a secret because of my job, I would love to do something similar. I have to say she is really brave putting these videos out for all the world to see so let’s show her support and click that like button on her videos!

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