Why is Mrs. a Switch??????

“Why are you a switch?” I get that question all the time! It is not because I like switches from trees, actually I hate them. I still remember the images of my grandfather going outside to this huge tree in their yard, getting out his pocket knife and cutting a switch to be used on me. Yes I am better for it, but it is also why I do not spank with switches very often, honestly I can’t tell you the last time. I remember something about Jon and I in our first house six years ago and both of us naked….well okay something like that!!

I am not a Domme, Mistress, Ma’am, Mommy, sub, slave, Top, bottom, and so on. I am Kim, nice to meet you!! Actually I hate labels, and honestly if it was possible I would not even identify as a switch. Just like in most sectors of life we are expected to take on titles and roles. So for the sole purpose of helping cut down on confusion, I take on the label of switch.

What is a “switch”? Well aside from being mean stick things, I know my hatred of them is weird considering I love birches!!! For me being a switch means you can go either way. You can spank and be spanked. It does tend to open you up for more possibilities in the lifestyle. So if you don’t mind being spanked, and don’t mind spanking, even if you only play with one gender, then you are a switch.

Now for me, I enjoy helping people and seeing them improve, thus why I spank. I have seen the benefits of a good proper spanking and I almost feel selfish if I don’t provide it to those that need it. Now through the last few years since I got married, I have been pickier on who I will spank. That is just to cut down on the unneeded stress and strain on myself as I do have a lot of other things to do of a day. I am not as free as I use to be. I do not spank because I am a dominate person. I am actually quite reserved.

I believe and seek out spankings for myself for purely discipline purposes. I tend to do well in regards of doing what I should and shouldn’t. But there are plenty of things I need to improve on and quite frankly we all screw up from time to time. I do not accept spankings because I am a submissive. I have never in my life “submitted” to someone. I can never give up that much control. Yes I tend to be a little bit of a control freak, which comes from not wanting to be ran over by others all the time.

This is what “switching” is to me. It is an outlet to tend to my needs as well as the needs of others. This allows me to be myself. I am one who does anything and everything I can for other people. At the same time I tend to forget about myself. Well that is where my getting spanked comes from. That means someone else is helping me focus and remember myself. They are helping relieve the pressure, stress, or guilt I have from doing something I know I shouldn’t have.

Never accepted a spanking? Why not give it a try, with the right person of course! Never tried to give a spanking? Try it! You might surprise yourself that there are other avenues to go in this lifestyle. It is not for everyone but you will never know if you don’t try!!!

So here is me in a nutshell!! Let’s review, I am nothing more than who I am. I am Kim!!! Hope that answers the question of why I am who I am.


Happy Spankalicious Monday!!!

Mrs. Welts


  1. Is it better to give than to receive? Why do I have to choose? I’m with you, I’ve always thought the best way to get the gift is to give what you want to receive first. Although MY spankings are always for erotic purposes, never disciplinary.


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