10 Spanking Facts–With Mrs. Welts

Hey Spankos!

I have gone back and forth with the idea of if I am coming back in to the “lifestyle” for a few weeks now. I am not for sure what the future holds but I thought I would play around and do something a little different. Most do not know a lot about me so I am going to just give a few details!

Here are 10 facts about me that have to do with spanking.

  1. I spanked my best friend/girlfriend at our school on more then one occasion. During the school hours, in the bathrooms which had no doors and not much sound proofing!
  2. Oldest person that has spanked me? 85, I was 19. The oldest person I have spanked? 78, I was 18. So don’t be judgmental on age! If they are legal, keep an open mind!
  3. Nearly everyone in my school knew I was a spanko. I was even interviewed by multiple teachers, principals, and school counselors. Never gave up details.
  4. One of the most popular girls in school found a note I left by accident that was from my (much older) boyfriend, in it described a complete punishment session he was going to administer. (Hence how #3 happened)
  5. When I was in high school I dated and was engaged to a Cop. Even going as far as being at the alter, when I was 18. Thankfully a friend stopped it. But I spent a lot of nights with him. We had a 100% domestic discipline lifestyle. I was 15….he was not! My parents never knew about him for 3 years. Still don’t!
  6. While dating #5 I was spanking others and being spanked by others. Spent nearly every weekend with my best friend who I spanked frequently including multiple times when her Dad was home. It ultimately cost us our friendship. I still miss her.
  7. Weirdest place I have been spanked would be in a store parking lot.
  8. I have only cried during 3 spankings.
  9. My parents deep down knew the truth at an early age. Too much happened, they never confronted me. Not even when they found a paddle and wooden spoon in my luggage after a weekend at my friend’s.
  10. I have been spanked, consensual of course, by a few of my parents friends, and they don’t know!

I probably could come up with a ton more but here are a few to get you started!! A lot of these will be a surprise to even Jon! What is your biggest, funniest, strangest, etc. spanking fact? Would love to hear them!


Until next time Spankos!

Mrs Welts