Looking for Testers!!!!

Hey Spankos!!!

Mrs Welts here!! I am excited to share my latest project with you. Some of you may have heard but we are going to be sewing and making various fetish and sexual themed items. We are excited to release these items over the next several months!!

Well I need your help! We are looking for testers for various products. You will get shipped the product and get to keep it for free. We even pay the shipping! All you have to do is let me know how the items fit and your opinion on them so I can strengthen my lines. I also would like pictures of you using some of the items if needed.

Our first testers we need are for panties!! You will receive 2-3 pairs in colors that you like in your size. You can try them out and then I would like pictures for my site. They wont include any full body shots or faces, all i will need is a back and side view of you in the panties. 

So you receive free panties, and you will also be on my list to test every new design!! We also will offer our testers a deep discount on products in our store. 

This product line is female panty designs. We also are working on a design for men as well. So we need male and female testers!!

If your interested in testing please contact me!!

Thank you

Mrs Welts

cjn95678@yahoo.com, or find me on fetlife under misswelts