Movies and Spanking

After sharing with you one of my favorite spanking scenes in a movie which first introduced me to this world, I thought I would showcase some more spanking scenes in movies.

This is definitely not a complete list, as there are probably hundreds of spanking scenes throughout the history of cinema, but I thought I would share some of my personal favorites, and my least favorites and why.

First up, and probably one of the most famous spanking scene in cinema is the spanking scene with John Wayne and Maureen O’hara in Mclintock! Those of you haven’t seen it should know that there are actually twos spanking scenes in one movie. The first one was with Patrick Wayne, John Wayne’s real-life son, spanking his future wife played by Stephanie Powers.


Patrick Wayne spanking Stephanie Powers in Mclintock! (1968)

But obviously, the best scene is when John Wayne spanks Maureen O’hara in her underthings in front of the entire town.


John Wayne dishing out discipline with a Coal Shovel in Mclintock! (1968)

Although I personally find it quite comical that a coal shovel was used as a implement in both scenes, something that I would probably never think about using, although as you can see from the reactions, it seems pretty effective! The movie was actually pretty fun and entertaining, and I still watch it occasionally just for a good laugh. Ironically enough, John Wayne stars in several other movies that had spanking scene them, including True Grit, and Donovan’s Reef.

The next movie I’m sure most people in the 21st Century are familiar with, and that is the movie Secretary. The movie stars James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal as a secretary who loses her way and has trouble coping with self harm issues. She gets a job as a secretary under James Spader who plays a lawyer, who ends up using Dominance and submission as a way of showing Maggie’s character a better way of coping with her issues.


Maggie Gyllenhaal getting spanked in Secretary (2002)

Now, most spankings in mainstream movies don’t necessarily capture the essence of a real spanking, and this movie is no exception. I mean, seriously how can you spank somebody and make it look like you’re playing tennis or ping pong with the ridiculous forehand and backhand motion? Anyways, the movie is pretty decent, however, I do have several issues with it. This movie, along with several others (The Killer Inside Me for example) portrays being a spanko/kinkster as abnormal, and it makes us look like we all have some sort of mental issue, or damaged psyche that explains why we partake in this type of lifestyle. Obviously the truth is far from that, and if you really want to talk about what’s normal and abnormal, I think we (spankos) are more normal than most people because of the fact that we accept our fetishes, and kinks, and what turns us on, sexual or not, instead of hiding and suppressing those feelings most vanilla people do.

Another movie with a spanking scene in it that I thought was fairly well done was the movie A Dangerous Method. Now I’ll be honest I didn’t actually watch the movie I just watched the spanking scene, however I thought the spanking you see had some pretty decent reaction shots from Kiera Knightly who is famous for the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. The problem I had with it? It was a typical mainstream movie-spanking. It was too short, and didn’t capture the real essence of a spanking.


Kiera Knightly in A Dangerous Method (2011)

The last, and definitely least, of my favorite spanking scenes in a movie has to obviously come from Fifty Shades of Grey. First off, I’ve never seen a movie cast so poorly in terms of picking an actor and actress with such terrible on screen chemistry. Each and every scene with them felt so forced and unnatural and after a while the movie lost all sense of magic an escape from reality. After reading the book I was particularly excited to see how the spanking scene from the book would be portrayed on film, I was sadly very disappointed with the outcome. I mean, really…3 swats? The whole scene was awkward and unnatural.


The dud of a spanking scene in Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

There was a few good moments in the movie, however, it should not be advertised as a movie by or for people in the spanking or BDSM community. It was a romantic drama and let’s leave it at that.

So how about it spanko world? What was your favorite or least favorite spanking in a mainstream movie? Go ahead and leave a comment, and tell us your thoughts! In the meantime, enjoy the rest your week and happy spankings!


Rare Spanking Pics


Miss J actually being spanked by Lady D??? (Photo credit:

Hi friends! Just checking in and show you this rare picture I found while browsing Tumblr. It’s a vintage pic (circa 2001) from showing the former matriarch and queen Spanker of RSN Miss J, being placed in timeout after being paddled by the equally beautiful and strict Lady D!

I know both ladies have long since retired from the spanking limelight, but these classic pics remind me of the days I first started watching and enjoying spanking videos, and RSN was by far the best content of the time and still great today! The realism and no nonsense of their videos can’t be touched by many companies out there, even today.

Hope you all are enjoying the New Year! Stay warm out there and keep those bottoms toasty!

Earliest Memories

So a lot of people have asked me before “What’s your earliest memory of being interested in spanking or the kink lifestyle?” My answer to that is; I really don’t remember the exact moment, I just remembered that it was at a very very young age.

I remember that the subject in itself was very fascinating and probably has something to do with the location, being in California or just the time (late 80’s, early 90’s) when parenting was taking a turn, but there wasn’t a lot of spanking going on, but in between being banned in schools and just the different parenting practices of the adults that I grew up with, spanking was just not a common occurrence…more like a myth. It was around 4-5 years old, yes that young, when I realized that I enjoyed playing different role playing games with the my friends and neighbors, and strangely enough, I always have enjoyed being the one that was tied up and had to be rescued, or kidnapped and held for ransom, things of that sort. Spanking wasn’t actually a common occurrence in my neighborhood and probably the one or two times that I actually even heard about the scenario happening I would be strangely fascinated by the stories.

I was around 8 years old when the movie (based on the Anne Rice novel) Exit to Eden with Rosie O’Donnell, Dan Aykroyd and Dana Delany came out. I remember my mother watching it on HBO when I was 8 years old and I doubt she had any idea I was watching it behind her back because obviously that wasn’t a movie for children! The moment that set off of the proverbial light bulb in my head was the scene where Dana Delaney gave a hairbrush spanking to the main character Elliott, and made him admit that he like to be spanked. The best part about that was Dana Delany’s character Miss Lisa, showing Elliot that it was okay to be different and to like things that weren’t necessarily supposed to be liked. I think that scene in that movie change my life forever. Yes I was 8 years old, and yes I was very young but I remember that moment to this day in crystal clarity.

Obviously the coming of the internet in households showed a lot of us at the time that our fascinations, curiosities and likes were not something to be ashamed of or feared.

But that’s how it all started for me how about you? What were some of the earliest memories that you have? Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know! Until next time, happy spanking!


Exit to Eden (1994)


The movie scene that changed my life!


Dana Delaney was gorgeous in this movie!

Spanking Blogg’s Annual Spanking Awards!

Hey friends! Just thought I’d give a quick shout out to spank chief and his awesome job at the spanking blogg doing the annual spanking Awards!

I know several categories have already been awarded, including the best facial expression and Best Newcomer for female spankee. However, there is still an opportunity to vote for several topics including the best male and female spanker of 2015. So if you haven’t already, go and check out his blog and be sure to vote for your favorite categories in this year’s annual spanking Awards!

I know there are some people who don’t understand the kinds of things that spanking models and producers go through in creating the spanking erotica that we all enjoy. This is a great opportunity to show them our appreciation and give thanks to all the hard work they put into these blogs and spanking videos. Go nominate and vote for your favorites now!


Happy New Year!

Hi there fellows spankos!

Thought I’d drop in and say hi and wish you all happy New Year. It’s been a crazy year for us, there’s been a ton of changes happening in the last 6 months, but hopefully 2016 will start off on the right foot!
For those of you who don’t know and don’t follow me on twitter, last July I got out of the army after 7 years of service and after several months of searching I decided to become a truck driver! I earned my CDL and was hired by a company about a month ago now. Since then I’ve been traveling around the country seeing all the great sites
that this great country has to offer!
I love being able to see all the great natural beauty this country has to offer, and that I swore to defend while I was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, it kind of makes everything all worth it.

Unfortunately, with everything going on and me being gone on the road all the time, that’s left a significant drop in spanking activity between the missus and myself. Coming home in early January I hope to rectify that situation and finally get the spanking ball back rolling down the court! In the meantime, I’ll try to update more regularly as I’ll have a lot of alone time in the truck when I’m not driving, and I hope to post some pictures of not only this beautiful country, but of beautiful spanking action is well!

So thanks for stopping in and saying hi, I’m sure you’re all getting tired of me just posting updates of where I’ve been and promising to update more often, then not showing up for several months. However, I promise that I’ll start updating more regularly and actually getting some actual content up and going.

Until then, I leave you with some pictures of some of the more beautiful places I’ve seen in the last month or so, hope you guys have a great New Year and I look forward to perhaps meeting some of you all in 2016!


Desolate and beautiful Wyoming


New York City Skyline!


The Texas Panhandle


The Rockies on the Utah/Colorado border.

Still Kicking!

Hi spanko friends and family. Just checking in, saying hi, and letting you all know this blog still is around and kicking!
Where have we been you ask? Well that’s quite a story and there’s been a lot of life changes since last time. The biggest thing is I’m no longer a Soldier in the Army, and we are no longer in Texas. We moved to a very very small town in middle Tennessee in July and we’re still getting settled into the area. The Mrs. was able to get a job at a sandwich shop, and I was trying unsuccessfully for weeks to find a new career. Finally one day, I got an offer that was too interesting to pass up…truck driving. I signed a one year contract with a trucking company and in return they are sending me to truck driving school, and footing the bill. I’ve always wanted to give trucking a try because my father and several of my aunt’s and uncle’s were drivers. Plus, I’ve always wanted to drive all over the country and finally see what I’ve been missing. I start driving school in 3 weeks and hopefully by the holidays I’ll finally be out making a living again!
I hope to start updating the blog more often, but right now it’s particularly hard doing things with just a cell phone and no internet at the moment. All I can say is please be patient and stick around until we get life sorted out. If you still want your spanko fix from A Spanko World, you can always follow me, Jon Welts, on Twitter and Tumblr. I try to post regularly, if not daily, to both so please feel free to follow and say hi! I really enjoy making new friends in the spanking and BDSM community, so please don’t be shy!
Anyways, I hope everyone’s week is going well. It’s hump day and it’s shaping up to being a decent weekend here. I’ll leave you with a picture I recently took. I couldn’t pass up the lighting and seminars-artistic opportunity.


Waiting for a spanking!

Cornertime Pic Of The Week: 5/18/2015

Hey friends, just thought I’d say hi and try to catch up a little on some blogging action. Hope everyone is doing well with this spring transition. The Mrs. and I are really excited to have a permanent change of scenery in a couple weeks, and that leads me to the lovely scenery I wanted to share with you today! :)

Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory (Photo Credit: Sarah Gregory Spanking and Momma Spankings)

Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory (Photo Credit: Sarah Gregory Spanking and Momma Spankings)

Here we have an oldie, but goody from Momma Spankings, with Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht. I like this picture a lot for many reasons. First being that it’s taken from a movie with a very real punishment involved. Second, this movie was filmed while I first began pen-palling with Ms. Specht in Afghanistan, so I remember it well! And last but not least, I think there’s something very special about having your disciplinarian pull down your undies to expose your bare red bottom in the corner for the whole world to see! There’s something very embarrassing and helpless about it, and Sarah’s facial expression captures it well.

That’s it for today folks, but stay tuned for more, as I’m already cooking up some new things for the future! I also notice going through the blog stats that a lot of you are interested in other aspects of the spanking and discipline lifestyle that I will try my best to touch on in the coming weeks. Definitely want to make ya’ll happy and keep coming back! Have a great Monday and happy spankings!