Spanking Gifs: Guess that Spanker/spankee!

Hey spanko friends!

Thought I would start something a little fun to bring a little life back here. Things got crazy again with life and there just doesn’t seem that many hours in the day to get to everything I’ve been wanting to. Hoping to make a change to that soon and be able to bring you more posts on a more regular basis! Would love to get back to at least 5 posts a week like I was doing in Afghanistan when I started this whole thing. Work is starting to ease up a bit and soon enough I’ll have nothing but time to share spanking adventures with all you awesome peeps!

Today however, thought I would try something a bit different and see how you guys like this. I found some really awesome gifs while browsing the interweb and I’d like to start a mini-contest to see who can identify the spanker/s and the spankee in these gifs. I know some of them will be difficult if not impossible unless you have seen these clips before, but I’m pretty sure some of you hardcore fans of the spanking industry will notice most of the faces…er…bottoms! Send in your questions, comments, thoughts, and let me know what you all think of these! Enjoy!






Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do! Have a great night and have a happy No-Pants-Friday tomorrow! Send in those comments! :)


    1. Mila. so good to see you in action. Remember some time ago exchanging e mails, discussing TTWD. and our common association with Margaret? Tom


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