Warning Signs in the Kink World

Hey Spankos! Jon is in the field training all week and I am home…alone…up to do whatever I please!!

I have been asking many times what are things you should look out for when getting involved with people in the “lifestyle.” Now this is just from my own experience, I would love to hear anything you would like to add and as always play safe and trust YOUR gut!

1. Jealousy! Now we all get jealous from time to time, it is human nature. Have you ever been talking to someone and all they are concerned with is that Dom A has X amount of subs and Dom B has this amount, and so forth? Jealousy! Beware in situations like this because you could be just another number to this person. If you are wanting a meaningful relationship in any form then you want to know that you are the focus, not how can this person compete with the others they see. Everyone goes about this lifestyle differently, people get more “play” then others. It is life! But if the person is more concerned with what everyone else is doing then they just want to “keep up.” Being a Dom, Domme, Mentor, etc should be about helping the specific individual in front of you reach whatever potential they are going for! Not a dick measuring contest!

2. Big Mouths! Have you ever been talking to someone and they give you details about specific people that are not well known information? For example, your talking to someone and mention a screen name and they are like, “oh yes, that is Mary Jones, from North Butt, Iowa!” Well that is usually not well known information. That information is usually only shared between a seller and buyer, a spanker and a spankee, or someone who is trusted by that individual in some form. Think of it this way, if this person is so outgoing with information about one person, how do you know they won’t do the same with your information? That should be a huge red flag!

3. Obsession! Now while it is great to have someone think your butt is sexy, or want to spank you, or whatever. When they get on that line of obsessive about it then you should really be careful. If someone can not carry on a conversation with you, and all that is mentioned is how much they want to spank you, guess what……they don’t care about you and just want something to get their rocks off!!

4. Sex! or Not! I am one that I can not and do not find spanking sexual. Have you ever been approached by someone who claims they do it to “help” people and don’t find it sexual? Well have you also in having conversations with that person realized they have a lot of “fantasies,” or a lot of things they want to “try?” Well in some situations people will lie about their motives, big shock I know, in order to earn your trust! They will then turn around and in the end get their rocks off at your expense. Now don’t give into all this talk about being too old, guess what? Most aren’t too old! Just a way to try and earn your trust! Yes you don’t have much control over that area of your body, but you have all the control over the lies that come out of your mouth!

5. Where there’s smoke? Now there are a lot of lies in the community. A session might not go as someone likes and they bash the spanker or spankee all over the place, to their friends, etc. Rumors start and well its a mess and good people’s names are ruined. But also keep in mind that there could be truth to what is being sad. If you have heard anything negative about the person approach cautiously. Make sure you iron out any questions you have! Don’t discount someone on the word of one person, but also remember where there is smoke there could be a fire!

I am sure there is a lot more signs, I am just sleep deprived, hungry, and sick! What are things that you would warn people about?

Have a great evening full of loving spanks!

Mrs Welts!