Testing Out The Loopy Johnny!


Thought I would share with you guys an impromptu spanking that the Mrs. just me with one of our new custom made Loopy Johnny made by our good friend Leigh. I can tell you this thing stings like hell! It feels like getting licked by a hot flame! Even though it stings really bad, it is really pretty!


This is something that we love in our collection, has a nice sting to it and leaves beautiful marks without much effort needed by the spanker.

If you want one, your in luck!! Leigh is selling them for $25!!! That includes shipping!! If you are interested in one email her at Leigh7707@yahoo.com! They are worth every penny and are beautifully made!

Coming soon the Mrs. And are going to be trying our own hand at making spanking implements along with female and male panties! Really excited to get to work on some of those things and we’ll keep you updated on the progress! Have a great day spankos!