Vintage Spanking Picture Of The Week! 10/17/2014

Hey spanko friends!

It’s been awhile and thought I would share with you another great vintage picture that was one of the first I saw while surfing the web while trying to figure this lifestyle of ours out. I just love the impact of this shot, the look on the girl’s face, and just the overall “old-school” ambiance. Hope you all like it too!

Wish I knew where this pic came from, always a favorite of mine!

Wish I knew where this pic came from, always a favorite of mine!

Vintage Spanking Pictures Of The Week! 8/27/14

Hey gang! It’s been awhile since I shared any vintage spanking pictures, and I know a lot of you are big fans of it like me. So with that being said, enjoy a few of these vintage spankings I found on Tumblr!





Hope you all enjoyed these as much as I did and hope everyone is having a great week! My last day of the week is tomorrow…officially, but then I have to pull a 24 hour guard shift on Friday (yay me!). I hope everyone has a great Labor day weekend and hopefully I’ll have enough free time to put out some more spankalicious blog posts! In the coming weeks, stay tuned for more posts on a continuous basis as I try to hash out a schedule for blog posts at a rate of about 3 times a week, if not more. I’m also working on 3 separate spanking stories right now so I’m hoping to show those off soon! I may even throw in a new interview with a spanking starlet (to give you a hint on who it is, she’s a real Cutie!!!)

Have a great rest of your week spankos! Happy Spankings!