Beware Spankos! Be careful Who You Do Business With!

Hello Spankos!

Mrs Welts here!

Now I regret to have to make this post and was hoping not to but I feel we owe it to our readers to warn them.

As you have seen in previous posts we have posted paddles we brought from an individual. Please proceed with caution if you decide to do business with him.

After a disagreement with him over some products and payment, he has, in a public forum, threatened to out Jon and I to everyone from our landlords, to destroying my business I work so hard in!! Be careful who you do business with because you are sharing information that they can use to try and destroy you. Such as your name and address!

I can not discuss anything else about this for legal reasons. There are two sides to every story! I just wanted to pass out this little information.

These threats were posted in a public forum! Way to drum up business hey?

So take a lesson from us and be careful who you work with!! No one entrusted with your information and these types of details of your life should EVER put their character into question as has been done in this situation!

Keep Spankable!

Mrs Welts!