Day 3 What Trouble Can I Find?

Hey Spankos!

So it is Day 3 of Jon being gone and I must say, I am starting to realize he isn’t here! I know that sounds horrible but after deployments, I don’t realize he is gone when its a few days as it could be worse. But its just too quiet. Yes we have all these animals and my house is too quiet!

What kind of trouble can I find? I am actually…gasp…working!!! I know I have everything in front of me to do as I please and I choose to work???? What is wrong with me!!

I am actually working on an expansion for one of my businesses so my mind is really wrapped in that at the moment. I can’t really think of anything else, including the actual blog post I wanted to do for today!

I was up all night working and through this morning, didn’t go to bed till sometime earlier today and woke up at like 5PM! Really??? Now that just screws me up for the next few days!!

Why can’t I find some trouble to get into? Where is the brat part of me when I need it???

Who has an idea? Give me some bratty advice…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding! I will be up to my eye balls in crayons again tonight and then tomorrow I promise a real blog post. I will be posting about the first spanking I ever got in this lifestyle…at 15!!


Have a nice night Spankos!!

Miss Welts