Cornertime Shot of the Week: 12/18/2012

Was going through some spanking blogs when I found this lovely picture.  It so happens that this is one of my favorite cornertime shots with Amber Pixie Wells.  I don’t anybody has a better posture (and posterior!) when it comes to great cornertime shots like this.

Don’t you just love the Wizard of Oz-esque outfit with the cute panties and pigtails?  I do!

Courtesy of punishedbrats and

Courtesy of punishedbrats and

Cornertime Shot of the Week: 12/12/12

Hey friends, sorry for leaving you hanging again, still having some issues at work and home that I’m trying to get in order.  Good news though, in 2 days I’ll be off of work for a whole 3 weeks! I realized that I’ve been saving up so much vacation time over the last few years that I have to get rid of some of it…sounds good to me!  Anyways, with the extra time off, expect to see more posts from me and hopefully I will have a surprise or two in store for you guys soon!

And last but not least, without further adieu, here is a cornertime shot of perhaps one of the most beautiful and sassy spanking models ever…Miss Rosaleen Young!

There aren't that many who did it better!

There aren’t that many who did it better!

Cornertime Shot of the Week: 6/7/12

So I thought that I would start getting back on track by updating some of the posts that I like to do regularly including the cornertime pics and the bubble butts etc.  Is there any other types of pictures that you want to see here on a regular basis? Please let me know, I want to be as open as possible to people who read this blog and enjoy it.

I am going to attempt to load a video on here soon, so stay tuned and see if it actually worked for me or not.  In the meantime, enjoy another great cornertime shot! I don’t know about you, but cornertime shots are one of my favorite, and this one is no exception!