The Needs of Others

Part 2

Mindy remained persistent for several days. I discussed the option with another friend but I could not bring myself to agree to spanking Tom. I know Mindy well and she would not test me like this. She would not harp on a subject and be this upset if there wasn’t something more motivating her. Why was it me? If he wanted a spanking why not Mindy, or one of other friends we both knew that would do it? Why was it me or nothing at all? 

Spanking someone is far from foreign to me. I have had the task of spanking individuals for issues and transgressions ranging from drugs, sexual acts, and simple things like lying and procrastination. Nothing anyone asks of me surprises me any more. I am far from an innocent person and I have had to ask for some pretty tough and personal spankings through the years. 

I was struggling with everything from the fact he was not in the lifestyle so would he even understand? How would it work? In the end I kept asking myself…what about me? Anyone who knows  me knows that this is a rare question. I never worry about myself, to a fault, and usually can put my personal opinions and feelings out of a situation. I had came to move on from the accident and all the aftermath but there was still a lot of bitter feelings there. I never blamed any of the family members who were with that guy that night and could I really bring myself to hurt one?

I went back and forth over this decision for several days and lost many nights of sleep. Finally I decided to sit down and talk to  Mindy and at least discuss the idea. Find out what this was even about. Maybe some logic would help me and we could come to some sort of a middle ground. 

We met for coffee, well I had hot chocolate cause I am like the energizer bunny on ecstasy if i drink coffee, and we talked. She told me things I already knew about this guy and his family, small town people talk. Then I turn around and see that he is in the coffee shop too. It took all I had not to throw a fit at this point. How could she betray me and corner me like this? How did she have the nerve to cross me? I left quietly and the entire way home was wondering what I got myself involved in. This was a mess bigger then I could handle.

Mindy then texted me, i ignored it and continued to ignore her for a few days. It was not until I was meeting with another friend that I really opened  my eyes. Mindy is not one to do anything  brash. She had to of been desperate. If she was desperate, how desperate would Tom have to be to show up at the coffee shop and see us? What am I missing? 

I call Mindy, I proceed to ask her all these questions and she would not answer what the bottom line was. She kept saying she could not tell me but if I knew I would immediately punish him and have no mercy. After about 6 hours of  going back and forth the decision was made.

I did not know the full story but I decided to trust in my friend and trust in myself. I have never discriminated against anyone who wanted discipline no matter how hard or bad the things are that they did. Mindy reminded me of some of the occasions where I took on much worse than this and why would I turn my back now. Was I still so angry that I didn’t care? I thought the point was I was not going to do it because I would have been vindictive, but is the vindictive part not helping at all?

I agree I would spank him. I didn’t know how but I will bring myself to do it. We schedule a hotel for a week later. It took me 4 hours to drive to the hotel which was approximately 10 mins from my house and I sat in the car  for another hour. I finally built up the courage to go in. 

I am going into this blind……..but I’m trusting what I know. I  already knew the power of discipline and cleansing, or at least I thought I did. 

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