Alternative Punishment: Corner Time

Hello Spankos! Mrs Here!

There seems to be a common start or end result for most Spankers. They put you in the corner.

Before a spanking this could be a place to worry and think about what you did and the punishment that awaits. Afterwards it is a time to reflect on what you did.

A lot of spankos use this punishment/tool and it works well.

There are a ton of ways to do it! Kneeling, hands on head, hands behind back, nose on the wall, panties down, pants up, naked, and so on! You can get real creative!

This actually is a tool that works well for Jon. He responds well when I put him in the corner and get him refocused!

Then there is me! Corners are a hard limit for me. Why you ask? Because they make me feel abandoned. When I was really young my dad, who has always worked a ton of jobs, was tired of my sister and I one day and packed our bags. He put us in a car and drove around and told us how tired he was of us and our behavior. How he couldn’t take it any more. He took us to this scary looking building and said that this is where parents drop off kids they do not want and can not control any more! He then took us out of the car, we were screaming, and handed us our bags and left us there on the side of the street! No he did not leave us, and yes I know this was a scare tactic! But it is something that has really hurt me and left me with resentment and issues through life!

The way I view corners is the spanker is putting me there because he doesn’t want to deal with me, or the issue. Just like my dad leaving me on the side of the street, he did not want to be the person in charge and handle a situation! He just wanted to leave us there. So when I am told to go to a corner I feel the same I did that day! That I am too horrible to be talked to or dealt with! I don’t deserve the attention and proper adjustment to my behavior by the spanker. That the spanker is angry at me or just can’t be bothered. Im sure that is not the case but events have left me that way!

We all have our comfort levels one very topic and this is mine.

How do corners make you feel? Do you feel relaxed in them? Or do you have issues with them as well? I know the community is pretty split about this topic!

Would love to hear your feedback!

Miss Welts


  1. Yes, I would put all females who are naughty in the corner, before or after I have caned them on their knickers down bare bottom. Placing the corporal punishment implement next to them, so that they can readily see, the cane, Perfect humiliation.


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