Thought For The Day: Sharing Is Caring

Hey spankos hope everyone is having a good week! I know things are going well here because I got some good news the other day informing me the army decided not to kick me out after all! I have about a year left of active duty then I’ll be moving on to other things. But that may change as Miss and I are having second thoughts. Just have to keep my head on straight and take it one day at a time.

So now what did I come to talk to you about today? I thought I would give you all some insight on a question that Miss and I get regularly…do we engage in our spanking lifestyle with others? The short answer to that question is yes we do. Especially recently,  we have been venturing farther into the realm of meeting new people and making new friends in the spanking community. I know in the last month we have made contact either in person or online with about 10 people that live in or around our area of Texas. Now some of those meetings didn’t pan out so well (another story for another time maybe) but for the most part we are having a great time meeting others.

Sometimes we are asked “don’t you feel uncomfortable spanking or being spanked by someone else other than your spouse?” Well with open communication we have come to a point where we are both fine with what the other does. We trust one another to make the right decisions. My main concern has always been for Miss and her health. If a situation was to get out of control she could get seriously hurt. I do know she can take care of herself and that is helpful to remember.

Now I guess we should explain what we do. Miss and I both spank other people, sometimes we do it together while other times apart. It depends on the individual preferences of the spankee. We do communicate on every scenario so we know what the other plans on doing, and in the end what they do.  Miss does a lot more individually then I do and she tends to keep details a secret but I do know the general idea of what goes on.

The other side is us being spanked by others. This actually happens as well. For starters we have a third party involved in our relationship, and we also have been spanked by others. Miss just last week went about an hour away and was punished for something by another man. I was not there, and I was fine with that. I knew she needed it and wanted it and would respond to him. There are a couple times we have been spanked together as well and that has worked out nicely when we are fighting to have that third party to re level the playing field again.

Why do we do this? Well through the years we have got to meet some wonderful people and after getting comfortable in our relationship we realized we could branch out and have experiences with others. In doing that we have been able to help people who otherwise would not have a spanker in their life. I sincerely believe that if someone wants a spanking for the right reasons they should receive it.

What do we know about each encounter? Miss is one to keep things really close to the chest. If she is working with someone individually I do not know many details of what or why the session is going down. If she is being spanked I do know why, but I usually don’t know what happens and I usually don’t see it happen. This is for her benefit because of her bond with the spanker. I am more flexible with who I will allow to spank me, while Miss is usually very bonded with the people that spank her. As long as she gets what she needs and feels better about what she did wrong. I don’t have to ask any other questions.

The only reason this works for us is because neither of us have any sexual encounters among the spanking encounters. For Miss it is 100% pure discipline all the time on either side of the implement. There is no sexual undertones or any other “extras” to what she does. I am a little different. In my encounters, there are some other “fetish” type punishments involved such as mouth soaping, enemas, anal plugs, and so forth. While most of the time everything that happens to me if for punishment purposes there are times where its some experimenting. This is allowed by Miss and fully known about on her part. There are some things that she just isn’t “in to” that I am, so this is the compromise we worked out.

We get no satisfaction out of spanking or punishing someone. I have seen the pain in Miss’ eyes as she has had to discipline someone, and its not pretty. We take it seriously and when infractions happen that lead to punishments, there are no games or fun. This is how we are able to trust eachothers decisions during the sessions.

We know a lot of people have been asked to be spanked by us or to spank us. We are open to possibilities. I know some of you we have already discussed specifics with. I know Miss is also planning some traveling soon to meet with some as well. The options are there, just keep in mind that for our safety and privacy we do have to be somewhat selective in what we do and with whom. I hope this answered some questions, always if you have any others just hit us up.

I will leave you with these pictures from Miss’ visit to Waco!!

Later Spankos!


After the Belt and Bath Brush Paddle

After the Belt and Bath Brush Paddle

After receiving the belt, awaiting the rest of her punishment

After receiving the belt, awaiting the rest of her punishment before the Bath Brush Paddle!

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