A Spanko World Short Story Competition Concludes!

Hey spankos, Jon here, hope you guys are having a great Friday and an awesome upcoming weekend!

Just wanted to let you all know that our first ever Spanking Short-Story Competition has reached it’s end for submissions. Thank you so much to all the people who submitted stories! I know it was supposed to end on April 15th, but after moving into a new place, getting settled and being very busy with vanilla commitments, I decided to give you all an extra  three weeks or so to send some more!

So what happens now? We’ll be taking all of the stories that were submitted, review them, and then get our input from our anonymous third party on who will be our first winner!

Again, the winner will be receiving a brand new leather paddle from The London Tanners! We will be announcing the winner very soon so stay tuned!

Hope you guys have a spanktastic day!

A Spanko World’s Short Story Competition!

Here’s your chance to be a part of A Spanko World history!

Presenting our first ever Spanking Short Story Competition!

The rules are simple! Between now and April 15th send us your spanking short story for a chance to win a very special prize from the Welt’s and have the bragging rights of being the winner of our first story competition! If you’re going to the Texas All-State Spanking Party this year, as an added bonus we’ll even throw in an IOU for a spanking session with either Mr. or Mrs. Welts, or even both! Is that an incentive to send in your stories? I certainly hope so! :)

There is no limit to the length of the story, but remember the topic is “short stories”. While we love to read novels, I don’t think we’ll be able to post it as a blog post. ;)

This is also open to international viewers as well. Stories just must be in English!! We will ship the prize to you wherever you are!

And what will you be winning? Well we have a special treat for you!

CP Ruler Long From London Tanners!

CP Ruler Long From London Tanners!

That’s right folks! The winner will receive a brand new CP Ruler Long leather paddle from The London Tanners straight from our house to yours!

(P.S. The London Tanners is in no way affiliated with this contest. The winner will receive a brand new leather CP long ruler straight from us!)

Every story that is submitted will be posted on A Spanko World for all to enjoy once the competition ends. Be sure to add your name/blog/website to your story so that you get your due credit. The winner will be judged by an individual third party to keep it all fair.

Never wrote a story before? Now is a great time to start! If you don’t like writing never fear!!! We will have other contests including pictures, random drawings, and choose the punishment contests coming over the next few months with more great prizes!!

Submit your stories to cjn95678@yahoo.com!

Good luck to you all and send us those awesome stories!