At Long Last…Here I am!

Well hi there fellow Spankos, bet you never thought you would hear from me again did you?  You thought WRONG! :)

I’m here to report that I’m alive and well and obviously I have not been around to give you the update that I successfully redeployed from Afghanistan and I’m currently residing in Fort Hood, Texas.  I had several issues once I got back that needed to be addressed before I could do anything, (including blogging about my favorite subject!) but I’m here to say that I am back and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.  If you have been bummed about my absence (I don’t know why you would be!) then I will tell you that I’m not going anywhere and I will still be updating regularly.

I have been spending the last couple months trying to get my life back into order after I’ve returned home and that included moving into a new 2 bedroom apartment and trying to get finances in order.  I still do not have regular internet hooked up, hence why my lack of posting…wasn’t like I didn’t want to, and now things are beginning to return to normal.

Although not all things have been easy for me. Last week I found out that my mother passed away suddenly from a heart attack due to a complication of battling diabetes for the last 26 years. I was very close to her and this has been very shocking to me since I just lost my father five years ago last month. I just went to her funeral yesterday and I’m currently at her house packing things up to put into storage and to see where things are to go. It’s been a very difficult week or so, but I have had a lot of support from family and friends, especially those in the kink community, and for that I thank them and love them dearly.

So what else is new for me then? Well I am also happy to report that I  have been giving and receving some very stinging spankings recently and they look to keep on coming.  I will try to update you on all the recent sore bottoms being dealt out and who knows?  I may even post some pictures! Stay tuned…

I hope you all are doing very well and please continue to enjoy this little blog of mine as I really enjoy writing it for you.  Have a great evening and happy spankings!

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