Spanking and Grocery Stores!

Hey spanko friends, I thought I would catch your attention with the title of this post. No, it’s not a post about getting spanked in aisle 3 (though Kim has done that to me before!), but rather a post about some of the interesting things you can find while just browsing around the local grocery stores. One Korean store we have in our area in particular carries some really just awfully delicious spanking tools in their kitchen aisle! We’ve gone there twice in the last month or two and ended up walking out with some really evil implements and not spending a whole lot of money. This last trip we did we only spent about $20 and now we have some really stingy and awesome implements that we would love to share with you!

This first picture here comes from our first trip when Kim went by herself while I was at work. As you can see here, Mrs. Welts can have quite the sadistic streak and boy was I surprised when I came home!

Mrs. Welts can be evil when picking implements!

Mrs. Welts can be evil when picking implements!

The most recent trip we had was just this past Monday when I needed to go to the same Korean grocery store to get my haircut (they give the best military cuts!) and I brought along Kim with me so she could browse and maybe get us some groceries. Well silly me, I should have known that she went straight to the kitchen aisle again (which is next to her favorite candy aisle!), and decided to get some more awesomely evil tools! I haven’t had a chance to try out the big wooden spoons yet, but the small wooden spoon and the white heavy duty plastic spoon STING like nothing else we have in our arsenal! I have to admit, they were good finds.

Only one way to describe the two spoons in the center...STINGY!

Only one way to describe the two spoons in the center…STINGY!

So I guess twice now I learned my lesson that Kim doesn’t need to go to the Korean grocery store, or ANY grocery store for that matter, unsupervised! You never really know what she’s going to bring home! ;)