Andddd We’re Back!

Hey spankos guess what? We’re backkkkk!

Jon here, and hope you’re all surviving this cold winter we’re having. Here in Central Texas it’s been way colder than it ever was the last couple years. Between that, being sick, and getting caught up in an exercise at work over the last two weeks, you can imagine we didn’t have much time for blogging. Thanks for being patient again and hopefully we’ll begin blogging at a more regular pace.

We’re happy to report that we just placed a pretty large order of new custom paddles from Blue at Blue’s Blades! If you haven’t checked out his website, I highly recommend you do so and buy one of his amazing hand-crafted paddles! We’ll be doing reviews of the paddles and other implements that we purchase over the next few months as we begin to restock our small and modest collection.

To make sure you guys stay warm, here’s a cornertime shot of the week featuring the extremely adorable Pixie from Punished Brats fame. Notice how she has a mouthful of soap? This is another teaser for you, and a reminder for me that we are still working on our 7 day soap project. Already getting into trouble for not completing it in a timely manner. :( I’m sure you’ll see the results of that spanking soon enough. For now though, enjoy the pic and enjoy your weekend! Happy Spanks!


Pixie In The Corner With A Mouthful Of Soap! (From