M/M Spankings

So the notion of M/M spanking seems to be a fairly controversial topic in the spanking community.

There are some who absolutely love the idea, some where it doesn’t really matter (a red butt is still a red butt) and then you have some who are totally opposed to the idea and some are even grossed out and offended. Well if you’re the later type then sorry, you may want to look elsewhere, because that’s exactly the type of spanking thats going to be featured today and probably more in the future.

I tried to shy away from this subject a little because there seems to be so many people who just don’t find this is their cup of tea. That’s fine and all (as I’ve stated many times before we are all entitled to our own opinions), but since this is my blog with my own ideas and opinions, I feel I should be able to post whatever I want on the subject of spanking. Not trying to sound selfish or anything, but hey, I wanna do what I want! :)

Now don’t get me wrong, I do value my readership tremendously, but I also shouldn’t change my personal views in order to make each and every reader happy. That really just doesn’t sit well with me. We are all different people and since I’m trying to cover spanking on an international scale (hence A Spanko WORLD!) I feel this and other vague spanking topics should be brought up now and then.

Alright, rant over. Let’s get into some spanking shall we? So I know for me, what I like about M/M spankings is that you get that chance to experience spanking (at least for me) on a pure discipline level. There’s no chance for sexual or erotic tension between spanker and spankee, just hard spanking to get the point across. Now not to say that women don’t spank hard, in fact I am pretty certain that women can spank harder, and are far more sadistic than men, but I feel that with a male spanker they can easily “man-handle”¬†you a lot easier…pun intended? Sure why not! :)

Getting to the bottom of things! (Photo courtesy unknown)

Getting to the bottom of things! (Photo credit unknown)

The old saying "Wait til your father gets home" comes to mind...(Photo credit unknown)

The old saying “Wait til your father gets home” comes to mind…(Photo credit unknown)

The several times that I’ve been spanked by men, I definitely had more of those “butterflies” in my tummy since I knew it was going to be a pretty tough discipline session, and I’ve never been proven wrong. While some may think “men spank harder in general” I do admit that I’ve seen some women spank a lot harder than any man would probably even dare. Although, that isn’t to say men can’t give a thorough butt blistering…they most certainly can!

As my friend Stefan demonstrates here…

Stefan Rhyzkov spanking the hell out of a naughty boy! (Photo courtesy of Spanking360)

Stefan Rhyzkov spanking the hell out of a naughty boy! (Photo courtesy of Spanking360)

Also the hardest spanking I’ve ever taken was from another man. Even though the spanking itself maybe wasn’t the absolute worst, the fact that my wife was there and scolding me while the spanking was taking place definitely made it the worst ever to take! I truly felt like I was

Me getting my butt blistered by an older father-figure last year. (9/25/13)

Me getting my butt blistered by an older father-figure last year. (9/25/13)

And the eventual results... (Ouch!)

And the eventual results… (Ouch!)

So there’s my take on the subject of M/M spanking, now what’s yours? I’d love to hear your opinion on this and on other topics as well. If you ever have a question or comment, send them in!

Hope you all are having a great weekend, I know I am! It’s my birthday tomorrow (9/7) and I’ve been having a blast of a weekend so far! Mrs. Welts told me that I’m in for one helluva birthday spanking tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to snap some pics to share with you all! Until then, have fun watching the start of the football season (Go Raiders!) and I’ll see you spankos soon!