So here we come to the topic that is not as controversial as bruises, however it does start a few debates in the Spanko World, and that is…tears.

What do you think about tears during or after a spanking?  From a spankers point of view, are tears an indicator that your point has been driven home, or perhaps an indication that you went too far?  And spankees, are tears a release for you?  Are you embarrassed when the flood gates open?

I can tell you as a fan of all things spanking that I personally love seeing a spanking produce tears.  I firmly believe that once the tears start flowing, you really hit an emotional nerve with the spankee.  A lot of people ask how can you cry from a spanking?  Most spankees can be spanked long and hard til they are covered in welts and bruises and never shed a tear.  It isn’t until the spanker gets into the head of the spankee that I think is the key to starting those waterworks.

Tell me your opinion on the subject, do you like seeing tears?  Do you feel better after a good cry?  I love hearing from you all.