Great Source for Newbies!

Hey my spankolicious friends!!!! Miss here, and I am terribly sorry I haven’t posted lately. My businesses are taking off and my health is stalling so I have struggled to keep up. I do have a lot of posts to put out for my lovelies and I just need to get on them!! What is Jon’s excuse? I don’t know but I will be sure to spank him for disappear these last couple weeks. Already spanked him once this week but dangit I will do it again!!!

Now I know when you start out exploring the lifestyle you look at all the sites, peoples profiles, etc. You are probably thinking….what the hell. What are all these words, abbreviations, etc. Some are easier to figure out then others.

Also I know, though I do not approve, we do have underage readers on our blog as well as in the community. I do not and will never approve. I will do some more posts on why, because it does sound kinda bad for me to say that since I started in the lifestyle at 15, but its true.

I have a site for everyone to check out. This site was done anonymously by someone who is well versed in the lifestyle and with the help of others that experience many sides of it!

Now this goes into details about what terms mean, common beginner implements, and so much more. It is worth a look and is a great resource to send people to who are learning the lifestyle from the start. This helps answer most of their questions very quickly!

So that is it for today my lovies, short and sweet!! But I will be doing a whole series on Newbies soon so stay tuned for that. But now I must go find a paddle and Jon’s backside!!

Lots of Love!