Rare Spanking Pics


Miss J actually being spanked by Lady D??? (Photo credit: Realspankigs.com)

Hi friends! Just checking in and show you this rare picture I found while browsing Tumblr. It’s a vintage pic (circa 2001) from Realspankings.com showing the former matriarch and queen Spanker of RSN Miss J, being placed in timeout after being paddled by the equally beautiful and strict Lady D!

I know both ladies have long since retired from the spanking limelight, but these classic pics remind me of the days I first started watching and enjoying spanking videos, and RSN was by far the best content of the time and still great today! The realism and no nonsense of their videos can’t be touched by many companies out there, even today.

Hope you all are enjoying the New Year! Stay warm out there and keep those bottoms toasty!