A Mouthful of Soap!

I know for some of you this is a very unpleasant subject, and some of you think it’s a very useful tool in the discipline toolbox.  I believe in the latter, and honestly mouth soaping is one of those disciplines that hits at home for me a little bit.  When I was four, I remember saying something to my babysitter that I had heard off of a movie.  Turns out that word was “asshole”.  She was not very pleased about this, and in fact quite pissed, and she proceeded to march me into the bathroom by my ear and scrubbed out my mouth with a bright yellow bar of soap.  Now you can imagine, this was kind of traumatic for a four year old, especially one who was never disciplined before and honestly never been in trouble either.  The experience kind of stuck with me, and every time I see, hear, or even think about getting my mouth washed out with soap, I can’t help but think back to that experience and emotionally turn into that scared little four year old again.

So what is your take on this nasty tasting discipline, yay or nay? If so, which method do you prefer giving or getting?  Me personally, I like the whole taking them by the chin and scrubbing the dirty mouth out with a fresh bar of lathered soap back and forth.  Definitely gets the point across! To demonstrate, here is a pic of Clare Fonda soaping out the mouth of the naughty, but oh-so-beautiful, Sinn Sage.


One of the best mouthsoapers in the biz, the amazing Ms Clare Fonda, and the absolutely gorgeous Sinn Sage!

Here is another set of pics that I thought was really interesting because it looks like a set of pictures taken from an actual mouth soaping punishment and not something out of a studio.  As you can see from the last picture, it looks quite nasty!


And what kind of  a spanking blog would this be without adding some spanking with the mouth soaping? Quite an effective combination I would say!




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