Coming Together for One Another! Giving Away a Cane-Iac Gift Certificate!

Hey Spankos! Its Miss here!

Now I know I haven’t posted in awhile but trust me I have some great things in the works I think you will enjoy! I wish it was good news I was coming with today, but again we are reminded about the cruelty in the world once again.

All that know me know I love the site of men getting spanked, and really I don’t follow many sites but there is one that I do enjoy.

They have great content, and really great looking guys! It is a M/m spanking site so obviously not everyone’s cup of tea but hey I enjoy it!

Now I didn’t bring you here to talk about my favorite sites but there is a young man in need from that site.

Patrick Lee was attacked leaving a club in Spain while he was on vacation and the attack left him with a broken jaw, back, and other injuries. He is currently in Spain and will remain there for at least 6 weeks while he recovers enough to go home.

Like many people around the world he does not have medical insurance. He is a young, healthy, 23 year old man that never expected anything like this to happen. He has already received a bill for  £5399.00 which is $8821.70. He still has a long road ahead of him in recovering.

His brother Andy Lee has flown to be by his side and has set up a site in order to raise the funds for his brother!

I want to let you know that every dollar, euro, pound, etc help! I hope that everyone can come together and donate even a little bit and lets get this young man on the road to recovery and let him know we are all behind him!

Jon and I will be donating personally and ask that all our friends who can donate any amount!

Jon and I are also giving away a $100 gift certificate for Cane-Iac! No matter how small or large your donation you are entered in the drawing for the gift certificate. Just send us a comment, message, carrier pigeon, etc and let us know you donated! You also can get extra entries into the drawing for any of the following. There are unlimited entries allowed. So even if you don’t donate you still can help us get the word out!

If you want an entry please do any of the following! Time to get the word out!

1. Tweet the cause! Post a link on your twitter to the gofundme site
2. Post on your blog! Post the story on your blog for us! Lets get the word out!
3. Donate- Of course any donation is greatly appreciated!
4. Post on your fetlife, or other sites! Any site you belong on, post it and get the word out!

If you do any or all of these 4 please let us know and we will enter you that many time in the drawing!

Come on community! Lets show how strong and loving we all are!


Miss Welts

Update: Here’s a video interview of Patrick for Straight Lads Spanked. You can get a better idea of this nice young man!

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