Thought For The Day: 6/12/14

Hey spanking friends and family, hope you are all well today! I’m sitting here bored at work and thought I would just share some thoughts with you. I am pretty thankful that work hasn’t been stressful lately and I was even assigned a new job posting to be the company supply clerk! It’s definitely a change from doing intelligence but I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn something new.

So anyways,  I don’t remember if I mentioned this already, I know I said something on fetlife,  but Kim and I decided not to go to TASSP after all this year. Yeah its a little disappointing,  especially since I was looking forward to meeting a lot of awesome people I’ve gotten to know. Truth is though, we would be setting ourselves up for tough times financially and we wouldn’t have much to show from it. Sure I bet we would come back with some good memories and sore bottoms, but when we don’t even have a lot of the basic furniture in our house, we started to see that we have other important priorities right now. As they say, there’s always next year, and I’m still planning ways to meet some people close by here in Texas.

Speaking of meeting new people, Kim and I are still really interested in meeting others, especially here in Central Texas. I thought about joining a local kink TNG group here but not really sure how to get back into all that. Before Kim, I used to be a full time submissive in the BDSM lifestyle and even helped run a local dungeon in Northern California.  I really do miss that part of lifestyle and part of me. Kim and I even talked about it and she ageeed to allow me to search for a possible Domme to help fill my needs to submit since she also fills her needs from a male disciplinarian. I’m really grateful that my wife and I have this open communication and trust. Learning from past mistakes, I won’t ever break that trust again. I don’t really know where to start looking but I know I’ll find the right person when I see them.

Anyways, I guess this post was a little longer than I expected, almost time for lunch and to get off early for work today!  Hope you all have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by!